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Baby Auspicious Chinese Name 宝宝取名 service 

The objective for an auspicious Chinese name is to supplement your child’s birth profile (bazi) 5 element-imbalance at an early stage.

This service also include bonus bazi short tips on child’s health, character, bed position/orientation & study 文昌 .

A Chinese wise saying “赐子千金,不如教子一艺;教子一艺,不如赐子好名” (instead of giving gold to your child, teach him a skill;  Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name”.

Feng Shui Master Chan 曾氏玄学 Methodology
正信正知玄学 信而不迷 方能得益  改善命运 存好心, 做好事, 说好话,

  • Manually analyse your child’s date of birth (bazi reading) 八字组合分析.  This is to determine your child’s most favourable element/s 八字体用和格局用神 which supports your child’s health, education, marriage, career and wealth development later in life.
  • Find the best possible name structure i.e. Surname + middle character + last character 三才配合:人格, 外格, 总格 and 地格. 
  • Master Chan will provide the maximum possible number of Chinese characters for you to mix & match yourself fulfilling 5 Key criteria a. Child’s bazi Useful elements 八字五行用神 b. characters 名字寓意 c. Chinese character enunciation based on Useful elements 字音五行 *d. auspicious stroke-computation 数理吉凶 and (e) structural harmony 三才配合. 
  • It is difficult to quantify the number of Chinese characters provided because it is limited by 5 Key criteria. 
  • Usually there are more than 100 characters for you to mix and match and i would highlight some recommended characters from the entire list. If you already have preconceived ideas of some characters you like, it is to your best interest to avoid using this service because chances are the characters will not suit your child’s bazi useful elements 八字格局用神.
  • Characters provided are “pre-filtered” to avoid Zodiac sign conflict 刑冲害 e.g. those born in rat year 子年 should not have character containing “相冲马(午)” 相刑兔(卯), 相害羊(未)” i.e. 许柳朱
  • Please note that FSM DO NOT add 1 stroke to form  天格 (Japanese methodology日本熊氏) explanation below.
  • Lastly if one insist on using 家谱 for family’s middle name, it is highly unlikely to fit your child’s bazi useful elements & 4 other Key criteria.

* Traditional Chinese stroke calculation is based on Kang Xi Dictionary whereas Simplified Chinese is not (no difference in terms of help for your child). 

Chinese Baby Name

Why Auspicious Chinese name for your Baby

First based on bazi reading perspective your child have not entered his or her 10-Year Luck Pillar 十年大运. Secondly your baby Chinese name will be frequently be “called” by grandparents, relatives or other elderlies, this carries the “invisible” help needed. Lastly the most important reason is to counter any imbalance or disharmony or deficiency in your child birth’s profile.

Adding “x” artificially to represent 1 stroke forming 天格 is INCORRECT

auspicious baby chinese nameMost baby Chinese name service in Singapore practice adding 1 stroke before surname to form 天格.

The system i suspect originated from Japan 日本熊崎氏姓名學. How this comes about my guess is most Japanese names are 4-character instead of 3.  So to apply on a 3-character Chinese name, most go around this problem creatively. They put “1” stroke (like “x” in math) on top of a surname to form 天格.

For 2-character Chinese names, another 1 stroke (like “y” in math) is added after the 2nd character to form 外格 see pic. IF based on this formula, ALL 2 character Chinese name 外格  is “2” and 2 is bad on Chinese name numerology table 数理吉凶.

2-凶数:  根基不固,摇摇欲坠,一盛一衰,劳而无功。容易损丁破财而病弱短寿,并且忧心劳神而徒劳无功。经常由于积劳成疾而致死。女性则多刑偶伤子而薄幸多灾。

In my opinion, how is it possible that all 2 character name 外格 is bad? Here are some successful 2-character Chinese name 马云, 林峰, 陶喆, 朱茵, 那英, 张宇, 鲁迅, 赵薇, 岳飞…

In conclusion, i do not adopt this “add-one-stroke” formula to the surname or last character.

Details for Auspicious Chinese name submission by email

a. Surname in “Chinese Character”
b. Solar (western) calendar of child’s local country Birth Date & Time
c. Gender
d. Any fixed family jia pu “家谱” for the 2nd character. Please let me know if i can substitute your “jia pu” character if it is found unsuitable for your child.
e. Preference for “2 or 3” Chinese character name including surname – must choose one
f. Your preference for Simplified or Traditional Chinese character for stroke computation – Must choose one
g. Mobile number
Lastly please do not submit characters that you like for me to check because it will not fit the 5 Key criteria of baby naming


A customised Auspicious Chinese name report (not computer-generated) emailed to you within 5 to 7 business days upon payment received. Please ensure that the info you submit is 100% accurate because no refund or discount for wrong details. 

Fee $398

Please do not make the payment if your request is immediate. Quality work takes time. After payment email (a) to (g) details to

*The list of Chinese characters provided WILL NOT take into account of “personal emotional preferences” for certain characters. The report is written in English with some Chinese explanation.

Payment Mode

Paynow or Paylah to my mobile no: 9071-2121

contact or watsapp:

master chan +65 90712121




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