2024 feng shui forecast

2024 Wood Dragon Not promising 一动不如一静

Understand my concern over 2024 Year of Wood Dragon 甲辰年 and how to mitigate the risks. Learn how to optimize the 2024 feng shui and protect yourself against potential pitfalls. Do Not make new and big changes…以静制动,以不变 应万变

2024 feng shui forecast

2024 Wood Dragon Year is a challenging year based on feng shui perspective.

Recession in Year 2024?

Most of the websites you may have visited only use 1 or 2 feng shui models to forecast the forthcoming year. Every year i integrated popular feng shui formulas such as Year Bazi 八字 Natal Chart, Xuan Kong flying star 玄空飞星, Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲, San He 三合,  “zhen lu ma gui fei diao 太岁飞吊 真禄马贵” etc to give a more holistic picture of 2024  forthcoming events and it is not promising!

Thus top prority for 2024 is to mitigate the negative feng shui sectors. They are West-Misfortune 5, SE-Sickness 2 + 辰太岁, South & related segments 3 Killings 三煞 巳丙午丁未, NW 戌岁破.

The  3 positive sectors of my pick are East 1, NorthEast 6 and North 8.

SW (未坤申) sector based on Xuan Kong flying star (玄空飞星) no doubt is the best energy 9 当令旺气 but qi men death door,  天芮星 sickness and 未 三煞 is unsafe to enhance it!

To complicate matters, 2024 is the commencement of a New Era known as the 9th Luck Cycle or Period 9 下元九运 using Xuan Kong calculations.

Forthcoming trends of feng shui 9th Luck cycle already happening today!

Qi Men 奇门 六仪 九星 八神 八门 Fu Yin 伏吟 stagnant 

In 2024 the 9 stars, 8 doors, 8 deities, 6 yi are in stagnant position i.e. revert to original natal chart position.  It is a negative sign that nothing is going to change, things are not happening. Not a good indication when there is no progress.

2024 Bad Natal Chart 天克 地冲 – 动荡 turmoil

2024 spring commencement

天上三奇 甲戊庚 Year, Day and Time stem “seem” to exhibit heavenly 3 wonders. It forms productive cycle Jia wood grows Bing Fire, fire grows Wu Earth and earth grows Geng Metal. But a deep dive reveals all in “clashing” positions甲辰vs戊戌  丙寅vs庚申.   No water element in the structure. 

Freak transport accidents / Earthquarke

The entire chart is 四柱纯阳 yang. Alpha dominant personality type. The roots of the Bazi structure shows underlying conflicts & clashes 寅申丙(巳)驿马 三刑/冲 bus/car/ship/train/air/MRT freak transport accidents.  辰戌冲 earthquarke 庚克甲 丙克庚 are all worrying signs. 2024 七杀格 7 Killings bazi structure(有杀先论杀,无杀方论用)impulsive, reckless, competitiveness, misfortune, accidents and 偏印 unorthodox tactics, self-indulgence.

Day Master 戊戌 is 魁kui 罡gang 日. From 60 甲子 there are 4 such days i.e. 庚戍、庚辰、壬辰、戊戍. Interpret 魁罡 day alone represents aggressiveness, decisiveness, strong armed leadership, intelligence etc

Globally conflicts, fire-related disaster, earthquakes, disharmony, wars, recession, transportation accidents, emotional illnesses are strong possibilities.

2024 outlook looks gloomy

Followers of my blog do take a conservative approach in year 2024 for your career or business. Cash is King. Avoid travelling if you can help it. Try not make hasty decisions and big moves such as resignation or starting a new business etc For those who need to buy properties delay till end of the year.

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“learn to accept what cannot be changed, have the faith, wisdom and courage to change what can be changed”

the privilege link started some years back is to shorten my time to explain one on one about annual feng shui & i have decided that this will be my last year for the clients’ privilege blog due to time constraint and underappreciated by some…

Here would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to those, who refer me to your family, friends…liked my posts, left positive reviews, occasion well wishes and your many years of loyal support.

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