Singapore Feng Shui Misconceptions & Myths

Dear feng shui fans,

we are into a knowledge based era where internet, smartphones are common. Most of us graducated with Masters or degrees. Should we not challenge certain concepts or principles that were passed down? For example rolling of pineapples bring good luck to the house why? choosing an auspicious date for key collection, no ceiling fan, numeric 8 is lucky & 4 means death, having a mirror besides your dining table double your abundance, rampant use of commercial feng shui items, tilted beds, slanted doors, perpendicular cupboards view are poison arrows, number of mistresses equates number of burner or kitchen etc.

The Singapore feng shui scene is overwhelmed with contradicting advice about feng shui which  makes it very difficult to decipher the truth about geomancy principles. Finding the right feng shui master in Singapore is even more challenging due to the increased supply, planted reviews and clones. In my opinion here are some of the common misconceptions about feng shui.

1. Feng shui is religious or spiritual or superstitious

The misconception stems from the associations of feng shui masters religious beliefs and their integration to use spirituality in feng shui remedies. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against any religion or faith. In fact it is great to have a belief. There are no original Chinese scripts of feng shui that supports the use of religion in feng shui applications. Thus for those who do not believed in feng shui thought that feng shui are some spiritual works. Why i share the same sentiment is because i started as a staunch non-believer of feng shui many years ago thinking that feng shui is superstitious. There is nothing wrong in having a religion but please keep the beliefs to yourself. As an analogy, if you visit a professional doctor he will not asked you to believe in his religion. Feng Shui masters is like an “environment doctor”. Classical Feng Shui wisdom emphaisise on the importance of managing the “Forms 巒頭” – environment physical attributes and “Qi 理氣” the management of energy flow (not only air). It is used to to improve the quality of a person’s life by looking at his living environment.

2. Tilting of Main Door 斜门 as a feng shui cure

There is a lot of drama clouding the concept of Tilted Main Door feng shui supposedly for better energies. The feng shui principle behind tilted door is based on 玄空大卦 Xuan Kong Da Gua. Let’s face it, feng shui primary purpose is how “well” we blend & harmonise with the Environment i.e.  “External Forms attributes 峦头” in order to enjoy the “invisible positive energies 理气”.  Just by manipulating the angle of the door direction hoping that the Qi 气 energy will change? Simply “energy” will not travel in the angle of your door deviation. It will still travel straight! Secondly one have to look at  the surrounding physical forms of  the environment whether it supports or discourages the angle of deviation. Some of the reasons i heard from my clients are to avoid “loss of wealth” because the main door is in directly opposite direction to the window or faces multi-storey carpark or faces staircase leading downwards or faces the lift and many other illogical reasons. Do you think just by manipulating the door angle to a certain degree, the “assumed bad physical environment attributes” will go away? Does the technical properties of the Lift or Staircase or Car Park physically disappear if you tilt your main door?

The Chinese feng shui wisdom summaries it, i quote 峦头无理气不灵, 理气无峦头不验, 体无用不灵,用无体不应” In short it means “Forms” and “Energy” must work together.

Let’s give the benefit of doubt that tilted feng shui doors is not only to avoid negative energies but to choose a particular auspicious orientations e.g. “X” degree to attract positive energy. If we use some logical thinking, does “energy in motion” follow the tilted angle of deviation? What do you think? The answer is Energy that flows into your house will not follow the tilted angle when you enter the house. It is merely a deflection unless 90 degree. Do you slant your body to enter your home by the angle of deviation? Whatever the reasons may be, there are many practical cures for bad feng shui houses why complicate and aggravate the problem further? Gathered from feedback a few does work for a couple months then back to the negative energy or even worse than before.

Slanted door looks awkward! And worse of all you are telling the whole world that your house possess bad feng shui which makes re-selling later a problem.

3. Use of Mirror beside the dinning table

One of the client asked me that he heard some books written that placing a mirror besides the dinning table double the amount of food on the table. I told him why don’t he place the mirror besides “money” so that he can double the money? Guess the answer is obvious.

4. Singapore feng shui products

Do you feel that feng shui charms and products really works although it may be aesthetically appealing? Every year flocks of people attend annual feng shui seminar, queue up just to buy yearly feng shui products that are “manufacture” by the speakers. For those who did purchased annual feng shui items for about 3-5 years, the house or office will probably look like a fengshui shop. Some of my clients even get confused and not sure what figurines to defend bad energies and which are the ones to invite wealth. For instance i have a client that uses the “elephant” to face a “construction” site thinking that it can fend off the bad energies. Elephant is use to intake water e.g. facing the sea and not to defend against bad energies. Moreover there are 2 types of elephant one that has the trunk facing the front and one behind. The applications are different. My advice try not to use feng shui products, it looks old fashioned and you don’t have to. To me most of these products are psychological than effective. The product itself has no biological life so it is difficult to assess whether they emanate any positive vibrations.

Risks of solely doing Annual Feng Shui Audit every year without consideration the DESTINY of your Home Feng Shui

This was feedback i gathered from my client, pretty sneaky. Without your knowledge, some feng shui masters charge you a small fee but only does annual feng shui.

danger of annual feng shuiTake this house destiny for example, annual 2014 flying star 9 “celebration star lands in the North sector…if the geomancer happily introduce wood i.e. plants or lights i.e. fire element to activate the 9 energies then you are in trouble.

This is because due to the Destiny of this house, the North sector is having 5 and 2 combo where 5 represents disaster and 2 represent illnesses. By activating the North using light or plant, you are antagonising the sickness 2 flying star … so what happen.

The house occupants fall sick.

