why feng shui

Why feng shui audit if our birth chart (fate) is fixed the day we were born.

why feng shui

Most people have the misunderstanding that “feng shui” is a “life-changing” experience. It is NOT! It improves your opportunities to realise your life goals. One can’t be the next richest man in the world like Mr. Bernard Arnault having a net worth of $215 billion.

The day when we were born our talents, career, marriage, kids etc are “somewhat fixed”. But you will realised even twins born does not shared the same destiny? Why? Because we can make micro changes in our life by altering “timing” and “space” to improve the outcome.

在天成象,在地成形 摘自 “宋史·志·卷五十二”


By understanding the movement of the Sun, Moon and the stars one can forecast certain auspicious dates & time. For example using one of the many auspicious date selection formulas such as 奇门遁甲 Qi Men Dun Jia to find a favourable Day & Time for renovation, move-in or to go for an important job interview. 

Using feng shui we can modify the space we frequently use. Similar to bazi analysis one is make aware that “x” year is bad for career-switching or starting up a busines.


You can alter your home feng shui to improve wealth-making opportunities. Notice i did not use the word “wealth generation” because even with feng shui help you still need to work on your goals through education, experience, communication, networking skills etc.

Through feng shui we can place certain enhancements to improve our wealth or mitigating items to reduce the chances of accidents.



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