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What is Home Feng Shui Destiny 宅命-风水宅运

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House “feng shui Destiny 宅命” is analogous to a human Birth chart.

Home Destiny Natal chart is based on moving in date and the precise degree of orientation of the house. It is permanent. Just like human birth chart it does not change in the future unless you do a major facelift renovation. It is important to understand how your Home Destiny’s Energy 理气 interacts with 峦头 the physical external environment & internal structure.

Home Destiny is a PERMANENT feng shui fix

home destiny natal chartThere are some masters who used windows or balcony as House Facing but that is meant for another purpose to attract positive energy 纳旺气 and not to determine the Destiny 宅命 of the House. Entirely different purpose. 

Analysing Home Destiny energy is analogous to having a full body health check to find out the strengths and flaws of the house. Every house would have it’s own unique positive, negative and neutral energy sectors. Which makes Home Destiny Feng shui assessment important before doing Annual feng shui assessment. 

人有人命 宅有宅命 

One of the popular & accurate method is using 三元玄空 Xuan Kong to determine your house Destiny Luck cycle. There are many other formulas to determine Home Feng Shui, notable ones are 三元, 三合, 八宅, 紫白, 奇门 etc.

All thse formulas study how Home Destiny energy affect us. The findings will reveal positive, negative and neutral sectors within a given space for a given time except 八宅法. 八宅法 is the only feng shui formula that uses occupants 卦命 to calculate good and bad sectors but this is mistaking the part for the whole. 

feng shui is not based on head of household bazi or 卦命

For home or office feng shui it is important that the door is located at a positive sector and facing a 旺气 prosperous direction. Depending on which feng shui school, it is not a holistic approach solely base on 宅主 head of household gua number 卦命 or bazi 八字 to choose a good feng shui house. Take a family nucleus of 4 members it is rare that all shared “one singular beneficial element 八字用神” or similar Gua Number family”.

In olden days due to feudal system, the “male breadwinner” bazi or gua number is use to select a home.  This is somewhat bias in today’s Equalism society.

Therefore it is imperative to check the “House Destiny 宅命内局” & external landscape 宅外 三元正神 零催照 before buying or renting a house.

Once the House Destiny Chart is plotted you will know the energy of 9 individual sectors i.e. 八卦九宫 ba gua-9 palaces. And we want to ensure that 阳宅三要 a. the Main Door 门 b. stove-kitchen (灶) and c. bed positions 主(房) are ideally within the positive zones. Believed me this is not easy.

Below is a sneak preview of using just 1 formula XuanKong 玄空宅命 to give you some ideas about home destiny. 

house destiny energies is like wifi signals

feng shui energy like wifiThrough Bazi reading, we understand our potential, strengths and flaws.  Similarly, a destiny feng shui audit will reveal the latent energy for the 9 sectors in the house. The energy like “wifi” or “bluetooth” signals exists but not visible.

The rationale to do a comprehensive house destiny feng shui audit is to ensure that the house is “healthy” before shifting in. Just like a Full body checkup.


feng shui is the correct utilisation of each sector

The correct utilisation of 9 sectors i.e. N S E W NE SE NW SW CTR is the key to good feng shui and not spending thousands of dollars to decorate your house with lucky charms or jadeite. Which makes your house look like a Chinese temple than home.

4 main home destiny classifications

a. positive effect on health & wealth (the best)
b. negative effect on health & wealth (the worst)
c. positive effect on health but handicap on wealth
d. positive effect on wealth but handicap on health aspects.

A negative home structure with bad energy at main door, stove and bedroom can be so disastrous that even with feng shui remedy it is hard to neutralise it completely.

how to determine the Destiny feng shui chart of a house

A Home feng shui “destiny” is determine by the “exact degree” of orientation. Therefore it is not good enough just to know your house is facing south but what degree. This is  because South direction is refined into 丙 午 丁, 二十四方天星,  七十二龙, 六十四玄空大卦 and so forth. There are certain “degree” that fall outside the standard 出卦 空亡

Thus “off-site” feng shui in the absence of an “exact degree” is unprofessional and meaningless to provide advice.

Finding a positive destiny house can be a mind-boggling task but is well worth the effort because half the battle is won if you get a good feng shui house destiny. Feng shui is one of the supplementary tool to enhance our opportunities to attract luck since we can’t “alter” our birth destiny.

A Bad home destiny is like a ticking time bomb

A Bad Feng Shui Home Destiny is like a sick home. You start off with a negative 100 and can’t afford to deduct any marks if other areas of your house are bad.  More often than not most clients would asked “why can’t you cure the sick house?” but the more relevant question is Why do your want to pay millions of dollars to buy a sick house & cure it?” Moreover feng shui remedies does not completely eradicate the sickness areas.

A sick home is like a “ticking time bomb” waiting to explode when meet with bad annual feng shui chart OR your are having an unlucky bazi 10-years break. 

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