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Career Calling – find the job you really enjoy doing

This Career service integrate 2 popular formulas of Chinese Birth reading 子平法 Zi Ping and 紫微斗数 Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star) to determine job suitability for your career.

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Have you ever wonder in your career, you having the same qualifications and experiences yet your peers are ahead of you? Do you consistently feel undervalued and under-appreciated?

“This service is dedicated to those who are focus, talented, hardworking yet continuously passed over for a promotion”.

Finding the right job not only gives you job satisfaction but better pay because you love doing it and playing on your bazi strengths instead of weaknesses.

Step 1 understand your birth chart & career calling

An individual will do well in a career that utilises his “destiny” calling. “Destiny” in this context does not mean you are fated to do something but more like what you enjoy doing most. A Personality – Job match.

Please allow me to illustrate using a real life example of my client. How this is done. He is a “Gui Water 癸水” person born in Summer. Gui is “yin water 阴水” like calming water 静水.

bazi career

His roots consist of 巳 month 午 year 未 day 三会供火局 (luckily did not surface as stem) forms latent trilogy of fire. Day Master in relation to his structure is like an “oasis in desert”.

bazi career choice

His Birth structure 格局 consist of 2 classifications Direct officer 正官格 Wu Earth and  Indirect input 偏 印 格 Xin Metal. The stronger calling influencing his entire life from his structure is Indirect Input Xin Metal appearing in time stem. Day Master most favourable elements are Water & Metal and Season mitigator 调候 is water element. (Calculation of Season’s mitigating element is only expounded in the last 50 years of chinese birth reading).

Step 2 using Bazi structural strength 格局 to Match the right Career Job description 

The bazi structure reveal strengths from 偏 印 格 Indirect Element. This Indirect input structure exhibits unorthodox analytical skills, intelligent, specialised technical skill, loner, eccentric nature and self-centerness. (Please note that here i used his ecentric nature & self-centerneess as a strength instead of weakness). He somehat like a mad lab scientist. Thus a working environment tucked away from interacting with people on a daily basis works for him. The next step finding a job description that fits. Thus autonomous job nature such as software engineer, teaching, freelancer, surgeon etc.

Step 3 Matching lucky elements to business industry

Step 3 matching his lucky 5-element which are metal and water business types. So he can work as a Security IT specialist for naval, bank, shipping, travel, airline, financial institution.

Why this 3 simple steps Career reading works?

He got a job that locked himself up without having to behave like a political animal in the office. We are talking about minimum 8 hours of work, 5 days a week and 52 weeks per year. People are stressed out because they do not like what they are doing. In this case he enjoys using his mental intelligence to do challenging work on a daily basis. This gives him job satisfaction. It makes him happy and enjoy doing so.

Job nature comes first because it is on a day-to-day basis and affects your passion.

career callingFinal step for Career boost using 紫微斗数 Zi Wei Dou Shu 

Final step added insight to raise career to a whole new level using Purple Star calculation. It utilises “life”, “migration”, “career” and “wealth” palace 三方四正 to analyse a person’s career motivations. Add on quality of star call 四化 4 changes. Career chart reveals excellent influence from天机, 天梁 stars added traits of mathematical ability, logical thinking, analytical skills etc. If his 10-year luck pillar is good, he can also be a software creator or entrepreneur but this needed encouragement because he tends to over-think.

If you like me to analyse your Birth Reading Career’s Calling based on the above 2-in-1 metaphysics system, the consultation fee is $188 or call/watsapp me at +65 9071-2121 to find out more. Master Chan (曾)

Why this career calling service will help

By recognizing our strengths, of course! It is similar to personality-psychology test. We cultivate our personal strengths to strive for “good life” – very roughly speaking, the pursuit of eudemonia or happiness. Studies shows playing on our strengths is easier to see improvement than weaknesses. The only difference is we use Chinese metaphysics system instead!


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