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Home/Office Feng Shui Destiny 宅命 – Positive or Negative

House Destiny feng shui“DESTINY  宅命” of a house or office is like a person’s Birth Profile or DNA. Through Birth profiling we are able to understand one’s potential, strengths, weakness, talent, traits, personality, and luck pillars.  Similarly through feng shui assessment one can determine the “House Destiny” (宅命) to know whether the house is contained positive or negative energies. Fundamentally there are 48 Home or Office Destiny classifications.

BEST feng shui Home or Office  Destiny丁财两旺

Therefore it is of paramount importance to check the House or Office Feng Shui Destiny before purchase. The probability to own a Good feng shui Destiny that possess great health and wealth without factoring internal physical layout, external environment attributes and other feng shui factors is about 12.5%. Anyone who stayed in Positive Destiny premise stand a better chance with their career, health, wealth and harmony. On the contrary staying in a “Negative feng shui destiny” home损财伤丁 is prone to poor health, bad luck, disharmony, back-stabbing and financial loss.

Feng shui DESTINY is more important than BIRTH PROFILE 八字用神 compatibility or GUA NUMBER

Owning a Positive Destiny Home Feng Shui precede the importance of bazi compatibility OR Gua (Kua) Number East/West family 卦命 classification, unlike the common misnomer to choose a house based on birth profile or even worse Gua Number. Simply put if one’s Birth Lucky element needs water he should stay near to the sea. So what if your Birth Lucky element needs fire then you stayed next to a volcano? The only exception to this case is the entire family requires “one single lucky element” even so one will have to evaluate the Feng shui Destiny before buying the house or office. All in all if you can match first the Destiny then Bazi Lucky Elements will be ideal!


To choose a house based on your Gua Number or Gua Ming is redundant and impractical. And to choose a house that is suitable to one’s birth profile is easier say than done. Given a standard nucleus of 4 members, it is almost impossible to find a home that is compatible to all.

Select a house based on it’s own destiny (merits) is both practical and time dynamic. Currently all new houses is based on the calculation of Period 8 which is 2004 to 2023. A “Bad Destiny” home is NOT SUITABLE to stay even it is compatible with one’s bazi 八字 profile requirements or Gua Ming. Obviously in a perfect world, one would like to stay in a great home destiny and suitable to your Bazi Lucky elements. However the truth is we are not living in a perfect world. In short the “Destiny” of your Home feng shui deserve a far greater attention than bazi compatibility.

Home Destiny Feng Shui can only be determine “On-site”

The Destiny of a Home can only be determined “onsite” through the use of luo pan 罗盘 by checking the orientation of the house sitting and facing position. Moreover during the on-site reading, an inexperience person will find that the degree do vary even by moving a few steps sideways. Hence experience is required to determine the actual “degree” to find out the destiny of your home.

Home Destiny is PASSIVE and Annual Flying Star is TIME-SENSITIVE 

Destiny of your home is permanent, passive or static, certain events will only occur when the External environment encounter changes e.g. construction OR the dynamics of Annual feng shui flying star. Destiny calculation enable us to know which sectors are “cancerous” and to rectify it first before it meets the negative influences of annual flying such as 5, 2, 3 and 7. The dynamics of the Annual Flying Star collide with the Destiny Flying Star formed a certain “energy” which is either favourable or unfavourable. Thus every year one should look into the Annual flying star and ensure that the negative influences are also taken care of especially when the bad ones are in the Critical Functions of your home i.e. Main Door, stove and bed position.

Understanding the DESTINY OF YOUR HOME/OFFICE feng shui and the ANNUAL FLYING STAR COLLISION can provide you with insights like:

why there is a promotion ? why disharmony ? why fall sick ? lawsuit? accident? windfall? electronics burn out?

Feng Shui Assessment is Time Dynamic 

destiny and annual feng shui office

宅命Feng Shui Home Destiny is based on San Yuan Xuan Kong 三元玄空 flying star, a fixed algorithm revealed by蒋大鸿 around 1659 天元五歌 principles that factor in the “time dynamics” 天时 influencing a given  空间 及 方位space dimension. It advocates that Feng Shui should be fluid and dynamic. It updates with time.

To illustrate this dynamics we add the “Annual Flying Star” into the equation of Home Destiny combo to understand the events that is going to happen for a given sector based on a certain time frame. See picture above the Home Destiny flying star combo is in “black numerals” and 2015 Annual flying star highlighted in yellow colour. We can safely tell that in Year 2015 head occupants in this house are more prone to fall sick than their children because the 2 very bad sectors which are West and South-East, there is this double whammy of Sickness 2 and Disaster 5! The stove is located in the West sector annual flying star disaster 5 and the Master Room annual flying star sickness 2 in the SE sector. On the other hand the Living Hall – sofa area where the Destiny double 8 meet with the Yearly wealth star 8, windfall possibility if activated! The Main Door is located in the NW Sector 4,3 combo (碧綠风魔) vs 4 we can foresee that there are nose, breathing, sinus, discord and joint issues within the family members especially the Male head of household unlike the thinking of 文昌 if left without remedy. If we want to be meticulous we can even add “month”, “day” and “time” flying star to predict a certain event given a time parameter on a space dimension/location. As an example 05 Apr to 06 May 2015 monthly flying star 5 lands in the West and Sickness 2 lands in the South-East sector, this time a triple whammy!

Bad feng shui destiny is like a “sick” house

Let me reiterate again buy a house with Good Feng Shui Destiny precedes the importance of occupants bazi propriety. Simply own an “Excellent feng shui destiny home”, helps occupants to enjoy good health, harmony, wealth, luck, career, marriage and so forth. If your criteria to choose a house solely on bazi favourable elements, then you run the risk that the house ONLY suits you but bad for your loved ones. For the record a house that suits one’s bazi configuration but Bad Destiny is also not a good choice. What i am saying is choosing a great feng shui destiny is Vital among other feng shui principles and Bazi compatibility becomes Secondary.

A Bad Feng Shui Home Destiny is like a sick home. More often than clients will asked me “why can’t you cure the sick house?” yes i do, but the more relevant question should be “Why stay in a sick home taking feng shui medication everyday when you can choose to stay in a perfectly healthy home”.

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