Feng Shui 2018

Feng Shui 2018 tips to get the best home energy 2018 marks the commencement of “Earth Dog 戊戌年 ” on 04 feb 2018 卯时 05.28 am. Both the stem and root is Yang Earth干支同气. This year will benefit the most….

Feng Shui home based on siteplan or resale

How to select an auspicious feng shui home base on physical properties of a siteplan or resale apartment The basis of this article is “solely” based the feng shui 峦头 physical properties to choose an auspicious feng shui home without….

2017 Job Survival

Office Feng Shui – 2017 Career/Job survival Year 2016 have been challenging times for most Singaporeans. Headlines like this is scary “Two-thirds of Singapore’s economy is already in technical recession” Here are some survival tips to ride through 2017 economy….


Feng Shui Frequently Asked Question Over the years these are some of the controversial questions that usually asked by my clients. Not advisable to install Ceiling fan in feng shui? i really find this absurd even up till today there are….

2017 home feng shui

2017 Home Feng Shui forecast The arabic numbers in black are the bad flying stars. The WORST SECTOR IS SOUTH – Misfortune 5 follow by Northwest – Sickness 2, West – Quarrelsome 3 and Southwest – Burglary/gossip 7. One have….

Fate or Destiny

Birth profile can it be change Over the years most clients would ask me this question when they realised that life isn’t great for them. “Can i change my fate? or Destiny?” The answer is actually “yes” and “no”. “Yes”….

2017 SG Feng Shui

Singapore feng shui 2017 One can view 三元玄空飞星风水 at micro level as in office or home feng shui consultation or from a macro perspective as the entire world. Here using the Goggle satellite imagery taking Singapore as an example to….

Destiny Degree

Home Destiny Degree of Measurement A lot of my clients are curious over the “degree” use to calculate the Home Destiny.  My clients pointed out to me some confusion over what they read via web. Here i attempt to explain….

Feng Shui Science

Feng Shui audit updated with “Science” We are in the 21st century, yet time and again i see houses filled “commercial feng shui” items sold by feng shui masters or shops. Most do not even understand the root of the problem….

Destiny Classifications

Period 8 Home/Office feng shui 宅命 Destiny Interestingly not many Singaporeans are aware there is such thing as “宅命” and i attempt to translate in English “Home/Office Destiny”. Most understand 人命 but not the House or Office Feng Shui fate which….

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