House Destiny 宅命

House’s feng shui destiny 宅命

人有人命,宅有宅命.  House “destiny 宅命” is like our Birth Profile人命. Through Birth profiling we understand our potential, strengths and flaws.  Similarly knowing our Home Destiny reveal to us whether it support or hinder our health, career, harmony and wealth.

House destiny can be classify into 1. positive effect on health & wealth 2. negative effect on health & wealth 3. positive effect on health but handicap on wealth and lastly positive effect on wealth but handicap on health aspects. A negative destiny home can be so bad that even with feng shui remedy is like hanging by a thread.

Finding a positive destiny house can be a mind boggling task but is well worth the effort because half the battle is won if you get into a good destiny. Feng shui is one of the tool to enhance our opportunities to attract luck since we can’t change our date of birth.

Be wary of Northeast/Southwest direction house

The picture highlight Northeast and Southwest sectors are direct opposites. Each sector is further divided into 3 segments forming 45 degree. If one is to choose a house that sits at NE 丑segment 22.5 – 37.5 degree faces SW direction 未 segment 202.5 – 217.5 degree which is an excellent house in Period 8 BUT the goodness is only going to last till 4 feb 2024 due to a flaw in the destiny chart  反吟盘. The reverse direction, sitting SW未 facing NE 丑 also shared the same flaw but damage the health than wealth. These effects will become prominent after 04 Feb 2024! As for the remaining 2 segment SW 坤申 (217.5-247.5 degree) and NE 艮寅 (37.5 – 67.5 ) are “unlivable” (best to avoid) during 2004 to 2024 (Period 8), unless external environment helps to reduce some of the bad effects. Even “if ” the external attributes helps, it is also temporary. In a nutshell stay away from these orientations. If happen that you stay in these orientations best to shift out immediately.

Good Feng Shui Destiny short-lived

There are 2 feng shui positive charts in Period 8 that are short-lived. Sitting Southeast 巽巳山 facing Northwest 乾亥 apartments. In period 9 after 2024 the wealth star is locked in jail.

Good feng shui Home or Office  Destiny丁财两旺

Therefore it is of paramount importance to check the House or Office Feng Shui Destiny before purchase. This is done through getting a compass to check the orientation of the house i.e. degree that the house faces. The probability to own a Good feng shui Destiny that possess health and wealth is 12.5%.

One critical factor to take note is that the external environment and the internal structure MUST SUPPORT the home positive energy chart as well. Anyone who stayed in Positive Destiny home has a better chance to succeed with their career, health, wealth and harmony enhancement. On the contrary staying in a “Negative feng shui destiny” home 损财伤丁 are prone to poor health, bad luck, disharmony and financial loss.

Evaluating the house itself is more proficient approach than Birth profile or or Gua number

Choosing a Positive Destiny Home Feng Shui precede the importance of bazi compatibility OR Gua (Kua) Number East/West family 卦命. Simply a common nucleus of 4 occupants would not shared a singular bazi lucky element or similar East/West family classification. Those days of feudalism, one uses the male breadwinner to establish a good or bad house. Time has change. It does not work today thanks to equal opportunites, capitalism, democracy…Selection of a positive feng shui house should be based on it’s own destiny merits.

One of the popular tool is to use San Yuan formula 三元玄空风水 to assess the house feng shui during the pre purchase stage. The formula is time-sensitive where all new houses is based on Period 8 which is 2004 to 2023. Once we have identified a positive destiny home, other schools of feng shui algorithm and calculation models will be used to tweak further.

Accurate Home Destiny Feng Shui best to determine “On-site”

The Destiny of a Home can only be determined “onsite” through the use of luo pan 罗盘 by checking the orientation of the house sitting and facing position. Moreover during the on-site reading, an inexperience person will find that the degree do vary even by moving a few steps sideways. Hence experience is required to determine the actual “degree” to find out the destiny of your home.

Feng Shui Assessment is Time Dynamic

San Yuan Xuan Kong 三元玄空 flying star evaluates a house based on timing 天时, for a given space  空间 及 方位. It advocates that Feng Shui should be fluid and dynamic.

To illustrate the dynamic and the fluidity of this formula, one can even add-on annual or monthly flying or even daily flying star to predict certain past events that happened in the house.

Bad feng shui destiny is like a “sick” house

Let me reiterate again buy a house with Good Feng Shui Destiny precedes the importance of occupants bazi propriety. Simply owning an “Excellent feng shui destiny home”, helps all occupants to enjoy good health, harmony, wealth, luck, career, marriage and so forth.  By selecting a house solely based on one individual bazi favourable element, we run the risk that the house is only lucky for one and bad other family members.

A Bad Feng Shui Home Destiny is like a sick home like the example mentioned earlier NE/SW sitting or facing positions. More often than clients will asked me “why can’t you cure the sick house?” yes i do, but the more relevant question should be Why stay in a sick home taking feng shui medication everyday when you can choose to stay in a perfectly healthy home”.

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