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Feng shui sell house faster 

If you need to sell your house fast, you can consider using this simple feng shui formula. Before using this formula, realistically you must first ensure your house is selling at fair market price. Because this feng shui formula is supplementary than a profiteering tactic.

“If” you have exhausted all marketing tactics yet unable to sell within 3 months, then this tool might help you. According to feedback you should get an offer within a month after placement. This same principle also works for people who wanted to migrate or getting an overseas job or expanding your business overseas.

Using your year animal sign 

sell house faster feng shui1. First you need to invest in a “bronze horse 驿马” figurine any size. Don’t call me for this i don’t sell products, just sharing my knowledge.

2. Under San He 三合 formula, 3 zodiac signs form a strong element combo.

  • Pig, Rabbit & Goat form “wood” element
  • Tiger, Horse & Dog form “fire” element
  • Monkey, Rat & Dragon form water.
  • Snake, Rooster & Ox form Metal


3. Use the center of your house or center of your living hall depending on your home structure (center of your house is more effective). Plot out the 24 segments like the illustration, do not use 9 square grid matrix you may place it at the wrong segment (FSM clients would have this chart already).

4. Locate the 15-degree segment illustrated below.

Place the horse according to your Zodiac Year Animal sign. E.g. if your are Pig or Rabbit or Goat zodiac, place the horse at SE3 巳山 which is within the SE sector.

Pig, Rabbit & Goat place at SE3 (巳 142.6 – 157.5 degree segment) in SE
Snake, Rooster & Ox use NW3 (亥 322.6 – 337.5 degree segment) in NW
Tiger, Dog & Horse use SW3 (申 232.6 – 247.5 degree segment) in SW
Monkey, Rat & Dragon use NE3 (寅 52.6 – 67.5 degree segment) in NE

Some do’s and don’ts about horse figurine

  1. Do not place the horse in the north sector.
  2. Do get an “active-looking” horse figurine that you like.
  3. If anyone of your family members is born in the year of rat, best to use other formulas like annual flying stars or qi men dun jia. It is also best to avoid if your bazi Day master “root” is rat 子.
  4. Not suitable when your spouse is pregnant. You should postpone your decision.
  5. The horse is supposed to face towards the main door not inwards towards the house.

feng shui sell house If one does not fulfill the above conditions one can consider other feng shui methods.

through feedback from many it has been positive. Please do not ask me further this is a free service.

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