House Destiny 宅命

House feng shui destiny 人有人命 宅有宅命

house feng shui destinyHouse “DESTINY 宅命” is like DNA of a human body人命 inborn with the house. Calculation of house feng shui destiny is based on various classical feng shui formula schools notably 玄空, 三合, 八宅, 紫白 etc. Therefore it is pertinent to conduct  home destiny feng shui audit due it’s permanence & inalterability. Destiny check is 1 of the 4 primary criteria to evaluate good or bad feng shui.

Through Bazi reading, we understand our potential, strengths and flaws.  Similarly, a destiny feng shui audit will reveal the latent energy for the 9 sectors in the house. The energy is like “wifi” or “bluetooth” exists but not visible to our naked eyes.

The rationale to do a comprehensive house destiny feng shui audit is to ensure that the house is “healthy” before shifting in. Just like a a Full Body Checkup.

Home feng shui is the Correct utilisation of each sector and not decorating your home with lucky charms or jadeite

The correct utilisation of 9 sectors i.e. N S E W NE SE NW SW is the key to good feng shui and not spending thousands of dollars to decorate your house with lucky charms or jadeite. Which makes your house look like a Chinese temple than home.

4 Main Home destiny classifications

a. positive effect on health & wealth (the best)
b. negative effect on health & wealth (the worst)
c. positive effect on health but handicap on wealth
d. positive effect on wealth but handicap on health aspects.

A negative home structure with bad energy at main door, stove and bedroom can be so disastrous that even with feng shui remedy it is hard to neutralise it completely.

How Destiny feng shui is determine

Home feng shui destiny is determine by the “exact degree” of orientation. Example it is not good enough just to know your house is facing south. This is  because South direction in feng shui can be refined into 二十四山-丙午丁, 二十四方天星,  七十二龙, 六十四玄空大卦 and so forth.

Finding a positive destiny house can be a mind-boggling task but is well worth the effort because half the battle is won if you get a good feng shui house destiny. Feng shui is one of the supplementary tool to enhance our opportunities to attract luck since we can’t “alter” our birth destiny.

NE / SW  house BEWARE of P9 反吟

Although NE and SW are the best house destinies in Period 8, it is not the entire 45 degree quadrant. The only segments that are usable are 丑NE1 facing 未SW1 or the opposite. 

However NE1/SW1 is bad in Period 9 because the P8 energy chart contained a “destiny-reversal反吟” inside. It is good in P8 because the energy is “current”. But in P9 the energy is outdated so it either causes harm to health or wealth. The best option is to shift out before the dateline unless we transform the house destiny chart to Period 9 (2024-2043).

*please do not misunderstand that if you are staying in P8 house one have to shift out or change to P9. It depends on the feng shui house “destiny” among other things. 

SE/NW Good Feng Shui BUT short life span

Some positive feng shui destiny charts in Period 8 are short-lived. Examples are SE 巽巳山 / NW 乾亥 or vice versa. In period 9 either the wealth or health energy is compromised. Therefore it is of paramount importance to check the House Feng Shui Destiny before purchase. 

Choosing a Good Feng shui house is NOT based on Bazi or Ming Gua Number

Unless you are staying alone if not there is no chance that the house feng shui will suit all your family members bazi or gua number. Those days of feudalism, one uses the male breadwinner to establish a good or bad house. Time has change. It does not work today thanks to equal opportunites, capitalism, democracy.

Bad feng shui destiny is like a “sick” house

A Bad Feng Shui Home Destiny is like a sick home. More often than not clients would asked “why can’t you cure the sick house? but the more relevant question is Why pay millions of dollars to own a sick home and take feng shui medication everyday”.

A sick home is like a “ticking time bomb” waiting to explode when the annual stars are bad.

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