Birth Profile 八字

What is Bazi 八字 or Birth Profile

命由天定,运由己造;预知运势,积极面对 改善自身,提升生活!

Birth profiling in Chinese is call Ba Zi 八字 Reading or Eight characters of fate. The “8 chinese characters” is derived from year, month, day and time of birth. It is extracted from 10 Stems 十天干 and 12 Roots 地支 forming precisely “Eight Chinese Characters” thereby call “八” 字. The birth chart contain codes of a person’s destiny, aspects like health, relationships, personality, marriage, career and wealth. By studying one’s birth configuration one will gain better “self-awareness” on the aspects of life mentioned above. Using the Birth Chart one can derive a “general trajectory” of your life’s future blueprint like the google gps map. It shows you the deviation of “smooth” and “rough” rides of your life.

REDISCOVER your Destiny to REDEFINE it 知命 而改善 命运 

The concept of Birth Profiling is NOT TO TRANSFORM one’s destiny 改变命运BUT to understand one’s Birth Configuration/Future and make necessary adjustments. One’s Destiny or Fate is somewhat like weather forecast, you can’t change it. But you can UNDERSTAND it ” 知命而改善命运 and USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! It is like sailing a yacht, you must know the wind direction. Some feng shui masters claimed that they can change your Destiny by buying some expensive feng shui products from them, this will not work. You can only improve your Life’s journey through your OWN EFFORT. Awesome isn’t it!

The calculation of the birth configuration algorithm is 1 out of 514,800 variables, if we include the gender = 1 / 1,029,600. The basis of 1/60 variations in the year pillar, 1/12 in month, 1/60 in a day and 1/12 combinations in time. My guesstimate is about 1 out of 3 million variations. Since bazi reading is not Science the predictions is only about 70% (figurative of speech) accuracy! As compared to other methods of Birth reading like the yearly almanac forecast of  the 12 Chinese astrology signs which is 1/12 possibilities and Gua Ming is 1/8; this is by far the more accurate formula.

Birth reading is not fatalism

The pessimist will view birth reading as 宿命論 “fatalism”, because if the reading is negative they will lose sleep and get stress up concerning their future. However one should adopt a “positive” mental attitude and see it in the right perspective. If the future looks bad don’t you think the more reasons we should be prepared for our loved ones when the future arrive?

Bazi 10 Year Luck period is like weather forecast

To quote Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Using an analogy, Birth profiling is like “weather forecast”. It gives you a general idea about your future inclinations. Is your next 80 years going to be sunny,  stormy or fair weather? It is impossible to change the weather tomorrow but you can prepare for it. Should you start your own business for the next 10 years or should you be contented where you are? Quite a fair number of people misunderstood the concept of Bazi Reading service, they assume  that a bazi master can transform their bad luck into good luck.

How to OPTIMISE one’s Destiny

Let me share why misfortune cannot be transform into good fortune. The truth is each individual is born with varied intelligence, physique, personality, talents etc. A person born without singing talents even though he/she attend the best music school will not make him a great singer? There are causal laws govern by the Universe, one make Wise Choices or Decisions by acknowledging and applying our Birth capabilities and taking advantage of certain timings of our future which most people call it “luck”! Luck in bazi reading means to capitalise on your “best 10 or 20 years” of your luck pillar. By knowing your future you can make preparation for the opportunity to arise e.g. through upgrading of skills or contacts or education or saving up your funds. It is not about changing your fate or your luck!

Take for instance after bazi reading, you realised that you need to “job hop” in order to move up the corporate ladder than you should not be working in the civil sector, right?Knowing the timing, turning/breaking points of your luck help you to make adjustments and expectations of your future. Assume one is in a rough patch, even how bad is your boss have being mistreating you, one should try to keep calm and not make emotional decisions like resigning or venturing on your own. This is being wise.

Bazi reveal “what” are your birth assets i.e. personality, traits, strengths, weaknesses, wealth, career, relation etc. Derived from your birth configuration are your 10 Year Luck pillars which forecasts “when” these assets or liabilities are going to happen in your life.

Your Birth Structure reveal your assets and liabilities

10 Years Luck Pillar predicts WHEN these assets and liabilities are going to happen – TIMING

A chinese saying goes like this “命好不如运好”, because one’s bazi configuration maybe great but if the timing OR the “critical 10 years luck pillar” work against you then chances are you will face tremendous challenges in life. In birth reading the “golden period” or the luckiest period should be begin from age 30 for males and females 25.

