Why Chinese Birth Reading

Chinese birth reading or bazi analysis

Chinese birth reading or bazi analysis is to raise self awareness, understand our value system, motivations and provide a road map to point us to the right direction. Not some over dramatisation of get-rich-quick or 4D lucky numbers or life transformation.

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories” by Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu mentioned, if we understand ourselves and our enemies we will be victorious in every battle. Although we are not at war, but we have our daily enemies such as negative thoughts, back-stabber, gossiper, we are actually battling everyday… mentally and physically. Every day we go through life pursuing our dreams and polishing our abilities just to get better for ourselves and our children.

It all sounded simple, but truely how many of us really know our inner-self and outer-self. We lie to ourselve to make ourselve feel good. When was the last time we truly do some soul-searching. What is your real passion, motivation and end game? Chinese birth reading help us to confront our true self. 

Who are you? Your persona (swagger), attitude, effort, discipline, determination, education, confidence, faith, passion

Chinese Bazi algorithm seek to understand an individual Day’s Stem (not Yearly Zodiac signs) known as the Day Master and it’s interaction with year, month and time. i term it as 6Cs for easy remembrance. Day master’s relationship with it’s structure can be Complementary 喜, Conflicting 忌, Contrasting 冲, Contradictory 刑, Controlling 克 or Cooperative 合(日主八字用神分析). Here the example is “jia wood 甲木” – day master birth chart.

chinese birth reading chart

Then we look at day master’s relationship through 10 stars or 10 Gods formula 八字十神,比肩、劫财、正官、七杀(偏官)、正印(印绶)、偏印(枭神、枭印、倒食)、正财、偏财、伤官、食神。

Add 10-Years luck pillar 十年大运 luck and 流年 Annual Luck into the melting pot and “voila” you got the dynamics of your entire Life!

Chinese birth reading luck forecast

What is going on with your Life and When are the transition points?

The result = Bazi configuration expose WHO YOU ARE?  What is your career path? e.g. to work for somebody or on your own. How much wealth? not in specific quantifiable terms but rich, mediocre or poor. Is your marriage sustainable? Your relationships? etc.

10 Years Luck pillar and annual luck pillar predicts timing of events of our future. At what age is your Golden period (good luck)? What if there isn’t any? When is the downtime of our life, what are the preparations to do.

Chinese bazi reading calculate 1 cycle of 10 years or 1 Luck pillar. Every 10th year is one transition point which can be better or worse. The time line for the predicted events are not 100% accurate because this is not science. Give or take about +/- 2 years based on my experiences.

You may wonder why. Let’s take an example of gastric issue. Mr. A the health conscious type seek a doctor immediately wherease Mr. B may drag on his problem. The unfortunate event for Mr B. can drag 1 or 2 year before it becomes unbearable and even surgery is necessary. Thus Bazi Reading is not an exact science. 

Life is filled with cross roads where we need to make the right decisions. Chinese birth profile reading can help us to do that. At least we have some clues to how life is leading us. It is still better than groping around blindly.

10 years luck vs annual luck forecast

Some clients wanted me to do annual bazi reading and chances are i rejected most of them. The main reason is those who requested such service is because their 10-years luck period is bad, which i have already offered the solutions. To me it is cruel and psychologically negative to break it into months for them. It is not constructive for my client to carry a negative attitude in life. The 10 year luck forecast and pinpointing to them which year is really bad already serve it’s purpose. Splitting hair is not helpful. i believed we have to make the best out of a negative situation.

Birth vs Luck which is more important in life

Let’s take a simplistic model that Mr. T is born in a rich family. He received a good education, work hard and mixed with with the right type of people. If Mr. T is not going to utilise these assets, when luck comes he would miss the opportunities.

On the contrary if Mr. T is lazy, take drugs and spend time in parties than studies or work, chances of him achieving any worthwhile goals are slim. Bazi is a tool to help us to evaluate our innate personality, our wealth directions, career suitability, marriage partner, children etc. This bring us to a hot debatable topic of birth 命 vs luck 运 which is more important? My opinion is our birth rights give us what we have but our “luck” bring us where we want to be. 

The earlier you start knowing about yourself and the reality of it; the better is your ability to deal with life’s curve balls. i am suggesting that you acknowledge not only your strengthes but weakness. Love yourself enough and make preparations for the future.

Chinese birth reading – 10 years luck strategies

10 years luck forecast reveal timing of life events unfolding to us. Given insights to our future, we can gear up life-strategies to make wiser decisions for our career, business investment, marriage, education etc. Certain long term life decisions are very important to us. For instance i have a business client that started a franchise business but losing money for the past 6 months. He approached me thinking that there is something wrong with shop feng shui; after going through i realised that there are no major feng shui problems. Luckily for all my clients i do provide a quick snapshot of “bazi bonus” in conjunction with feng shui audit so i study his bazi.

i discovered his in-born personality is not suited to do business. This is because he is risk averse, too easy-going to the extent of gullible…so i presume you know what my recommendations to him.

Our life strategies can be “aggressive”, “conservative” or “status quo” or others depending on how our 10 years luck pans out rather than charging forward blindly all the time. It reminds me of a Kenny Rogers song: “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.”

Don’t imagine that jadeite, trinket or figurine will improve your luck

The idea of Chinese birth reading on 10 Year Luck Pillar is to provide a general insight into our future like a weather forecast. Blue skies or stormy weather is how well we prepared ourselves to embrace our future. One common feedback after the birth reading recommendations was “so how do i improve?” My only assumption is that perhaps they wanted some “drama” like a figurine of sorts or some jadeite, trinket. My opinion it only gives them peace of mind but nothing changes. i understand that it is tough to accept one’s fate when the going is dark but …

Bazi reading by chance or by choice

Many times in life we are rendered powerless in the face of harsh reality. A sense of impotence overwhelms us when doing our best is just not enough to get what we want. Then we withdraw to the fact that life is unfair, that we are the victims of circumstances, that our existences lack meaning.

Don’t live life to chances

This the more reason we should know our chinese birth reading where our life is headed and which direction. This is where our personal mental attitude, positive thinking comes into play than leaving it to chance.

Hence tools like feng shui home, office, auspicious chinese name and others help us to make life easier. In any case if we know deep down that we do what could humanly possible and our best that we fought till our last breath and heartbeat.

We live by choice not by chance. There is no meaning to life if we live by chance alone. Sound planning through chinese birth reading, plays a pivotal role to lead a better and happy life. Sustained action in spite of all odds spur us to achieve our desired outcome. Still, in other areas of our lives are uncontrollable like accidents, death etc. Man conquered nature by will power and collective effort. Hopefully in future, there will be breakthroughs that man can make his own destiny and the chance must give way to choice.

Chinese birth reading Zi Ping or Zi Wei (purple star)

Currently there are 2 calculation models for Chinese birth reading, Zi Ping or Zi Wei Dou Shu both have it’s own merits and demerits.


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