Why Bazi reading

Why Bazi reading 子平法

Bazi reading or chinese birth reading reveal details of our health, relationships, character, career, wealth and “likely” future outcomes. Chinese Bazi reading is derived from our date of birth including time. The 2 main schools of birth reading are Zi Ping and Zi Wei Dou Shu.

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Why do i used the word “likely” is because i am a strong believer that one should manage your own path or some call luck through attitude, education and effort. Bazi reading sets the direction, you make the best out of a good or bad situation.

Don’t micro manage your life

Besides understanding our real self. Zi Ping Bazi reading helps us to counter imbalance in our Day Master & structure:

  • strengthen or subdue 5 element imbalance 扶抑, 顺用, 逆
  • harmonise with the 4 season solstices 调候 e.g. keep warmth during winter
  • mitigate any conflict between opposing element e.g. water vs fire 通关
  • missing element 五行缺一 or 二 is it needed?
  • find out bazi structural inclination 八字格局 how well we do in life
  • others which are too technical to explain in a few sentences

A “self-awareness” & “self-actualising” program

It is through “awareness” that we know our character strengths & limitations. Chinese Birth reading is like a “lever”, using a lesser amount of time to find out more about ourselves and with the right fulcrum i.e. bazi chart lucky elements,  we make positive changes.

Thus reading of bazi chart is passive. It does not change anything.

What is active is our life journey. Bazi reading does not transform life from bad to good but give insights to your future so that you can prepare and do something about it. It help us to realize our underlying issues that hinder us from reaching our goals. Obstacles can be our character or the path that we take is wrong. More often than not it is not because there are no solutions to our bazi limitations but we do not want to change! Goals means different things to different people in different stages of life to some is wealth, others a fulfilling life helping the needy,  health, marriage, family, career etc.

bazi readingWe can use Bazi reading to formulate “10-Year luck pillars” to forecast a “general trajectory” of our future. It is like “google map” showing you different routes & the best route to take to reach your final destination-goals, of course you can still take the route that is congested with hindrances if you are a disbeliever.

Rediscover your Destiny & Refine it 知命而改善命运

The concept of Chinese bazi reading help us to “take charge” and “take action” and focus on things that matter. Please allow me to explain. For example Mr A birth structure shows that he is a very creative and intelligent person but a poor executor and finisher. Then he should focus his talents at the right direction and Singapore academy driven education system may not be the best option for his upbringing.

Through birth reading  we focus on our strengths and play down on our weaknesses. Some of you may not agreed with me and there is no Right or Wrong answer. But this is what Chinese birth reading about 知命而改善命运 . In the above e.g. Mr A still requires to sharpen his creativity through education & experiences if not it will be day-dreaming, working on ideas that will not work.

Some pessimist will view bazi reading as 宿命論 “fatalism”, because if the reading is negative or the luck is downhill,  they will lose sleep and get stress up. Why not adopt a “positive mental attitude” to turn things around instead of giving up to fate because you already have the “unfair” advantage to know how your bazi works and how your luck unfolds in the future.

Bazi 10 Year Luck period is like weather forecast

To quote Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Using an analogy, 10-Year Luck Pillar is like “weather forecast”. It gives you a general idea about your future inclinations. Is your future going to be sunny,  stormy or fair? It is improbable to change the weather tomorrow but you can prepare by doing something positive to make things happen.

How to use your unfair advantage & take charge of your own Destiny

The truth is not of us is Mr. Elon Musk “material” if not the whole world will be in chaos. Some are good in providing support, while others are die hard analytical and some live by instincts and gut feel. One can’t say who is more important or better because it depends on the situation or problem to solve.

There are causal laws govern by the Universe, one make wiser decisions by acknowledging and applying what we are good at and taking advantage of certain timings or people in our life. Some call it “luck”, i called it “being prepared”. It is this “self-awareness” and “taking charge & action” that make us where we are today.

Bazi reading is able to reveal the method needed for career growth such as job-hopping instead of loyalty to the Company. Thus working in the civil sector is going to be a bad idea! Acknowledge and understanding  this gives you an “unfair advantage” already.

Feng Shui Master Singapore bazi reading “Day Master 6 Cs interaction”

Understand how life’s events unfold depends on our bazi framework 格局, 6Cs and 10 Stars. The 6Cs and 10 stars are just terminologies to make it easier for you to understand the complexity of interactions and relationships with the Day Master.

The 6 Cs are:

Complementary 喜, what the day master needs
Conflicting 忌, elements that are unfavorable to the day master
Contrasting 冲, elements that clashes with the day master e.g. water and fire
Contradictory 刑, elements that are not in harmony with the day master
Controlling 克 or elements that manages the day master like a teacher to a student.
Cooperative 合(日主八字五行分析) elements that combine with the day master and may transform into another element.

“The 10 Stars 八字十神 of Day Master ” elementary representations

Let’s use an example of Day Master is “Wood” Element.
Similar element is “wood” 比肩、劫财 with the Day Master e.g. friends, brothers, sisters, colleagues, peers
Controlling element on Day Master is “metal” 正官、七杀(偏官) e.g. superior, discipline, husband (for female), ethics
Support element is “water” 正印(印绶 )、偏印(枭神、枭印、倒食) nourishes the wood e.g. knowledge, self-motivation, mother
Conquer Element – Wood subdue Earth 正财、偏财 represents wealth, wife & mistress (for male)
Output element 伤官、食神 are talents and abilities in this case “fire” because “wood” produces “fire”.

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