This goes with some of my clients who previously belongs to the “annual feng shui fans club” go and buy these products based on the yearly almanac and started putting all over their homes. After a few years you will realised their home looks like a feng shui shop because they paid a high price and feel the pinch if they disposed it away.

Cleansing power of feng shui products

What sort of cleansing solutions do you need? for forms or “qi”? or both? Most feng shui principles comes built-in with cures for bad energies, not necessary to buy feng shui items. Take an example of the common 8 mansions feng shui theory that even readers are well versed, 天医 positive energies can counter 绝命 negative energies. In xuan kong flying star principles sickness 2 can be diluted by activating 6 or even 8 depending on the configuration of the house destiny.

It is kind of standard protocol to use 1 of the 5 methods or in combination i.e. 遮  hide、挡 block、化 dilute、斗 fight 、避 avoid . Any deviations from these 5 methods are not authentic feng shui practice. 

5. Feng shui  Gua symbolism – South East is wealth sector omg

One common misnomer is to associate the South-East sector as the Wealth sector.  Some even talk about installing a water feature in the south-east sector of your house and boom, you get instant wealth like 3-in-1 coffee. Well if feng shui is that simple, multi billionaires will spring up like mushrooms. The thing is, people often look for instant results in feng shui. But they failed to realise that like every form of art and science, feng shui takes time to see the impact. Not forgetting you have to consider one’s individual bazi configuration and 10-Year Luck pillars.

6. Feng shui numbers 8 is lucky, 4 means death and floor level

Feng shui is never about “sounding” good, authentic feng shui principles are based on certain algorithm and calculations whichever sect of feng shui schools.

“4” in xuan kong flying star feng shui represents wen chang 文昌 , scholarly pursue and is good for children or adults pursuing their education. “4” in birth profile analysis and choice of “lucky name” calculation represent “ding” 丁火 fire; “4” and “9” in 河图洛书 represent the west sector or “4” and “9” is metal. So 4 is not death. “13” in the chapter of names reading is a lucky number. i presume number “13” got the bad association from the movie Friday the 13th. Imagine buildings without 4th storey, birth certificates without numeric 4 or 13, license plate numbers then what would happen? Block number and street names without these numbers? Mathematical calculation without these numbers? Chaos right? It is just a number nothing more, itself has no power on it’s own and there is nothing bad luck about it.

Unlike common thinking even the floor level or storey that you stayed in does not matter at all in today’s environment. The rationale is simple in most apartments we have basement multi storey carpark, so should you consider the carpark to calculate the floor level or not?

7. Feng shui is a get-rich-quick formula

Feng shui applications can enhance one’s luck but nothing as dramatic as winning toto or 4D. There are many reasons that the person has a windfall, feng shui enhancement is just one of them and not the main reason. If feng shui enhancement can make us rich i think there will not be any feng shui masters in the world.

8. New age feng shui LOL

Recently someone enquire whether i practise “new age” feng shui. i told him i don’t know what is new age feng shui? He told me that i am known as “the modern feng shui master in Singapore”. Thank you for the kind compliment. Perhaps i use ordinary household items to do feng shui audit than feng shui items. If science can provide a better solution why not?

9. Feng shui guarantee results

Who can guarantee results within a time frame, even specialist doctors can’t guarantee cures after an operation, let alone feng shui which is not an exact science. Feng shui masters are humans not God. Moreover there are other factors that influence a person’s luck e.g. his bazi (birth profile structure), his 10-year luck pillar, his personality, work experience, education background and many others?

10. Feng shui colours – Red is auspicious 

i have consulted some feng shui that is previously done by other masters…not sure why their signature application is to put red door mat and hang red cloth at the main door that looks like “wedding” ceremony. Chinese culture associate “red” as the auspicious colour. Red in feng shui represents the “most yang” 阳 energy and “black” is the most “yin” 阴 energy. Red in the 5 element chain represent “fire” so be very cautious if you put it at your main door especially if the destiny flying star combo is “2, 5” or “5, 2” or “9, 5” and the compatibility of the sector element.

11. Feng Shui Water and Fire Confrontation

This is one of the most dramatic exaggeration about the conflict between the positioning of water and stove in the kitchen. i got one client that is so terrify that they decided not to cook and order package dinners at home, which is just as unhealthy. The misconceptions are fridge vs stove, washing machine vs stove. Check kitchen feng shui.

12. Luck transfer like cloning

Some clients feedback to me that their their ex-masters can do “luck transfer” to objects or even people. Not sure if it works but given a choice i would transfer the luck of Mr Bill Gates or Mr Li Ka-shing’s onto myself.

Tough love to choose a good feng shui master in Singapore

Here are some hints based on feedback from my clients which maybe useful for you.

a. Does the feng shui master still uses feng shui items in his audit?

b. Do you need to spend hundreds or thousand of dollars to purchase feng shui items? if not the feng shui audit does not work?

c. Do you have to purchase feng shui items from them if not  they are not responsible for the assessment results? 

d. Does he integrates Birth profiling or Bazi reading tips into feng shui applications?

e. Does he hide behind some “power” Chinese phrases to impress you instead of making it easier for you to understand?

f. Does the website carries a strong religious or spiritual overtones? Does he work on hunches or calculations?

g. Does he claim added advantage due to direct lineage? It can mean good or bad, good if the follower adapt, bad if there are no improvisations to classical principles.

h. Does the website fill with figurines of mythology creatures like dragon, 3 leg toad?

i. Does he provide a detailed report for future record purposes?

Feng shui master pte ltd consultation style is simple and straight to the point. The Chinese saying sums it all “the way of nature, and so is the truth in feng shui principles. Only in simplicity comes greatness and complexity 大道至简,方能以简御繁

“less is more in feng shui audit”.


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