Retail fengshui

Retail feng shui

Bad energy is welcome in retail business 若要发, 斗三煞

One contradicting fact from home feng shui is retail feng shui welcomes “bad energy” 煞气. The better you are able to manage the bad energy the better will be your business. Examples of bad energies are facing T junctions, box junctions, sharp pointed edges of buildings …which are actually good for retail feng shui! There is only one “catch”. It is the feng shui ability to manipulate the bad energy into a positive one. You will need sufficient physical frontage space to do so. Doing it wrongly and it will backfired.

Qi men Dun Jia doors in feng shui 

Be mindful of human traffic, walkways, escalators and roads leading to your shop, it must enter from auspicious directions 旺气 and exit towards bad directions so as to transfer negative energies 失运 away from your shop.

One can also use “qi men dun jia 8 doors” to establish the location of your entrances at “life door 生门 profit”,  “open door 开门 sales” or “relax door 休门” customers interaction depending on your merchandise or service. If you can integrate with other feng shui formulas like San Yuan, San He even better.

Masterplan and zoning 

Besides the usual principles to look out for when selecting a good business retail unit such as location, foot-traffic, size, wide frontage, rental, anchor tenant, one will have to research on Singapore LTA and Master plan for zoning and road structures. Singapore economy is evolving so rapidly, any sudden construction of a viaduct or MRT or expressway or flyover can affect your business profits. A sudden emergence of MRT exit constructed right in front of your shop, brings foot traffic and good business.

Shop feng shui destiny vs product / service offering 

Identify your shop feng shui destiny 商店 宅命. Does it support upmarket products or mass-consumer products. If your Shop Destiny supports branded products and you are selling fast moving consumer products then you are in the wrong business.

Wide frontage is good retail feng shui

Look around the world most popular shopping belt in the world. They have one common attribute. Wide pavement for walking traffic. Time square in New York, Ginza in Tokyo, Oxford Street in London and in Singapore none other than orchard road.

good retail shop feng shuiTake Ngee Ann City as an example, it has a very wide frontage. Notice the clever use of metal, flag pole & water. The left and right side of the building on the background looks like palms of hand to embrace the fountain of wealth. It is symbolic to the Green dragon and the white tiger based on “form” principles. The five flag poles is to deflect bad energies and water to trap wealth energy.

Anchor tenant

Mountain in business feng shui is symbolic to the anchor tenant. Chinese feng shui classics call it “山富沙旺”.

Cul de sac feng shui (dead end of the road)

If your shop is located at the dead end of the road, in feng shui is call “yin 阴” energy. This is popular for “privacy” businesses. Products or services should be “niche-market driven” than mass consumer impulse buying goods.


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