Period 9 confusion

Over the last 3 years i have received many enquiries regarding the confusion moving into period 9 feng shui i.e. after feb 2024. Most thought that they need to shift out from the house. This is untrue.

period 9 confusionAllow me to explain that Xuan Kong calculation 玄空飞星 of “Home Destiny 宅命” is just 1 of the many methods. There are other popular feng shui formulas such as “Eight Mansions 八宅” theory due to it’s easy understanding (which is actually not that simple) does not change with time.

Others such as 三合 紫白 玄空大卦 奇门 天星 are able to establish House Feng Shui Destiny which is also permanent and does not alter with time.

See illustration above. There are other ways to calculate House Destiny and Xuan Kong is just one of the many.

In any case based on Xuan Kong principles, in period 9 is about re-focus on the current star which is “9”. Nothing has changed.



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