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Caesarean Birth service (c section)

Caesarean birth serviceWhen natural birth is not possible one is given a choice to choose a birth date and time for c-section, or cesarean section. The 7-10 days schedule given by your gynaecologist allow us to choose the best date & time for the child based on bazi principles. Instead of leaving it to chance, one can select the most favourable “day & time” that avoiding conflicts and make the best possible compromise in health, career, marriage, relationship and wealth attributes.

Year and Month is fixed

Why “compromise” because the year and month is fixed. The rationale is to choose the most advantageous Day Master & time to harmonise with the entire structure.

Date chosen is not based on “Tong Shu” 通書 that is red in colour (which signifies auspicious). The red colour date is auspicious for certain events e.g. renovation which is not necessary a Good Bazi Profile.

Let’s use 1997 fire ox year as an example, babies born during 07 July to 06 August is fire goat month. It  pre-exist a conflicting clash between the year 丁丑 年 and month 丁未月 相冲. It affects the first 30 years of child’s life. This structure without careful selection of a good day & time to mitigate the confrontation will pose challenges  to your child’s entire life.

Bazi structure is NEVER perfect

Thus a “good day and time” is to harmonise with the Year and Month. Selection of the Day and Time must NOT possess any conflicts such as 刑, 冲, 破, 害 and to ensure “collaboration 会, 合 compatibility” if necessary. A bad date usually have issues concerning wealth or career or marriage or health or luck aspects etc.

An individual’s birth profile or bazi is never perfect. What is important are the flaws must come together with countermeasures found in the birth structure. This is the skill of C section to choose the best date & time with the least number of flaws.

Child’s birth profile is the Number 1 priority not compatibility

Given the fixed year & month choosing the best “day and time of birth” is a challenging task.  Obviously, the No. 1 priority is your child general well-being. One common fallacy is that the baby’s birth date must be compatible with parents. This is almost impossible because one’s bazi profile already consist of 8 variables i.e. Year, Month, Day and Time. To add both parents birth profile into the equation means that we have to find the best compromise for 8 x 3 variables. If one were to choose a birth date that fits his/her parents and compromise the Child’s health, personality, capabilities, talents, career, marriage then i believed we are missing the point here.

Best possible Day and Time 八字格局 within Constraints

From Bazi Reading perspective, the choice of Day Master 日主& time influences the Child’s generic abilities and future. The date chosen determines his or her Bazi Classification 八字格局 and the influence of 10 stars and 6 Cs.

Information to provide for calculation

  • The scheduled C-section duration given by the gynaecologist. Feng Shui Master will only analyse up to maximum 7 days.
  • Any dates or timing to avoid by gynaecologist e.g. Sunday, odd hours
  • Only the best choice of date and time will be given. Chances are there will not be any alternative Caesarean dates as those are 2nd/average choices.
  • It is not necessary to visit my office, all these are done manually not computer software generated. Rationale is given in the soft copy of the report why the Date is Chosen as compared with other dates.
  • Gender of your child because the 10-Year Luck Pillars are different

Methodology to select the best C-section date

Feng Shui Master Singapore will manually calculate all the 7 days given by you. Each date/time will filtered through a process of elimination. Dates that are not compatible with Month or Year are automatically discarded. The remaining dates are further analysed to find the overall balance in health, personality, wealth, career, marriage and kids.

Consultation Fee: $3981

C-section is not encourage unless due to medical reasons

Use paynow or paylah to my mobile number 9071 2121 or paypal (overseas) to proceed. Please allow 10 business days for me to email the report to you after payment is made.




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