2024 feng shui forecast

2024 feng shui forecast Wood Dragon 甲辰年 year

2024 feng shui forecast

2024 Wood Dragon Year is going to be a challenging year based on feng shui perspective.

Integrated various formulas such as Xuan Kong flying star, Qi Men Dun Jia, San He,  “zhen lu ma gui fei diao” 玄空飞星, 奇门遁甲, 太岁飞吊真禄马贵,  三合 etc were used and it does not looks promising. Year 2024 is also the commencement of a New era lasting 20 years known as the 9th Luck Cycle or Period 9 using Xuan Kong principles.

Qi Men 奇门 六仪 九星 八门 Fu Yin 伏吟

In 2024 the 9 stars, 8 doors 6yi are in a Fu Yin position i.e. their original natal chart position.  It is a negative sign that nothing going to change, things are not happening, stagnancy, inactivity. Not a good indication when there is no progress.

Readers of my blog kindly take a conservative approach in your career or business.

“learn to accept what cannot be changed, have the faith, wisdom and courage to change what can be changed”


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