Bedroom feng shui 

2 critical factors to place your bed is within a positive zone of the house destiny and fits your bazi lucky elements profile. The location of your bed should not be in conflict with any feng shui or bazi formulas such as Xuan Kong flying star home destiny chart, Ba Zhai, Gua ming and San He etc.

The correct position of bed feng shui is to promote harmonious relationships, improve health and luck energy for the occupier sleeping in the room. If location is not possible due to house internal structure constraints one have to use the head direction.

There are some feng shui masters that proposed the bed position diagonal to the corner of a wall see picture. It looks odd and create negative feng shui energy. I have clients complaining after sleeping in this position wake up giddy, disoriented, headache and migraine so he called me to undo the entire home feng shui.

24 Tips to feng shui your bedroom

feng shui bedroom

1. The ideal feng shui bed position is diagonal to your bedroom door with a wall behind your headboard.

2. Do not place the bed diagonal to the corner of the wall.

3. Neither should you place your bed beside or along the pathway of your door 门冲. This will disturb your sleep. This is because of the “yin yang” principle.

4. One signature of a feng shui master is to place the bed in the middle of the room like robinson crusoe. Never do that this is absolutely incorrect. It will cause sleeplessness and poor health.

5. Do have headboard. A high headboard is good for mentor luck and benefactors support. It doesn’t matter if your headboard is against the windows if your bazi requires a particular direction. 

6. Place bed at your Home Destiny positive sectors. Based on Xuan Kong home destiny chart the best location is where the “mountain star 1, 6, 8 or 9” resides. 

7. Do not put your iphone, ipad, android, xbox, playstation, LED tv, notebook, charger or any electronic toys besides your head. Although the your electronics maybe off but there is still electromagnetic radiation. If you need to place your TV, you can put it in the opposite direction of your headboard.

8. Allow plenty of sunshine and ventilation into your room. Do not sleep 24/7 everyday aircondition, is really bad for health.

9. Do use bazi lucky colours that are suitable for the person sleeping in the bedroom. If you are unsure use “beige” or “cream” colour which is consider as neutral. Do not use red or black for walls or curtains. 

10. Do have adjustable dimmer to adjust the level of brightness in your bedroom. A room that is too bright cannot accumulate wealth which is bad fengshui. A room that is too dark will invite evil spirits and affects your health. A well balance lighted room with sufficient sunshine is ideal.

11. Don’t place mirrors facing your bed; unless you wanted a late night episode of the “living dead”. If you want to dress for success in the morning, hide your mirrors inside the wardrobe.

12. Don’t orientate your bed towards the toilet. In other words the back of your headboard should not be the toilet. 

13. Neither should you have the kitchen stove behind your headboard wall. 

14. Don’t sleep under an overhead beam. You will wake up having problem with the position of the body that is under the beam.

15. Do not have see-through glass shower room.

16. Don’t place rubbish under your bed. You are not a rubbish collector.

17. Don’t have 2 single mattress side by side it impacts the relationship of the couple.

18. If it does not conflict with the house destiny or your bazi favourable elements ideally your bed should be in a North-South orientation because it matches with the Earth’s gravitational physics and rotation.

19. Do not sleep underneath a staircase, this is a common problem found in maisonettes and loft designs.

20. Do not have your bed place inside the kitchen.

21. Do not leave a gap of space between the wall and your headboard.

22. Nothing wrong with having lights or fan on the ceiling above your bed.

23. Colour wise there are no special requirements except to avoid using black or red colour for walls or curtains. These 2 are extreme yin or yang 阴阳 colours. One client asked me that she was advised against using pink colour from her ex-master mentioning that it will lead to “extramarital affairs”. Pink colour is useful for internal and external human relationships. 

Bedroom feng shui taboo

24. Ensure that the toilet door is not in conflict with your bed see above red arrow. This will cause marriage disharmony or even divorce. It also causes sickness to the body part that is in conflict with the toilet door. Unlike many closing the toilet does not  alleviate the bad situation.  

Headboard against the window 

This is one of the usual concern from my clients. It is a misconception to assume that having the bed against the window is definitely bad bedroom feng shui. Some masters call this lack of “mountain / benefactors 贵人” or superior support. This is a sweeping statement which can be untrue.

The pivotal factor is to conform other more important principes such as home destiny or bazi favourable elements not som much the window issues. Given the physical constraints one will have to weigh which sector fulfill most feng shui formulas. For e.g. the bed should not be within flying star combo 2 & 5 OR 五鬼廉貞星 OR detrimental to your Birth Profile elements etc. We have to weigh the lesser of 2 evils and likely consequences. Through years of practical experience having the bed towards your Birth profile favourable element supersede any other feng shui principles.

The feng shui position of the bed relative to the door

The position of the bed relative to the bedroom door is equal in importance relative to the luopan reading of good orientations where the bed faces. Given the size of a bedroom there are certain structural constraints that one cannot solely rely on your gua ming lucky sectors then other methods such as bazi favourable elements comes into play. There are certain degrees of the bed that is excellent for career or health or wealth depending on individual’s requirements. That is, you have to seek a compromise location that is good base on the relation to the bedroom door and reading.

The distance from the bed position to the door

Secondly the bed should not be beside the door. It should sit as far from the bedroom door as possible. If the door is on the left, the best position is the diagonally far right corner of the room; if the door is on the right, the best bed location is the far left of the room; The farther your bed located away from the door, the more control you can feel over your space and your life. You aren’t startled easily, and you have plenty of time to prepare for events as they unfold.

The sleeper’s scope of vision feng shui perspective

The third dominating position principle asserts that the bed position should allow the sleeper the widest possible perspective of the room. An anemic range of sight within the room can restrict the sleeper’s qi and his or her life vision. The larger the space in front of your bed, the more your life expands, breathes, and improves. For this reason, Geomancy cautions against placing the foot of the bed against a wall, which can block your career and cause foot and ankle problems. In addition, placing your bed directly against a side wall (with no space between the side of your bed and the wall) can make you feel cramped, stifled, and less flexible in life.

The visibility of the feng shui bedroom door

The fourth assertive principle states that you should clearly see the bedroom door from the bed. This concept means that when lying on your back in bed you are able to have an obstructed view of the door way. If you have to perform gymnastics or create new yoga positions to see who or what’s coming in the door, your bed position does not meet this principle.

Not seeing who’s approaching can keep you uncertain and on edge. Even if you think that you’re accustomed to not seeing the door, you still likely experience ongoing subconscious stress, which can create imbalance and frustration. The possibility of always being startled can keep you on edge, and over time, the continual tension and unrest can cause an imbalance in the nervous system. Results can include nervous problems, arrhythmia, and heart palpitations. In addition, repeatedly twisting the body to see whether someone’s coming can cause neck and spinal problems in the long run. Do not place a mirror in front of your bed for the sake of seeing the door; you have a different set of problems. Nightmares.

The direct line of path from the door to your bed feng shui

The fifth principle holds that the bed should not sit in the direct line of the path of the doorway. If your bed does sit in the direct line of the door, the chi of the door runs directly and too powerfully up the middle of the bed. This factor can create diseases along the midline of the body.

The further you sleep from the door and the more of the room you see while in bed, the more you can feel in control of your environment and, therefore, your life. Seeing the door to your bedroom symbolizes that you know what life is bringing and feel prepared to deal with whatever comes. You’re in command, and the results manifest positively in many areas of your life.


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