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What is Home Feng Shui Destiny 宅命-风水宅运

Home “feng shui Destiny 宅命” is like a human Birth natal chart 人命

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Every home possess it’s own unique Natal Chart 宅命. Me call it “Home Feng shui Destiny Chart” of the house. A Home Feng Shui Destiny is analogous to a Human Birth Chart (八字 bazi). Just like our birthdate, it is permanent and does not alter.

Just like birth chart we have our strengths and weaknesses. Through feng shui audit one is able to identify the positive, neutral and negative sectors of the house.

Home Destiny Natal chart is based on a precise degree of orientation 坐向 (sitting and facing) of the house and move in date. The birth chart-Destiny of the house is born when we shift in.  

home destiny period 9 风水宅命九运

A Positive Feng Shui Destiny House suits any bazi profiles

宅气不宁 招祸咎 a Bad feng shui energy house attracts bad luck

A common misnomer is to choose a home that fits your birth profile. In a common Singapore family nucleus of 4 what are the chances it fits all occupants’ bazi useful element八字格局用神? The correct approach is to seek out a positive Destiny home feng shui first and make adjustments.

Isn’t it ironic that the house environment must suit us instead of the other way round? If we travel overseas don’t you think we should adapt to the foreign’s country environment?

4 Key factors for a good feng shui home.

Positive Destiny, locations (not directions) of Main Door, Stove-kitchen and Bedrooms are within Positive sectors. For such a good feng shui home, any bazi profiles or gua number can stay and do better in life

Home Destiny Audit is like a Total Body check-up

Analysing Home Destiny energy is similar to a full body health-check to find out the strengths and flaws of the house. Every house has it’s own unique signature of energy interaction with it’s environment. 

How to calculate Home Feng Shui Destiny  宅命

There are many formulas to determine Home Feng Shui Destiny.

Popular ones are  三元, 三合, 八宅, 紫白, 奇门 etc. Personally i integrate the strengths of each school but uses 三元玄空 as the “CPU” for it’s practicality, effectiveness & results. This formula is based “timing” of Earth’s energies which is relevant in today’s fast-paced life.

feng shui selection is not based on Gua Number 卦命 or Bazi 八字 alone 

Depending on which feng shui school, it is not a holistic approach using the head of household gua number 卦命 or bazi 八字 to choose a good feng shui house.

Gua Number originates from 八宅风水 consisting of only 2 groups – East & West Family. East family stay in East house direction/sector. East family has 4 positive sectors/directions to choose from i.e. North, South, East and SouthEast. For a West family is the balance sectors of choosing. This is a sweeping assumption with disregard for 三元宅命 home destiny’s energy and individual bazi useful elements. 

To make matter worse, the Gua Number grouping of East or West family is based on an individual Year of Birth. In a year there are about 130 million new born babies. Using this formula half of the world population belongs to the East group and the other half West group to choose a feng shui home is grossly over-generalization fallacy.

What if the family consist 2 East members and 2 West members? Then this family is homeless because the house that suits East members will not suit West.

An improved version is to use the individual Bazi useful element 八字用神 to choose a unit. This method is more refined & accurate because the probability is 1/1,123,200 of someone having the same bazi is so low. However this method only suit 1 single occupant and the house natal energy chart is not considered?

The correct method is first to find a good feng shui home DESTINY 宅命吉 based on the unit’s natal energy chart. A positive home destiny feng shui is suitable to everyone.

A Bad home destiny is like a ticking time bomb

A Bad Feng Shui Home Destiny is like a sick home.

You start off with a negative score and cannot afford any marks deducted.  More often than not most clients would asked “why can’t you cure a sick house?” but the more relevant question is Why pay millions to buy a sick house & cure it?” Moreover feng shui remedies does not completely eradicate the sickness areas.

A sick home is like a “ticking time bomb” waiting to explode when meet with bad annual feng shui intervention !

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