All of us go through at least one dark 10-Year luck period

There is no perfect ba zi for any individual in this world just like life there are imperfections. Every one of us will go through at least one bad 10-Year Luck period in life. based on 80 years old as the mortality age. How we view it depends on our personality and perceptions in life. In ba zi reading it does not matter that your birth profile is weak or strong, the importance is the present of “remedies” that can help you to thrive over challenges. It is summarise in this wise saying: “有病方爲貴,無傷不是奇;格中如去病,財祿兩相隨。”

Feng Shui Master Singapore ba zi reading “Day Master 6 Cs interaction”

Understand how life’s events unfold starts with the acknowledgement of our birth structure. The 6 Cs and 10 Stars are used to diagnose a person’s day profile (bazi) or Day Master. The 6 Cs and 10 stars are terminologies that i use to make it easier for you to understand the complexity of interactions and relationships with the Day Master. 6 Cs reveals how it interacts with the Day Master. The 6 Cs are:

Complementary 喜, what the day master needs
Conflicting 忌, elements that are unfavourable to the day master
Contrasting 冲, elements that clashes with the day master e.g. water and fire
Contradictory 刑, elements that are not in harmony with the day master
Controlling 克 or elements that manages the day master like a teacher to a student.
Cooperative 合(日主八字五行分析) elements that combine with the day master and it may transform into another element.

“The 10 Stars of the Day Master 八字十神”

Let’s use an example of the “Wood” Element Day Master.
Same element “wood” 比肩、劫财 with the Day Master
Controlling element on the Day Master “metal” 正官、七杀(偏官) conquers wood.
Supporting element to the Day Master in this e.g. “water” 正印(印绶 )、偏印(枭神、枭印、倒食) nourishes the wood.
Element that the Day Master manages or control 正财、偏财 in this case “earth” or “wealth”.
The output element of the Day Master 伤官、食神 which are talents and abilities in this case “fire” because “wood” produces “fire”.

Through these interactions, one can calculate the “strength” of each element and it’s influence on the Day Master. Through this adding/subtracting/multiplying process one can determine the Day Master lucky vs unlucky elements. Under normal circumstances, a Weak wood element person will need “Water” to support and “Wood” as the collaborative element. However in some special classifications there are Bazi Exceptions.

Understand your own Destiny and make it Work for you than Control you

The day that we come into this world, we are “fated” or “destined” “命 (ming)” on a certain “path”. From birth to death, we went through life’s journey, chinese call it “运 yun” or luck or timing. Combine these 2 wise chinese sayings we get “命运 (ming yun)” or destiny. We cannot alter our birthdate but we can help ourselves by understanding it and make it work for us instead of against us.

Embrace Who you are and apply it to the best of your abilities

“Acknowledge your fate but Do Not Surrender to it” 

Bazi is one of the trinity force of nature that we cannot change such as our genes, DNA, blood type, sex (now can), etc. However the good news is that we can tweak it by altering our non-hereditary factors such as home feng shui, office feng shui, selecting an auspicious name, study, work hard, doing charity works, self-will, attitude, personality, understanding our bazi characteristics so that we can do the right things at the right time etc. Birth reading starts with understanding our personality and character. The first step is to acknowledge who we really are and accept it!

It is easy for water to flow from high floor to the ground floor.  But to get that water to rise from the ground to the high floor requires effort! A person’s character can be described in a similar manner.  It takes discipline, time and effort to gain credibility and trust.  It takes a strong will to hold on to one’s integrity.  And it is easy to lose what took so long to build. If we can practice the virtues of love, patience, humility, forgiveness and tolerance, then we will be able to enjoy every-day life. It is easy to be swayed to do things in life that we know are not what we wanted to do.  There are endless daily temptations to give in to one’s instincts like greed and laziness. There is a saying that goes like this:

Watch your “Thoughts,” they become words. Watch your “Words,” they become actions. Watch your “Actions,” they become habits. Watch your “Habits,” they become your character. Watch your “Character,” for it becomes your “Destiny.”

Who are you

One of my client told me that his ex master says that to understand a person’s character is unimportant but knowing what the future holds deserves a stronger attention. Personally i feel that both deserves equal attention.  To understand a fellow human being is never easy, you have know his inner self and outer self. His mental state of mind and his express actions. How can it be simple to tell a person’s mind. Humans are complicated.

Change requires perspiration and self-discipline. The actions we take today will affect our future; we will reap later what we sow now. Besides keeping an eye about our own character, we need an idea how our future looks like so that we will not be groping in the dark and making the wrong decisions at the wrong time. Other useful enhancements to tweak our life is to feng shui our home, office and name.  It all boils down to self will, positive mental attitude and determination!

Only use my bazi reading service if your are PREPARED TO FACE THE TRUTH

If you are serious to change your life, you can consider our bazi reading service.

Your life is shaped by Your Decisions. Making wise decisions at the right time ultimately lead you towards achieving your life goals making life a more satisfying journey.

The bazi reading queue usually takes about 1 to 3 months, if you are in a hurry please DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT.


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