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Chinese Bazi Luck

Bazi luck is divided into 10-year per cycle and annual luck. Bazi luck begins by understanding our Day Master (the day we are born) and how it relate to year, month and time of birth. As the saying goes, luck is “preparation meets opportunity”. Chinese bazi reading 子平八字学 help us to prepare our future by giving clues to what is going to happen in the future.

Bazi luck reading is dependable upon:

A. our day master whether it is “yin or yang” and it’s strength i.e. strong or weak.

B. our birth structure 八字命局 whether it contain conflict or in harmony.

C. our 10-Years Luck 十年大运 direction whether favourable or unfavourable.

D. annual luck 流年运气 which is the individual  year within the 10-year luck cycle.

Chinese bazi luck reading give us an upperhand on what to expect therefore make preparations for it.

A good read on our bazi help us to take advantage of our future. A positive person will make preparations when the future is bad while a negative person will complain and do nothing about it. In today’s competitive global environment we could use some help by understanding our future to gain a competitive advantage to advance our career, relationships, businesses or investments.

Chinese luck reading saves time and effort

An in-depth birth profile analysis will reveal the type of person you are, your inert talent, personality, strengths & weaknesses We are unique and owe it to ourselves to know. Take for example, bazi reveals that you are a political animal then working in a bureaucratic environment suits you. Or you are good with ideas, creative-solving skills, therefore working in a highly fluid organisation fits. It is not a benchmark to compare who is better, but a revelation on who does a better job based on their strengths and passion.

Some birth profiles do well if they work in the same organisation for many years and promotion will be handed to them on a silver platter. On the contrary some bazi profile need to job-hop in order to advance their career. These bazi insights are helpful because it saves us time and unnecessary effort.

Who we are, what motivate us and how to go about doing it

Chinese luck reading help us to understand what motivate us. Strangely it may not always be money, some are power-hungry while others like freedom of expressions. Chinese bazi reading believed that we need to understand ourselves 知命 before we can make it work for us 立命. Confucius quote 不知命無以為君子,  不知命就不會去修命,不修命就無法安身立命, it means if we don’t really understand who we really are, how can we improve and be better.

There is this famous chinese wisdom that goes like this:

一命 Destiny or Fate  二运 Luck 三风水 Feng shui 四积德 Doing Good 五读书 Study 六名 Name 七相 Facial 八敬神 Respect God 九交贵人 Networking with the Right People 十养生 Self-preservation

Chinese Bazi reading reveal our assets and liabilities

Here is an example of bazi chart and it’s relationship with 10-year luck pillar. Day Master Weak Geng Metal and favourable elements are “wet earth” and water.

chinese birth reading chart

Chinese luck reading 8 X 10 year chart consist of one 10 year bad luck  

Life has it’s ups and downs. It is “downtime” that stresses us and make us better. In a standard 8 x 10 year chinese bazi luck chart, it is common to have one bad 10-Year period. Bazi luck reading call it  clashes of zodiac sign六 冲!

How well we crawl out from the dark hole depends on our endurance and will power. We can also consider using feng shui home or office or bazi lucky element enhancement to smoothen our life’s journey. Figuratively it helps by 10-20%.

chinese bazi luck chart

What to do when your life is in a dark hole?

It’s easy to be grateful when life is a bed of roses. The challenge is when we are down. Here are some tips lift up your situation.

1. Make hay while the sun shines
Evaluate your 8 x 10 year luck pillar. Check out the highs and lows? Capitalise on your 10-year highs, save and reinvest your money. Buffer your lows with secondary plans. Say your bazi 10-year luck reveals that retrenchment is imminent, then learn a new skill, rebrand yourself, keep your networks strong. Seek out your bazi nobleman or benefactors before the bad time hit you. Keep calm and prepare for the worst. More often than not it is the bad times that bring out the best in us.

Look around us. Some are not even born with eyes or limbs? Do we appreciate our eyes and limbs still function when we wake up every day. i am not suggesting mediocracy, just that we have to live life as it is. Too often, we do not take the time to stop and appreciate things, big and small. If we learn to see the beauty, the gratefulness, and the appreciation in the big and small, we learn to live a life of gratitude.

2. Increase your vitality through bazi lucky element

All of us have experienced challenges or ‘bad’ things in our lives. As we get older, this can considerably burden us with fear, decrease our vitality and create diseases. Consider taking up exercises that suits your bazi 5 elements. Take, for example, if your favourable element is wood, go for 5am – 7am jog in your neighbourhood park to enhance your “wood” luck.

Do exercises and go to places that are favourable to your elements using qi men dun jia or other feng shui formulas to improve your luck no matter how small it is. There is no point whining or complaining.

3. Create abundance

Gratitude decreases ‘brain noise’ we create from continually reliving old negative scenarios in our mind of anger or pain. i believed you heard about the laws of attraction, stay positive. Futhermore when we are grateful, our thoughts automatically make us feel more abundant, more fulfilled and more lovable. This, in turn, will attract more of the same in our lives.

4. Charity 

Get involve in charity works. Look after those that are more unfortunate than you.

5. Don’t waste your money buying Annual feng shui products

Trust me it does not work. i have gone through that learning curve during the first 3 years of my feng shui career. Most of the things we need in life are already build into our system. Try our bazi reading service if you like and you will find that most of the recommendations are down-to-earth and effective. However do not over expect because we have to acknowledge our limitations to how much we can do.

6. Go Overseas

Go overseas, take a break and stop worrying. Tomorrow will take care of itself!

7. Feng shui your home and office

Make use of feng shui home or office to improve your luck and balance the elements in your bazi configuration. Try to “artificially” simulate yourself with the lucky elements that you need (non feng shui items) if you have your personal bedroom. Check out your home or office feng shui to improve your career or business or simply family relationships. The lesser the luck you have, the more you need feng shui to help you.

8. Edit your name and make it lucky

Consider upgrading your Chinese name to suit your bazi luck profile. Promote your new name over social media to improve your 10 year luck.

9. Stay Positive, have Faith and Endure 

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional state that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty. Likewise we are affected by the people surrounding us. Meet negative people we end up crying over each other troubles. This happens instinctively and on a subconscious level, through words, thoughts and feelings, and through body language. People tends to help us, if we are stayed positive, and dislike or avoid us if we whines and broadcast negativity.

10. Make Positive Affirmations a part of your life

The mind cannot tell the difference between positive or negative; It is what we repeatedly think and say is what you get. The greatness of the human mind is that it can turn thoughts and words into reality. Make positive affirmations every morning and good luck will happen in your life!

“whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”


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