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Feng Shui Remedies make simple

Instead of dressing your home or office like a Chinese restaurant with good luck charms, authentic feng shui 正宗风水 doesn’t work like that.

There are 2 major types of “negative” feng shui energy. The visible forms 形煞 and invisible energy 煞气.  Bad forms are things that we can see e.g. T-junctions, convex roads, constructions etc.

Invisible ones are based on qi 气 calculation from energy management 理气 feng shui schools such as San Yuan 三元, 八宅, 三合, Qi Men 奇门遁甲, Xuan Kong 玄空挨星 flying star, Purple Star 紫白 and many others.

Feng Shui from abstract to tangible 化无形 为有形

The subject of feng shui can be abstract. You need faith to appreciate what the feng shui master do for you.

For me i prefer to use ordinary items as feng shui remedies to deflect or reduce bad energies.

It is to transform “abstract or formless” into tangibles.  In feng shui jargon call 化无形为有形 or 化虚为实. You can call turning virtual into reality.

In-depth Feng shui 5-element principles 阴阳 静动 五行 易经卦理

To some who do not understand the profound concept of feng shui will cling onto an expensive talisman, lucky stone, jadeite or “kai guang” items believing it like magical cure.

They believed that the more expensive is the item, the more powerful is the cure. They mock and criticise common items such as potted plants, pebbles, doormat, paintings, clock, air-condition, mirrors, fan and even repositioning of  sofa, beds, furniture…etc. 

Feng shui 5 elements are not limited to colour (which is overrated by the way) but taste, smell, shape, material etc. In advanced feng shui we use this symbolism that i mentioned to mitigate negative energies. E.g. 6 round copper coin symbolic to heaven qian gua 乾卦 or even certain “sound” to represent metal-element. 

To quote I Ching (伏羲氏、神农氏、黄帝) 易传, 系辞下:  近取诸身, 远取诸物

5 Key methods to remedy negative energy

There are only 5 methods to dilute negative energies. Any feng shui methods that deviate from any one or combination below is not authentic feng shui:

(a) hide 遮 ( b) block 挡  (c) dilute 化 (d) fight 鬥 (usually for business feng shui ) and (e) avoid 避

Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 standard methodology

Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 uses 3 standard mitigation protocol. They are destroying, repair or move 拆补移. First method destroys items that causes bad energy e.g. clearing of rubbish. Secondly repair damage goods e.g. a cracked wall. Lastly move, relocate items that is not suitable in that sector.

feng shui remedy stove

Ba Zhai feng shui remedy 八宅 人命卦

Ba Zhai or 8 mansion/house fengshui theory is the only feng shui formula that uses individual 人命卦 for calculations. This can be done through stove positioning and direction provided the stove uses gas pipe.

Power of visualisation 意象 in feng shui 

Household items that were used as feng shui cures fufill iChing symbolism such as colour, shape, material. Take for instance warmonger flying star 7 is a metal element, just placing a glass of water is sufficient to dilute the negative energy.

On the flip side of the coin when one see an axe or sword or headless figurine it evoke negative symbolism & energy. In Chinese we call 有其形 必有其象 meaning when there is “form” there is always symbolism or representation.

In conclusion we deploy different feng shui formulas to solve certain aspects of feng shui problems. Just like in mathematics we can used diverse strategies to solve the same problem.

One can’t claim that they are using the only “best” feng shui strategies!


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