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Sell Singapore house faster the feng shui way

If you have been trying to sell your house over the last 6 months with no luck, you might want to try this method. In feng shui there is something that can assist you to sell off your house faster. Obviously your house should be pricing at fair market value which is comparable in your neighbourhood. Please do not consider this as a miracle tool where you can price yourself 20% above market premium, this is just one more “extras” on top of your usual marketing arsenal to sell your house. This will comes in handy for home owners and property agents in the light of down property market in Singapore. The principle can also assist you to migrate to another country or intent to go overseas to seek for better career opportunities. there is a certain 15 degree segment that enhance the chances of selling off your house quick. During those days it was used for migration purposes or trying to seek opportunities to work overseas.

Let’s start off with the basic version using your year animal sign

1. You would need to invest in a “horse” figurine. The usual material is bronze because horse in 易经 Yi Jing gua is 乾卦. Please don’t enquire with me as i do not sell anything other than my services. The concept is derived from San He trilogy.

Yi ma sell house the feng shui way

2. Use your yearly zodiac signs, in total there are 12 astrology animals it forms 4 different elements  trinity i.e. wood, fire, water and metal.

Wood – pig, rabbit and goat
Fire – tiger, horse and dog
Water -monkey, rat and dragon
Metal – snake, rooster and ox

sell your house the feng shui way

3. Seek out the location of the 15 degree segment (for those who are FSM clients, you probably are well versed with your home 24 mountains) from your house using the centre as the focal point. For the benefit of those who are not FSM clients see illustration area highlighted in green with red boundaries.

Wood astrology signs use 巳 142.6 – 157.5 degree segment within South-East sector

Metal astrology signs use 亥 322.6 – 337.5 degree segment within North-West sector

Fire astrology signs use 申 232.6 – 247.5 degree segment within  South-West sector

Water astrology signs use 寅 52.6 – 67.5 degree segment within North-East sector

Some do’s and don’ts about horse figurine

a. Do not place the horse in the north sector.

b. Get a horse figurine that looks “active”.

c. If someone born in the year of the rat is best not to have an horse figurine. It is also best to avoid if your bazi Day master “root” is rat because this is the spouse representation.

d. If one of the occupant is pregnant please do not place the horse figurine.

e. Once you have pin point the 15 degree segment, the horse is suppose to face outwards not inwards towards the house.

Alternative option using the House destiny

You can also use the home destiny as the basis to determine the position of the horse figurine. The house sitting position is the Destiny of the house.  Feng Shui Master Singapore clients will probably know this already. Using your house main door as the orientation whereby you stand within the house at the doorway looking outwards, the direction that is facing outwards is facing and the opposite direction is sitting position. see illustration, the house is sitting south facing north, so the destiny is South or 离宅

feng shui sitting n orientation

East / South-East house: 巳 142.6 – 157.5

West / North-West house : 亥 322.6 – 337.5

South-West/North-East house: 寅 52.6 – 67.5

North house: 寅 52.6 – 67.5

South house 申 232.6 – 247.5

You can even match the element of the segment with the material of the horse figurine if you like for extra enhancements.

*there are other methods…to be contd


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