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Shift in Day 入伙

Shift in day 新屋 入伙 Shift in day is a traditional chinese custom practice, technically nothing to do with feng shui. However it is imperative to choose a lucky date and time for such an occassion. Feng shui believed in….

Main Door

Feng Shui Main Door Main Door plays a pivotal role in affecting good or bad house feng shui. Before buying your new home, ensure that your main door is at the right location and right direction. 阳宅首重大门,以大门为气口,纳气旺则吉,衰气则凶 Main Door faces….

Kitchen Feng Shui

Kitchen Feng shui stove position 阳宅三要之一(灶位) Olden days feng shui kitchen essentially is to boost family’s health and affect the female homemaker. However in today’s context some concepts of kitchen feng shui is obsolete in view of less cooking, modern….

Sell house Faster

Feng shui sell house faster If you need a faster method to sell your house, you can consider using feng shui formula to speed up the sale. Is not the usual cliche of clearing clutter, making your front door appealing,….

Living Hall

Living Hall feng shui Part of Feng shui principle is to balance the “yin and yang” energies of your house. Overly “yin” or feminine energies affects your health and invites unwanted guests. Yin energies are common in low floors, dark color scheme houses,….


One critical factor to place your bed is to place it in line with your birth profile lucky direction. And the location should not be in conflict with feng shui formulas such as flying star home destiny chart, gua ming….

House Destiny 宅命

House feng shui destiny 人有人命 宅有宅命 House “DESTINY 宅命” is like DNA of a human body人命 inborn with the house. Calculation of house feng shui destiny is based on various classical feng shui formula schools notably 玄空, 三合, 八宅, 紫白….


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