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Business 5 elements

Business Feng Shui 5 elements This article is a guide to categorise individual 5 element’s characteristics. Career or business compatibility is based on your talents, education, personality and experience etc. In business feng shui the Company logo, font or colour….

Bazi Career Calling

Bazi Career Calling – find the job you really enjoy doing One can integrate 2 popular formulas of Chinese Birth reading, 子平法 Zi Ping and 紫微斗数 Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star) to choose the most suitable career for yourself…..

Why Bazi reading

Why Bazi reading 子平法 An individual Bazi reading is based on the analysis of Year , Month, Day and time of birth. The Bazi reading system consist of 60 甲子 Jia Zi, comprising 10 stems 天干 and 12 roots 地支…..


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