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Feng Shui Remedies make simple

There are 2 major classification of “bad feng shui energies”, visible forms 形煞 and invisible negative energies 煞气.  Bad visible forms are easy to recognise because we can see or feel it e.g. facing T-junctions, convex roads, constructions etc. Invisible energies are derived from classical feng shui theories like 三元, 奇门遁甲,  玄空 and others.

Few misguided critic may “think” that feng shui cures or enhancements must be “sophisticated”, those that burn holes in your pocket. They mock at the use of potted plants, pebbles, door mat, paintings, clock, air-condition, mirrors, fan, which are ordinary items, without even considered that they too conform to feng shui principles. Take for instance potted plants like 黄金葛 is symbolic 意象 to wood/earth element and whitish, rounded pebbles or jade is symbolic to Gen gua 艮卦 – earth element.

Skeptics past judgement without realizing that items carefully selected by masters of feng shui did applied at least one of the 5 Main Classical Feng Shui principles below:

(a) hide 遮 ( b) block 挡  (c) dilute 化 (d) fight 鬥 (usually for business feng shui ) and (e) avoid 避

Qi Men 奇门 use standard methods to mitigate feng shui issues by 拆 destroy or throw away for instance rubbish, 补 patch putting certain items that strengthen the sector e.g. a wall picture or live plants  and 移 move away items that are damaging to the sector.

Power of visualisation 意象 in feng shui 

Household items that were used as feng shui cures fufill IChing principle of symbolism, 5 element representations such colour, shape, material…For example if the afflicted area is flying star “3” which represent disharmony one can use fire-element symbolism of li gua 离卦 which is red, orange, pink, purple, plastic, triangle to dilute (principle c) the negative effect such as placing a pink colour door mat if happened to be at the doorway.  The true test is know when, how, on which relevant sectors. Visualisation to believe and faith is important in feng shui, just like air we do not see it but we know it is there. E.g. having a mountain painting behind your back to act as benefactors support is not BS.

Let me try to make it easier with a real-life example of window facing a construction site or expressway.

“Principle (a)-遮 Hide” – one can “hang some long stem creeper plants” or lower down the curtains to block the sight. OR (d) fight 鬥 in business situations by using stuff like Lion in business feng shui.

Most feng shui masters use a more “peaceful and amicable” solution to cure bad energies under “Principle – C  dilute 化”. It usually takes the form of “通关” to resolve 2 conflicting elements”. For instance the afflicted sector is caused by “fire destroy metal”, then “earth” will be the mitigator. In the 5-Element production cycle fire produces earth and in turn grows metal. Thus “earth” element representations can be ceramic, crystal, pebbles etc. This principle is similar to 八字 Bazi teachings.

Principle B-block 挡 literally means block the bad energies from coming in or prevent positive energies from flowing out. Take for instance your bedroom door is 180 degree directly opposite a toilet door then one should have something to “block” the 2 energies from colliding or conflicting with each other. The simple solution is to use “partition” in between thereby fulfilled the principle of “block”.

Lastly if the house or office is really beyond redemption …the best way is not to engage a 2nd feng shui master for a 2nd opinion but to make a “run” for it i.e. “Principle E-avoid 避” (三十六计 走为上计) escape, sell away your house! Don’t throw good money after bad, just like any prudent investor. So sometime feng shui is common sense. Unfortunately common sense is not so common for some.


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