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Feng Shui Master Singapore Bazi Reading ( 八字 ) / Birth Profiling

Birth profiling or Ba Zi (子平八字命理学) theory is somewhat like a “Chinese statistical calculation tool”. Nothing supernatural or superstitious! No such thing as 天机不可泄露heavenly guarded secret . If this is God-Guarded-Secret, then “human” like me will not be able to analyse your Bazi/Birth structure.

命由天定,运由己造, 预知运势  积极面对,  改善自身  提升生活!

Birth Structure CANNOT BE TRANSFORMED 命由天定

When we come into this world, our DNA is fixed, parents, brothers, sisters, birth place, period, home environment…Birth reading or 8 Characters of Fate, is a powerful “self-awareness & preparation” program to understand your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and your future 8 x 10-Year Luck pillar trend inclination. Unlike what you read from web or overselling with some Feng shui/Bazi masters; one’s Birth Structure CANNOT be TRANSFORMED from bad to good. Any “improvements” in your life or luck (besides feng shui), have to come from within your heart to accept, acknowledge and willingness to adjust your mindset/perspective/expectations thereby changing your personality or perspective or behaviour. It is not by wearing some fengshui talisman hoping that some “miracles” are going to happen.

Why Bazi Reading when ONE CANNOT CHANGE FATE 改善 不是 改变

  • Raise Self-Awareness i.e. revealing your personality traits where you make adjustments in relationship, wealth & career
  • Understand your Career and Wealth directions so that you can make adjustments in expectations and action
  • Forecast your general future trend (8 x 10-year life phase) make adaptations in life strategies go all out or lay low or maintain status quo
  • Some practical feng shui tools that can help you at work or home
  • Special note on the “turning-points” of your life IF there are crisis
  • Health get to know which part of your body needed special attention as you age
  • Others

Before embarking on this “self-awareness” program, one will need the courage to embrace who you really are八字四柱组合的结构层次高低 i.e. your “Day Master”, 8-Character birth structure, it’s interaction, perfections and flaws; Be a self-critique, make the best out of your future 10-year luck pillar十年大运 and “actively” work on the necessary adjustments & expectations in your life.

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命是不那改 by understanding it, you make the “best” out of a current situation or make preparations to a future event. For e.g. some generic birth structure maybe handicap in “promotion propects” or “wealth” or “marriage” by understanding one’s birth structural imperfections, one can “job-hop”, attend relevant classes to “promote yourself” etc.

Birth Reading does not “transform” an individual misfortune into fortune! If one’s fate/destiny can be ALTERED then the whole world will be in chaos! because everybody will be living the good life – great marriage, perfect health, awesome career, filthy rich …all of us living in utopia where there is no suffering? If there is such a thing i will be the first one to transform my own fate and don’t even have to work a single day of my life. LOL

10-Year Luck reading is like WEATHER FORECAST

Birth Reading Weather forecastOne can look at 10-Year luck prediction somewhat like “weather forecast”. By knowing that tomorrow’s is going to rain, at least we prepared ourselve with an umbrella to prevent from getting wet.

So the keyword is “BE PREPARED” for stormy weathers.

一命二运三风水四积德五读书 BIRTH READING is NOT SCIENCE estimated only 70% accuracy

i honestly like to believe that the other 30% comprise of birth place, timing, parents/friends intervention, education, our personality, effort, attitude, decision-making to make life more comfortable. The moment we are born, we already differ in terms of our intelligence, talents and capabilities. Yes! one can work very hard to develop a certain skill but only limited to a certain extent. As much as we wanted to be the best in everything, we are bound by limitations to how much we can stretch ourselves. Hypothetically speaking if all of us put in an exact 100% effort then we should all achieve the same result. However this is not the case, we achieve different academic results, different career achievements, different amout of money in our account… Birth profiling is a complex study. Technically speaking well over 3 million variables with diversified outcome! Although there are fixed formulas to analyse one’s birth profile one cannot expect 100% accuracy. Sometime events can happen 1-2 year earlier or later. It is based on the principle of  “high probability” of an event happening and also depends on how an individual attitude/background/experiences to manage the event.

Good or Bad luck  tangible benefits and not emotional state of mind

Some “positively minded” clients asked me how do i define “good or bad luck”? In order for any forecasting tool to be useful one have to set certain parameters and benchmark. Objectively speaking i would interpret schooling years achieving flying colours as “good luck”.  If you work in a job for 10 years and not gaining 2-3 promotions is bad etc. In short we need to remove the “emotional” aspects  in fortune forecast equation; things like “happy” or “sad” should not be the basis of good or bad luck! One can earn a 5 figure income but still unhappy, so the “emo” side have to be subtracted in order for the prediction to be meaningful.

