Luck from bazi perspective

“LUCK” begins by understanding your own Bazi configuration (Birth Profile), 10 Years Pillar & Annual Luck Pillar. So what is luck? Luck is “preparation meets opportunity”. The keyword is preparation. Based on birth reading 子平八字学perspective, an individual “luck”  depends on:

 A. Birthdate & time 八字命局 which will reveal your personality, assets and liabilities. Through your Birth profile one will be able to calculate your

B. 10-Years Luck period 十年大运 (we usually do a 8 x 10 years chart) and

C. Annual luck 流年运气 is either good, average or bad.

LUCK AND FENG SHUI birthThese 3 factors influence your luck besides the necessary unwavering attitude & hard work. A good read on your bazi helps you to take advantage when the sky is blue and play safe when skies are dark. In a fast pace society marked by rising tensions and over expectations, most of us could use a little help in our careers, relationships, businesses and investments.

Play on the strengths of your bazi to influence your Luck

An in-depth birth profile analysis will reveal the type of person you are, your inert talent, personality, strengths & weaknesses We are unique to ourselves. As an illustration, through bazi reading it reveals whether you are a “political” person suitable to work in a bureaucratic environment OR one who thrive on creative solving skills and being different. It is not a benchmark to compare who is better, but a revelation on who does a better job on their strengths and passion. Certain individuals need to stay put in the same organisation to gain promotion while a different birth profile needs to “job-hop” to promote themselves. Using birth profiling gains insight into finding the right career path that suits your passion/personality. It is a “short-cut” that could be rewarding in status and wealth. On the contrary if you are working in an environment which does not utilise your birth strengths then life could be miserable and stressful.

Bazi Reading also help you to understand what motivates you? You maybe surprised not all individuals are motivated by “money”, some are motivated by “power” or “authority” OR “status” or “respect” etc

知命 Understand yourself 立命 and make it work to your advantage, things like your personality strengths, passion, what motivates you…etc

Quote from Confucius 不知命無以為君子,  不知命就不會去修命,不修命就無法安身立命 in a nutshell what Confucius meant is that if you don’t even “Who you really are?”, how do you go about improving your life and make things work and happen for you?

There is this famous chinese wisdom that goes like this:

一命 Destiny or Fate  二运 Luck 三风水 Feng shui 四积德 Doing Good 五读书 Study 六名 Name 七相 Facial 八敬神 Respect God 九交贵人 Networking with the Right People 十养生 Self-preservation

1. Birth Configuration – your assets and liabilities

Before we can understand what luck is all about, we have to derived a person’s 10 Years Luck pillar from his birthdate or birth profile or bazi. The above is just for illustration purposes, the figures are altered to protect my client’s privilege.

Bazi and luck feng shui

Luck and bazi

2. 10 Years luck pillar and annual luck intervention that makes it happen

Observe that the first 30 years of luck has been pretty good. It went south after age 31 and then the erratic pattern of up and down. It goes to show that the individual career has not been smooth for e.g. job-switching or try to do his own business. On the other hand if the individual luck’s first 20-Year period (see picture below) has not been good, usually the later years are good. The consolation for this type of bazi configuration is that one enjoy the fruits of labour at a more mature age, see illustration on the graph below “golden period” after age 28. The reason is always harder for a person to pick up when he enjoys sweetness in the beginning. This is like an individual who used to enjoy a 7 figure salary with house mortgage, few cars, than find himself retrenched at age say 35. Psychologist call this mid-life crisis, bazi call this 10 years luck pillars.

For every 6 X 10 year period there is bound to be one 10-year Dark period  

All of us go through life with ups and downs. It is the 10-year period of “downtime” that makes one get worried. Given a 6 X 10 year period of life there is bound to be a 10-Year period of bad times. Chinese bazi principle call it 六 冲 ! How well we crawl out of the dark hole depends on our endurance and will power not some funny looking “feng shui items”. However you can still help yourself by having your home or office feng shui audited to push up your luck by 10-30% (figurative of speech). Some bazi clients of mine would like me to go through very “detailed” month-by-month or year-by-year breakdown…by paying me handsomely but usually i turned them down. The reason is simple when i do not want to mention something it means quite bad and i would only make the situation even worse by letting you know or you can call it negative subconscious conditioning! You see i am one guy who believed in Positive Thinking before i learned feng shui and bazi.

