House Destiny 宅命

Home/Office Feng Shui Destiny 宅命 – Positive or Negative

House Destiny feng shuiDESTINY  宅命 of a house or office is like a person’s Birth Profile or 八字 bazi. Through Birth or bazi reading we are able to understand one’s potential, weakness, talent, traits, personality, and luck pillars. Birth profiling or Bazi reading is an analysis tool to help us detect problem areas, trouble-shoot and acknowledge areas that require our attention in life.

Similarly through feng shui assessment we can determine the “House Destiny” and whether the house is blessed with positive or negative energies. It helps us to understand the energy of the 9 sectors i.e. N, S, E, W, Center, NE, NW, SE and SW. The energy of a given sector is very diverse it can be positive like “wealth”, “career” “study” or negative like “cancerous”, “surgery”, “accidents”, “quarrelsome” etc. Fundamentally without considering the impact of Annual flying star there are basically 48 combinations.

12.5% chance to own a Great feng shui Home

Therefore it is of paramount importance during pre-purchase to choose a House with a Great Feng Shui Destiny that possess “Positive energy on Wealth and Health 财丁两旺”. The probability to own such a house without factoring internal layout, external environment attributes into the calculation is about 12.5%. If we considered all these factors finding a Great Destiny home is not going to be easy. Occupants who stayed in Great Destiny house where the internal and external attributes matches will find life easier on their career, health, wealth and harmony. On the contrary staying in a home that is born with Bad Destiny, occupants will find life very challenging! Everyday will be a living chore, tensed and stressed up because of frequent quarrels, poor health, bad luck, back-stabbing and financial loss. The other extremely unacceptable home destiny is “Bad Wealth & Health 损财伤丁”. If you were to grade it like in schools is like a “negative” score. It does not help you and your loved ones but drag you down into a dark hole!

Finding out the Destiny of your home precede the importance of bazi compatibility or East/West family 卦命 classification. This is unlike common understanding of choosing a “home sweet home” based on birth profile requirements or Gua Numer/Eight Mansion principles. i believe you might heard of advice such as if your bazi needs water so you must stay near to the sea. This is really appalling, because if your Birth Profile needs fire then you probably have to stay near to a volcano? be careful of eruptions.


Home or Office Feng shui DESTINY is more important than BIRTH PROFILE 八字用神 compatibility or GUA NUMBER

To choose a house based on your Gua Number or Gua Ming is redundant and impractical. And to choose a house that is suitable to one’s birth profile is easier say than done. A family of four is it possible that all the lucky elements are the same?

Select a house based on it’s own destiny (merits) is both practical and time dynamic. Currently all new houses is based on the calculation of Period 8 which is 2004 to 2023. A “Bad Destiny” home is NOT FIT to stay even it is compatible with one’s bazi 八字 profile requirements or Gua Ming. Obviously in a perfect world, one would like to stay in a home destiny that is blessed with great abundance and suitable with your Bazi favourable five elements. However the truth is we are not living in a perfect world. In short the “Destiny” of your Home feng shui is far more important than your bazi compatibility which unfortunately is not given enough attention. I have seen houses/offices that were previously audited by other masters and they put lots of feng shui items to cure this and that but missed the most Critical issue – Destiny 宅 命 of your Home…good or bad? Feng shui is not so myopia as to concern yourself with what shape of dining table, what color is your sofa?

Home Destiny Feng Shui can only be determine “On-site”

The Destiny of a Home can only be determined through the use of luo pan 罗盘 by checking the orientation of the house sitting and facing position. i have received many inquiries regarding their new homes that is 6 months in advance. Unfortunately in the absence of accurate reading by luo pan, all feng shui assessments are “educated guesses” based on google “north” to ascertain the orientation of the house. Moreover even during on-site reading the degree can vary when you are outside the house, inside the house, in the living hall or window or bedroom. Hence experiences is required to ascertain the true reading of your Home destiny instead of doing the assessment on your own. If a feng shui master can calculate the Destiny of you Home without going down on-site than i presumed is all guess work, not forgetting there are the physical environment attributes to look after.

