Birth Profile 八字

What is Bazi 八字 or Birth Profile

命由天定,运由己造;预知运势,积极面对 改善自身,提升生活!

Birth profiling in Chinese is call Ba Zi 八字 Reading or Eight characters of fate. The “8 chinese characters” is derived from year, month, day and time of birth. It is extracted from 10 Stems 十天干 and 12 Roots 地支 forming precisely “Eight Chinese Characters” thereby call “八” 字.

The birth chart contain clues to a person’s destiny, health, relationships, personality, marriage, career and wealth, basically all aspects of life. By understanding one’s birth configuration one will gain better understanding of oneself or i would like to call it a  “self-awareness” program. It is only through “awareness” about our character, personality, strengths, weaknesses… before we can induce “action” to make “positive changes” in our life. So you see bazi reading DOES NOT TRANSFORM OUR LIFE FROM BAD TO GOOD BUT helps us to realise, understand our underlying issues that hinder us or knowing what are the necessary “tools” to enable us to be more “successful” in life. Here “successful” is not only defined by “wealth” but health, marriage, family, relationship, career, job satisfaction etc.

Using the Birth Chart one can formulate “luck pillars” which help us to find out the “general trajectory” of our future. It is like using the “google map” to take us to our destination. Drawing the same analogy it will show us the “road blocks” of our life path.

REDISCOVER your Destiny to REDEFINE it 知命 而改善 命运

The concept of Birth Profiling is NOT TO TRANSFORM one’s destiny 改变命运BUT to understand one’s Birth Configuration/Future, so as to “take charge” and “take action” to change for the better. One’s Destiny or Fate is somewhat like weather forecast, you can’t change it, But you can USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE 知命而改善命运 by “knowing” and “take action”. For instance you may need to learn a new skill or seek out somebody to help you or apply some feng shui principles … It is like sailing a yacht, you must know the wind direction. Some feng shui masters claimed that they can change your Destiny 改命 / Fate by buying some expensive feng shui products. Is this possible? The answer is “You are the ONLY PERSON that can IMPROVE your own luck through your own EFFORT. No one else can do it for you, awesome isn’t it!

Birth reading is not fatalism BUT an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for you

The pessimist will view birth reading as 宿命論 “fatalism”, because if the reading is negative they will lose sleep and get stress up. Why not adopt a “positive mental attitude” to turn things around instead of giving up to fate because you already have the “unfair” advantage to know how your bazi works and how your luck unfolds in the future. 

Bazi 10 Year Luck period is like weather forecast

To quote Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Using an analogy, 10-Year Luck Pillar is like “weather forecast”. It gives you a general idea about your future inclinations. Is your next 80 years going to be sunny,  stormy or fair weather? It is improbable to change the weather tomorrow but you can prepare by doing something positive to make things happen.

How to take advantage & take charge of your own Bazi & Destiny

Through Birth profiling or Bazi reading one will understand what makes one tick, your strengths be it leadership, networking, communication, creativity, adaptability, systematic… and so forth. The truth is each individual is born with certain “role” in life. Not all of us can be “leaders” some have to be “followers”. Some are die hard analytical while others believed in instincts and gut feeling. One can’t say who is more important or better because it depends on the situation or problem to solve.

There are causal laws govern by the Universe, one make wiser decisions by acknowledging and applying what we are good at and taking advantage of certain timings or people in our life. Some call it “luck”, i called it “being prepared”. It is this “self-awareness” and “taking charge & action” that make us where we are today.

To give you an example, certain “bazi structure” requires you to “job hop” in order for you to move up the corporate ladder. Thus working in the civil sector is going to be bad for you!

Bazi reveal “what” are your assets and liabilities. By working on your strengths and let others help you on your liabilities help you to be more successful. For instance if you are methodical and analytical let your colleagues do the gut feeling thingy or visionary stuff.

Feng Shui Master Singapore ba zi reading “Day Master 6 Cs interaction”

Understand how life’s events unfold starts with the acknowledgement of our birth structure. The 6 Cs and 10 Stars are used to diagnose a person’s day profile (bazi) or Day Master. The 6 Cs and 10 stars are terminologies used to make it easier for you to understand the complexity of interactions and relationships with the Day Master. 6 Cs reveals how it interacts with the Day Master and what are the effects on you. The 6 Cs are:

Complementary 喜, what the day master needs
Conflicting 忌, elements that are unfavourable to the day master
Contrasting 冲, elements that clashes with the day master e.g. water and fire
Contradictory 刑, elements that are not in harmony with the day master
Controlling 克 or elements that manages the day master like a teacher to a student.
Cooperative 合(日主八字五行分析) elements that combine with the day master and it may transform into another element.

“The 10 Stars 八字十神 of Day Master ” elementary representations

Let’s use an example of the “Wood” Element Day Master.
Similar elements “wood” 比肩、劫财 with the Day Master e.g. friends, brothers, sisters, colleagues, peers
Control element is “metal” 正官、七杀(偏官) conquers wood. e.g. superior, discipline, husband (for female), ethics
Support elements to the Day Master “water” 正印(印绶 )、偏印(枭神、枭印、倒食) nourishes the wood e.g. knowledge, self-motivation, mother
Conquer Element – Wood subdue Earth 正财、偏财 represents wealth, wife & mistress (for male)
Output element 伤官、食神 which are talents and abilities in this case “fire” because “wood” produces “fire”.

Be Mindful of online or Mobile bazi app Accuracy

Through these interactions, one can calculate the “strength” of each element and it’s influence on the Day Master. Through this interactions 合化刑冲 one can determine the Day Master lucky, unlucky elements, career inclination, wealth, status, relationship, health etc. In today’s modern technology one can go online or using smartphone app to calculate one’s bazi. Just a word of caution so far i have not seen a viable bazi app that calculates 合化 where the integration of “2 or 3 elements” form a different element. 

Change requires perspiration and self-discipline. The actions we take today will affect our future; we will reap what we sow.


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