Deduct emotions from the equation in luck prediction

Let me shared with you one interesting encounter where i predicted “破财financial loss” for one of my client for a particular year. My client disagreed with my prediction. I was puzzled. After probing deeper he told me that year he had to organise 2 x grand wedding dinners one hosted in Singapore & the other overseas. His partner is a foreigner. My client is very happy to spend 2 times the normal dinner cost and consider this as “good” fortune to tie the wedding knot? So it is emotional happiness than rational feeling. What do you guys think?

Feng Shui Master Singapore Bazi Report Format

Part 1 – Your Bazi Configuration Structure 八字 格局高 低

a) Determine and understand the Day Master 阴阳? 五形? 先天性格
b) How is the relationship between the Day Principal and the other 7 characters? Are they in harmony or 冲clashes or 刑conflict? Who or What is affected?
c) What are the Likely impact of these “structural interaction”
d) Analyses the Day Master strength, weak or strong? E.g. Strong Wood or Weak Wood
e) Any mutation to its Birth Configuration 正格 or 从格
f) What are flaws? Any remedies? Are the remedies built into the Birth structure? What are the strength of remedies真 假 虛 实?
g) Are these remedies 有 力 无力strong or weak, helpful or not helpful 有 情 无 情?
h) How is the Bazi in general?
i) Anything to be mindful of, any hidden latent positives or negatives?

Part 2 – Your Day Principal Profile 八字喜忌用神

This is the most tricky and useful part of Birth reading, to understand your Day Principal lucky or unlucky elements. As mentioned earlier if one is lucky enough, one single element can solve the entire structural weaknesses, sometimes not. Therefore one can guess from here that even birth reading has constraints. In such circumstances, one will have to stay positive, improve yourself e.g. education, personality tweaking, put the best foot forward and try our best to work within the framework of life. One can also consider the use of home or office feng shui to enhance it.

Part 3 – Your generic traits and personality

i am a firm believer of tweaking your own personality. Chances are we make decisions in life based on our own beliefs, objective analysis and emotional reasons. The truth is the better we understand our own personality strengths and weaknesses the wiser will be our decisions. In business before we launch a product we do a SWOT analysis, similarly before we embrace life challenges one have to acknowledge who we are and what are the best way to do it. Sometime it may not be working to improve your weaknesses but on areas that you do well. Take for instance what sort of career match will suit Bazi personality? Take for instance a person that is creative flamboyant, who does not play by the rules should not be working in a red tape organisation  but a more dynamic and fluid Company. Similarly an introverted person who does not enjoy meeting people should not in public relations. Play on your strong suit and work your weaknesses.

Part 4 – Applications & Recommendations to improve your Luck

Here are the PRACTICAL, DOWN-TO-EARTH and RELEVANT tips in various aspects of life: Health, Career, Marriage, Home feng shui, Office feng shui, Bed placement, personal suggestions and other areas to improve your luck. NO FENG SHUI ITEMS OR TALISMAN TO BUY.

Part 5 – Macro view of 8 x 10 Year Luck Pillar Forecast

A PLOTTED GRAPH TO SHOW YOU Macro Trend of your life like the one above. It shows a 8 x 10-Year Luck pillar featuring the past, present and future. Brief comments on the past and corrective advises on current and future 10-year luck pillars. The focus is on the current 10-Year luck period and future. The whole point of this birth reading is to keep it simple, concise and practical to understand the timing of good luck or pitfalls in the future !

Q & A Your personal feedback after receiving the report. Questions that you may have in mind , you can email me to check.

Feng shui master singapore bazi reading service is “Manually done”

Unlike common practice this bazi report is not churn out from some computer software. It is done manually so is quite time-consuming to look into all the variables affecting your birth configuration. Computer software works on fixed formulas, but unable to analyse combos, conflicts, compatible elements and other intricacies. 


You have to make the payment to get the process started. You can use the credit card (paypal button) below OR through internet banking. As for iBanking you have to email “” to get the bank account details from me.

Information require:

Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time (no need to adjust for country time difference)

Gender once you have made the payment.

Address: optional

Mobile: optional

Due to overwhelming response current waiting period is 3 months.  Please do not make any payment if you are in a hurry, paypal charge 4% for administration        Updated June 2016 

Format: Written or Verbal

Written Report $638 (soft copy) email to you – No face-to-face  

As mentioned the report is not churn out from computer software and manually done by me, i can only do it during my spare time. You must prepare to wait minimum 2 MONTH during non-peak period. You are welcome to clarify with me any points in the report upon received.

*Due to time constraints this written report service is on hold until further notice

OR “face-to-face” meet up ( No Written Report ) Value: $398

This service is new! Due to overwhelming requests, some clients prefer to meet up and discuss so then there will be no report. I will answer any questions you have in mind. Sometimes meeting up give better understanding because to express conflicts and clashes for certain period maybe difficult to express in writing. I would require you to pay a token deposit of $100 via iBanking prior to our meeting as i need to make preparation. The balance amount is collected in cash during the meeting.

Please drop me an email before sending me the money unless you are prepared to queue as my schedule is really very tight.


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