ZiWei birth reading

Zi Wei 紫微斗数 chinese birth reading

There are 2 popular formulas to calculate birth profile, one is Zi Wei Dou Shu (purple star) birth reading and the other Zi Ping bazi. Let’s explore Zi Wei birth reading methodology as Zi Ping bazi is covered in previous articles.


ziwei birth reading


ZiWei stage of life

Our parent give birth to us – destiny palace, having brothers & sisters, got married and have children see the transition palace in anti-clockwise direction. Zi Wei uses the trinity of 3 palace plus the opposite call 三方四正 to analyse aspects of our life.

Let’s use Destiny palace as an example. When we were born we came to meet the outside world-External, needed money-Wealth and as life progresses we need to earn a living. Destiny palace analyse who we are, our abilities, talents, intelligence and value system. Career shows our attitude to work, working conditions and job satisfaction.

Wealth palace is our view with money, the way we manage, sources of income and how we spend it.  External palace refers to  the outside world such as working environment, how people perceive us and how we view the world etc.

Zi Wei supplement your life directions

ZiWei Birth chart is static. Technically no good or bad chart. A good zi wei purple star chart can go bankrupt and a bad natal chart can also be rich and famous, it depends on how we manage our life breaks and falls i.e timing.

Once life journey begins our birth chart becomes active. As we move through life different stages Zi Wei call it 10-year 大限, 1-year  小限 and current zodiac year 流年. Then we encounter good or bad years. How we respond and how we act affects our future. What makes Zi Wei unique is 12 palaces respond on different aspect of life at the same time line. By having a road map of your life, you can anticipate and prepare what is ahead.


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