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2022 Home Feng Shui forecast

Year 2022 is the Year of Water Tiger 壬寅年, commence on 04 Feb 4:51am

2022 feng shui tiger year forecast

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三元 流年紫白飞星 伏吟

2022 Annual Home or Office Feng Shui Star summarise effects on individual sector

Annual flying stars are back to their original positions 伏吟卦气重叠. So whether positive or negative energies it has twice the impact! The consolation is misfortune 5 五黄灾星 is captive in the center sector.

Meantime standard remedies for misfortune 5 center and sickness 2 二黑病符 SW remained unchanged.

NE is the best sector for 2022 and double! Good for wealth generation with flying star 8旺气. Qi men dun jia NE sector is 丙加丁 为 “月奇朱雀” and 景门加生门 also good for increase revenue, if possible you can work from home using this corner or invest in stock with your portable laptop.

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NE “8” – 流年财位 wealth opportunities (NOT gambling)

N “1” – improve popularity/networking/connections particularly beneficial for celebrities, politician, sales

NW “6”- useful for blue collar professionals for career advancement 流年禄位

S “9” – any auspicious events that you wanted to speed up to happen e.g. getting married, child bearing etc

SE “4” – improve focus on education, study

CTR “5” – misfortune and critical illness to avoid

SW “2” – sicknesses

E “3” – disharmony, lawsuit, quarrel, conflict, burglary

W “7” – money loss, rumours, slander, gossip

2022 fengshui forecast 地母经  using Chinese almanac

2022 forecast

Another method that one can use is the 地母经 from Chinese almanac 通胜. What worries me is “animals” are in trouble next year, hopefully it doesn’t happen.

No such thing as lucky colour for the year

First colour has minimal effect on luck enhancement. Second “if” there is such thing as lucky colour for 2022 tiger year and what “if” it conflict with your Bazi favourable colours, then which colour should you follow? i believed you are wise enough to choose.

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