love star 桃花

How to feng shui love star

feng shui love star

An individual with a strong peach blossom star 桃花星 in their bazi is like a human magnet. On the other hand there are those who are less fortunate who requires some feng shui help to make themselves more attractive to the opposite gender.

In feng shui there are various methods to improve your chances to tie the wedding knot. It is call “tao hua 桃花” or love star. To activate we use either the Day of Birth (Bazi Day Master) or Chinese Zodiac sign. Peach blossom star also means 人缘 or popularity particularly useful for celebrities and those requires fans engagement.

How to be a human-magnet 红鸞星

In bazi reading there are many options to activate peach blossom, they are 红鸞星, 天喜, 沐浴, 咸池星 etc To keep it simple we use 红鸞星 to improve chances of meeting our soul mate. Here we use the Year of birth (because some of you may not have your bazi chart handy) to induce romance, courtship and marriage luck. These are the Chinese Zodiac signs and their respective “peach-blossom” sectors.

how to feng shui your love



Rat yr – E2 卯 Ox Yr – NE3 寅, Tiger Yr – NE1 丑, Rabbit Yr-N2 子

Dragon Yr – NW3 亥 Snake Yr – NW1 戌  Horse Yr – W2 酉

Goat Yr – SW3 申  Monkey Yr – SW1 未, Rooster – S2 午

Dog Yr – SE3 巳 and Pig Yr – SE1 辰

The degrees of the various 24 mountains can be identified using the feng shui luopan or compass as per illustration. If you are staying alone you can use the center of your entire house to locate the sector. On the other hand if you are staying with your family, you can use the center of your bedroom. Once you have identified the sector, you can place some vibrant water-growing fresh flowers (no rose) to activate it. For e.g. if you are born in the year of Rat zodiac then E2 is your love nest. Do keep the flowers fresh and healthy. Keep the place unclutter. You can even place photo of the person you are dating to improve chances of your marriage proposal. Lastly, the accuracy to locate your home feng shui love sector is important.

Activate Your feng shui Peach Blossom star

Another method is to locate your Zodiac sign “peach blossom / 桃花” location.

Year of Tiger, Horse and Dog  in East2 卯 segment, Year of Monkey, Rat or Dragon in West 2 酉 segment, Pig, Rabbit and Goat in North2 子 segment and lastly Snake, Rooster and Ox in South2 午 segment.

Annual feng shui love star activation 

Another method is to use 玄空 Annual feng shui flying star “1” 一白貪狼星 location. For e.g. next year 2013, “1” is in North sector.  The result is rapid but it only last for 1 year.

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