Luck and Bazi feng shui

What to do when your life is in a dark hole?

It’s easy to be grateful when life is giving you a bed of roses. The task becomes more complicated when you’re feeling the sting of the thorns. But we must be grateful for everything in our lives – the good and the bad, the black and the white, the happy and the sad – in order to deal with everyday challenges in a way that brings fulfillment and inner peace. How can we do this?

1. Take stock
Identify your bazi and 10 years luck pillar. Where are the highs and lows? Capitalise on your highs and learn something during the lows. Shared your lows with your buddies, mixed around with people that are helpful to you i.e. your benefactors those birth profile that possess the lucky elements that you are deficient. What may have seemed to be a crisis or pain at the time in retrospect proved to be a great gift.

Seriously think of those that are even more unfortunate than you. Some don’t even born into this world with eyes or limbs? i am not suggesting having the “spirit of Ah Q” or “Ah Q mentality” (阿Q精神) which is used commonly as a term of mockery to describe someone who chooses not to face up to reality and deceives himself into believing he is successful, or has unjustified beliefs of superiority over others. It describes a narcissistic individual who rationalizes every single actual failure he faces as a psychological triumph (“spiritual victory”). i am merely showing you sometimes we are not appreciative or grateful enough for things that we already have.

2. Increase your vitality

All of us have experienced challenges or ‘bad’ things in our lives. As we get older, this can considerably burden us with fear, decrease our vitality and create diseases. The cumulative effect impedes our ability to appreciate life. We are wise to transform our crises into blessings; and challenges into opportunities. Each time you take the opportunity to be grateful for who you are, what you do and what you have in your life you increase your energy. Instead of being weighed down by life’s events, you are lifted up.

Do exercises and go to places that are favourable to your elements that will improve your luck no matter how small it is. No point crying. It is not easy i know because i went through it myself.

3. Create abundance

Gratitude brings us into our hearts and decreases the distracting ‘brain noise’ we create from continually rehashing old scenarios in our mind and reliving the anger or pain. You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying, “what we think about we bring about,” which is the principle connected to the laws of attraction described in the movie The Secret. When we are grateful, our thoughts automatically make us feel more abundant, more fulfilled and more lovable. This, in turn, will attract more of the same in our lives.

4. Charity 

Get involve in charity works. Look after those that are more unfortunate than you.

5. Don’t waste your money buying Annual feng shui products thinking that your luck will improve

Trust me it does not work, i have gone through that learning curve during the first 3 years of my feng shui career. Most of the things we need in life are already in-built into our personality system. Try our bazi reading service if you like and you will find that most of the recommendations are down-to-earth and effective. One note of caution do not over expect because one have to acknowledge that there are limitations to how much one can do. Take for an example if the 10-year luck period is bad and one of your annual year inside this luck period is awful which makes that particular year extremely bad. Do not make hasty decisions and keep your head down. Sometimes by not doing anything is the best option.

6. Go Overseas

Go overseas, take a break and stop worrying. Tomorrow will take care of itself!

7. Feng shui your home and office

Make use of feng shui home or office to improve your luck and balance the elements in your bazi configuration. Try to “artificially” simulate yourself with the lucky elements that you need (non feng shui items) if you have your personal bedroom. Check out your home or office feng shui to improve your career or business or simply family relationships. The lesser the luck you have, the more you need feng shui to help you.

8. Edit your name and make it lucky

9. Stay Positive, have Faith and Endure 

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional state that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty. Like it or not we affect, and are affected by the people we meet, in one way or another. This happens instinctively and on a subconscious level, through words, thoughts and feelings, and through body language. People tends to help us, if we are stayed positive, and dislike or avoid us if we whines and broadcast negativity. Tell me who will like to mix around with negative people. i know it is not easy to stay positive if the chips are down but blaming it to circumstances and people around you does not alleviate the situation.

10. Make Positive Affirmations a part of your life

The mind cannot tell the difference between positive or negative; It is what we repeatedly think and say is what you get. The greatness of the human mind is that it can turn thoughts and words into reality. Make positive affirmations every morning when you get up and good luck will happen in your life!

“whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”


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