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Chinese Name

Why an auspicious Chinese name for your child? An auspicious chinese name compensate any  inadequacy in a child’s 5-Element configuration 八字喜忌用神. Life is not perfect so are we. One’s birth chart is not perfect. For more than 20 years i….

love star 桃花

How to feng shui peach blossom star An individual with a strong peach blossom star 桃花星 in their bazi is like a magnet to people. On the other hand less fortunate people without this inborn endowment may require feng shui….

Career Calling

Career Calling – find the job you really enjoy doing This career calling matching service integrates 2 popular formulas of Chinese Birth reading, 子平法 Zi Ping and 紫微斗数 Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star). The objective is to find out….

Bazi Character

Bazi Character (心性与性格) who we really are Generic traits and character is a complex subject. Why do we need to understand our generic traits心性 and character 性格? Reasons are to understand our inner passion, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, so as to….

Baby Name & Parent

Auspicious baby name overrides parents bazi compatibility Matching an auspicious baby name compatible with parents make no sense. We are trying to find the best name to suit baby’s bazi profile not parents.The criteria to get an auspicious name is….


Feng shui family bonding Family bonding can be a challenging task here i attempt to use feng shui to improve harmony of the environment. As a local born Singaporean, i have seen much progress in technology advancement in Singapore but….

feng shui study area

4 methods to feng shui your child’s study area 文昌 A good feng shui study area help your child to focus. Listed are 4 simple methods and tips to help your child’s learning abilities. The usual feng shui cliché for….


Feng shui health tips Here some handy home feng shui health tips to improve your family fitness. One of my key principle & objective of home feng shui consultation is No Health = No Wealth. Without health one can’t even….

Bazi reading

Bazi reading 子平法 Bazi reading or chinese birth reading reveal details of our health, relationships, character, career, wealth and “likely” future outcomes. Chinese Bazi reading is derived from our date of birth including time. The 2 main schools of birth….


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