Chinese Birth Reading

Chinese birth reading 子平法 

Chinese birth reading is a data analysis tool to raise your self-awareness, understand your value system, motivations and present a road map consisting of opportunities, detours & road blocks.

There are 3 popular formulas to analyse our Birth Chart 子平法,  紫微斗数 and 奇门遁甲. All 3 methods utilise year, month, day and time of birth to calculate.  Here we discuss in greater details on Zi Ping bazi reading.

what is chinese bazi reading

omg  😀  not lucky colours or jadeite

Chinese birth reading is not some overrated get-rich-quick formula like wearing your lucky colors, jadeite or talisman nor placing some items and boom your luck improve! The reality of life is there is No Reward without effort, skill and discipline.

“Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories” by Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu believed If you know the enemy and know yourself, you will emerge victories in all battles. Although we are not at war but we have our daily monsters to deal. Stuff like lack of self-belief, confidence, purpose, courage or even as simple as accepting who we are. 

life directions, marriage, wealth, career 

Who are you? Your persona (swagger), attitude, effort, discipline, determination, education, confidence, faith, passion

Zi Ping Bazi algorithm uses the Day Master and Zi Wei Dou Shu (purple star) uses trinity of 3 palaces & 4 directions + 4 changes (三方四正, 四化) to analyse our birth chart. Zi Ping profund insight of life comes from Day Master interaction with year, month and time.

The interactions can be complementary 喜, conflicting 忌, contrasting 冲, contradictory 刑, controlling 克 and cooperative 合(日主八字用神分析), i simply call it the “6 Cs”. Here use Jia Wood-Day Master as an example.

chinese birth reading chart

From the birth chart we look at day master’s relationship with year, month, time & call it as 10 deities 十神. The relationships & interactions reveal our character, relationships, career, wealth, marriage, life duration and others.  Add on the variable “time” dynamic, 10-Years luck pillar and Annual Luck we can forecast our future trend see chart below.

Chinese birth reading luck forecast

timing – what you guys call luck

10 Year Luck pillar forecast when these events will happen in our future. The age or year shows the transition points when luck changes. When is your “bull” or “bear” run or flat line? What are some proactive actions you can do? Should you adjust your goals and expectations? How about having plan B and plan C in place.

By now you will realised that my emphasis on Chinese Birth Reading is to raise our awareness, effort and doing the right thing at the right time. 

10-year luck forecast 十年大运

Chinese bazi reading calculate 1 cycle of 10 years or 1 Luck pillar. Every duration of 10 years is consider 1 cycle and it could be good or bad depending on your Bazi useful elements 八字用神喜神. The time line for the predicted events is not 100% accurate because individual decisions & actions, country, economy, world events does make it happen earlier or later. 

annual luck reading

Some clients wanted me to do annual bazi reading and i rejected most of them. It is not constructive to micro manage your life by months. Do not allow Destiny or Fate to dictate your life. There are many things that you can change with effort & discipline like improving on your character and daily routine. Problem is most can’t accept things that we cannot change. Instead of focusing on our positives most try to change their negatives. 

fate or destiny bazi

which is more important Bazi Structure 命 or Luck pillars 运 

This is a common debate on birth vs luck. In my opinion i would say when a person is born (birth profile) he is endowed with certain assets or liabilities. Thus if you are a child of a billionaire you need not worried about food, water, clothing, education, money and shelter – the basic necessities of life. On the other hand if you are born from a poor family you will have to struggle to make ends meet.

Luck comes to play if we are referring to someone’s accomplishments. Using the same example the rich man son due to his comfort zone may party 24/7 with nothing achieved. Whereas son of poor dad, study and work hard may become the youngest billionaire!

10 years luck strategies

10 years luck forecast reveal timing of life events. Given insights to our future, we gear up life-strategies to make wiser decisions for our career, business investment, marriage, education etc. Certain long term life decisions are important to us. For instance i have a business client that started a franchise business and lost money over the past 6 months. He approached me thinking that there something wrong with shop feng shui. After going through there are no major feng shui problems. Luckily for all my clients i do provide a quick snapshot of “bazi bonus” in conjunction with feng shui audit so i tell him about his bazi reading.

Told him that his in-born personality is not suited to do business. He lacks innovation, risk averse, slow in taking actions, easy-going to the extent of gullible…so i presume you know what are my recommendations.

no rewards without effort, skill and discipline

chinese birth reading - luckThe concept of Chinese birth reading on 10 Year Luck Pillar is to provide a general insight into our future like a weather forecast. Blue skies or stormy weather is how well we prepare, manage and embrace our future.

One odd feedback from bonus birth reading tips (feng shui consultation ) “even” with practical advise on character tweaking, health exercise, timing, feng shui directions/locations, education courses to take etc… some clients would still asked “so how do i improve my luck?”

Most wanted an instant fix without any effort like wearing lucky charms! seriously!  😀  

For e.g. “tao hua” enhancement, i asked the client to be active in certain locations, directions and certain dates and if the client do not participate in “social” events do you think it will work?

Don’t live life to chances

The reason we should know our chinese birth reading is to see how our life is headed and which direction. This is where we exercise our positive law of attraction than leaving it to chance.

Hence tools like feng shui home, office, auspicious chinese name and others help us to make life easier. In any case if we know deep down that we do what could humanly possible and our best that we fought till our last breath and heartbeat.

We live by choice not by chance. There is no meaning to life if we live by chance alone. Sound planning through chinese birth reading, education or any life improvement methods, does help to lead a better and happier life. 

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