Period 9 confusion

Period 9 feng shui confusion

Over the last couple of years me received numerous enquiries regarding period 9 feng shui i.e. after 4 feb 2024. Most were misinformed to “redo” their home feng shui or even deluded into thinking of moving house. This is so wrong! Some even seek to find a house that fits Luck cycle 8 & 9 which is impossible but i will not go into details over here.

feng shui period 9 confusionRe-Focusing on Energy that is Current which are “9 旺气 & 1 生气”

First let me set the record straight. Home Destiny Energy chart is derived from San Yuan feng shui formula 三元玄空风水. Which is just 1 of the many feng shui formulas. There are other popular principles such as “Eight Mansions 八宅法” theory that seem simple (which is not), 三合, 奇门遁甲 and many others.

A House Feng Shui Destiny Energy map is metaphorically like our birth date. Our birthdate does not change in the future just that we get older and hopefully wiser. 

In the above example a Period 8 Home Destiny chart, the health & wealth energy is in the South sector “double 8” from 2004 to 2024 feb.

After 04 feb 2024 period 9 the focus is on “energy 9”. In the above illustration, the strongest Health energy is in North sector and Wealth energy in Northeast. It is that simple. Here i will not discuss on the 97 or 79 combo negativities.

What i am trying to say is that you don’t have to shift house every 20 years if your house fundamentally possess good feng shui.

There are some period 8 excellent Destiny charts becomes bad in period 9. The energy stars is in a reverse positions 反吟. For a bad destiny chart one can consider changing to a period 9 House without moving out BUT by doing a “major renovation” once the 9th Luck cycle has arrived (after 04 Feb 2024). 


Period 9 destiny NO positive health & wealth charts 到山到向

One thing you do need to be mindful is to ensure that the Health or Wealth star “9” is not in the center of your house. In xuan kong this is call “imprisonment 旺星入囚”.  

Lastly don’t get so excited over Period 9 destiny charts. This is because in Period 9 there are no 旺山旺向 i.e. Positive effect on Health & Wealth charts. The “supplementary” help comes from Destiny charts that is either 运星与山星合十 or 水星合十, 城门诀, 七星打劫. However the supporting help other than 合十 is difficult to carry out because certain physical re-construction is necessary.

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