Altar feng shui Altar placement is of paramount importance from feng shui perspective because it is a form of respect to God. The deity that you invite should be place at the best sector & not some leftover space after….

Feng Shui 2018

Feng Shui 2018 tips – Better Luck Birth months 7/8 Nov to 04 Jan lucky this year & sluggish stock market 04 feb 2018 卯时 05.28am marks the commencement of “Earth Dog 戊戌年”. Both the stem and root are Yang Earth干支同气thus….

11 Buying Tips for a lucky Feng Shui home

11 buying tips for a feng shui home Here are some basic feng shui tips to choose a favourable fengshui home.  Classical feng shui principles stress the importance of physical landforms (峦头) interaction with  it’s energy (理气)  “峦头为体,理气为用”. The shape,….

2017 survival tips

2017 Job survival “Two-thirds of Singapore’s economy is already in technical recession” released in end 2016. Here are some feng shui career survival tips hopefully enough to help you ride through the bad economy. Feng Shui Career self help –….

Fate or Destiny

destiny or fate is a matter of choice & effort These two words become interchangeable, or even synonymous. , but actually there is a difference in our perceptions. Fate implies things are predetermined, without control, a natural order in Universe….

Bad Feng Shui Direction

Bad Feng Shui orientation A lot of my clients are curious over the “degree” use to calculate the 宅命 Home Destiny. My clients pointed out to me some confusion over what they read via web. Here i attempt to explain….

Earth blessings 旺五方

Feng Shui Earth Blessing  拜五方 before moving in Earth blessing (旺五方) is a Chinese ritual to perform before renovation or shift in to seek heaven’s blessings. It carries strong religious overtones and belief is necessary. To use an analogy is….

Feng Shui science

feng shui not getting better with science Sad to say today’s feng shui practice is not moving forward with increased knowledge. Some still believed in rolling of pineapples and deposit money on Li Chun. Here i attempt to explain certain….

Fengshui trends after 2024

leading trends after 2024 Feng shui period 9 These predictions are derived from xuan kong feng shui 玄空三元九运 where star 9 rules for 20 years. Year 2024 to 2043 is Li gua or Period 9. The primary element is fire….

Feng Shui Remedies

Feng Shui Remedies make simple There are 2 major classification of “bad feng shui energies”, visible forms 形煞 and invisible negative energies 煞气.  Bad visible forms are easy to recognise because we can see or feel it e.g. facing T-junctions,….


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