Home Destiny is PASSIVE and Annual Flying Star is TIME-SENSITIVE 

Destiny of your home is passive or static, certain events will only occur when the External environment encounter changes e.g. construction OR the dynamics of Annual feng shui flying star. See 2015 Annual feng shui to find out more. In order to help you to understand let’s use the analogy of a person’s life again; i believe you experience certain high points or low points in your life experiences. Similarly calculation of Destiny of your house enable us to know that this sector for instance is “cancerous” and when this becomes a reality depends on the Yearly Flying Star. The dynamics of the Annual Flying Star collide with the Destiny Flying Star formed a certain “energy” which can be favourable or unfavourable to you and your family. Thus every year one should look into the Annual flying star and check the “CHANGES” in “ENERGY COMBO”. It is not necessary to check the variation in energy every month because that will become very time-consuming changing items around…if you have already did a comprehensive remedy to the DESTINY OF YOUR HOME that free your house from any negative energies.

Understanding the DESTINY OF YOUR HOME/OFFICE feng shui and the ANNUAL FLYING STAR COLLISION can provide you with insights like:

why there is a promotion ? why disharmony ? why fall sick ? lawsuit? accident? windfall? electronics burn out?

Feng Shui Assessment is Time Dynamic 

destiny and annual feng shui office

Feng Shui Home Destiny is based on the algorithm where the house sits and faces. Founded 3000 years ago, with reference to the principles of San Yuan Xuan Kong 三元玄空 flying star. What makes this principle superior than other methods of calculation is because of it’s dynamics build upon “timing 天时 and space dimension 空间 及 方位”. It advocates that Feng Shui is dynamic and fluid not static. It evolves and changes with time.

To illustrate this dynamics we add the “Annual Flying Star” into the equation of Home Destiny combo to understand the events that is going to happen for a given sector based on a certain time frame. See picture above the Home Destiny flying star combo is in “black numerals” and 2015 Annual flying star highlighted in yellow colour. We can safely tell that in Year 2015 head occupants in this house are more prone to fall sick than their children because the 2 very bad sectors which are West and South-East, there is this double whammy of Sickness 2 and Disaster 5! The stove is located in the West sector annual flying star disaster 5 and the Master Room annual flying star sickness 2 in the SE sector. On the other hand the Living Hall – sofa area where the Destiny double 8 meet with the Yearly wealth star 8, windfall possibility if activated! The Main Door is located in the NW Sector 4,3 combo (碧綠风魔) vs 4 we can foresee that there are nose, breathing, sinus, discord and joint issues within the family members especially the Male head of household unlike the thinking of 文昌 if left without remedy. If we want to be meticulous we can even add “month”, “day” and “time” flying star to predict a certain event given a time parameter on a space dimension/location. As an example 05 Apr to 06 May 2015 monthly flying star 5 lands in the West and Sickness 2 lands in the South-East sector, this time a triple whammy!

Do you want to live in a “sick” house

Let me reiterate again to buy a house with Good Feng Shui Destiny precedes the importance of occupants bazi propriety. Simply to own an “Excellent feng shui destiny home”, occupants living inside will enjoy good health, harmony, wealth, luck, career, marriage and so forth. If your criteria to choose a house solely on bazi favourable elements, then you run the risk that the house ONLY suits you but bad for your loved ones. For the record a house that suits one’s bazi configuration but Bad Destiny is also not a good choice. Of course in a perfect world one will choose a house that possess Great Destiny and suits all your family’s bazi elements but the problem is we are not living in a perfect world. What i am saying is choosing a great feng shui destiny is Vital and Bazi compatibility becomes Secondary.

Just to draw an analogy to illustrate a house that possess Bad Destiny 损财伤丁 is like staying in a home that is already sick. More often than not clients will asked me “can’t you cure the sick house?” “yes i do, but the relevance is “do you prefer to stay in a sick house that is taking feng shui pills everyday like staying inside ICU in Hospital or do your prefer to live in a perfectly healthy home free from feng shui hazards?” Why make life so complicated when life is complicated enough. If you want you can read more about why bazi and Gua Number / Gua Ming are not imperative reasons to choose a good feng shui home.    

 Read more about Feng shui period 8 classifications


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