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feng shui master chanMaster Chan 曾 positively the only feng shui master in Singapore who adopt an objective and scientific approach in feng shui & birth reading applications

What is Feng Shui?” obviously not spending an obscene amount of money to buy lucky charms and place it all over the house. It is how we harness earth’s environmental resources to our advantage.

Master Chan (曾) learned Feng Shui in 1994 because of his newly bought home, out of interest and soon developed into a professional career. Unlike learning feng shui from the grapevine, he started off as a staunch non-believer of feng shui.

This is because during early 90’s Singapore in his opinion there are no credible feng shui masters that provides rationale to what they say and most of them used scare tactics, drama, mythology, religious or trying very hard to sell their feng shui products.

Research – Question – Verify – Applied over 20 years

The number of schools in feng shui & Bazi are countless. It takes a number of years just to understand indepth one feng shui school and it’s formulas. Then to integrate these diverse formula schools and make it your own requires many more years to learn, apply in order to achieve some level of mastery. Till today Master Chan is still learning out of passion. It is a full-time profession.

Today most attend express courses only to learn the applications (which maybe wrong) without understanding the rationale nor the Chinese cultural background behind the principles.  To me a little knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. Some even boast of “high-tech” using mobile apps to come up with solutions for clients. Personally i used these apps too but to tabulate the data and come up with my own findings. This is because  the analysis from apps are usually wrong.

Popular schools like SanHe, SanYuan, XuanKong, QiMenDunJia, Bazi, ZiWeiDuoShu, BaZhai, WuXing, DaGua and many others. Interestingly they hold similar and yet conflicting views which is normal in traditional Chinese culture. Disbelieved that feng shui and bazi formulas contradict, ambiguous & questionable, Master Chan remain undeterred, curious and started his half a lifetime of learning on the subject.

It is a tedious 3 step process. 1. Research – read relevant legitimate Chinese classics. 2. Question & verify it’s validity 3. Understand, adapt & apply. To say the learning process is challenging is an understatement because there are so many conflicting views. Take for an example determining the correct methodology for “home destiny宅命” took more than 3 years to be conclusive (perhaps i am a slow learner he say to me).

Even the most basic feng shui principle is challenge

Unlike others who embraced feng shui teachings through lineage, he challenged, experiment, verify and validate every principle. He tested every principle, from the most basic to the most profund. His attitude to learn is to leave no stone unturned. He told me those days feng shui advice for his friends, relatives and people around him were free. The condition is to feedback after the visit.

Feng Shui is REAL

He recalled one of the early cases for a relative in Indonesia. It was 1997, he relocated the main entrance and remove the signboard that faces the retail shop. Within a week his relative called to thank him that business was doing well again. Till today his relative did not dare to move a thing. Another of his friend is having trouble to tie the wedding knot. After relocating the bed, he was happily married 1 year later. Yet another case was curing his colleague sick home. The list goes on and on.

Feng shui is not magic 

His innovative, result-driven and unbias approach in feng shui make him popular in Singapore and overseas. His style of feng shui were widely published in local and foreign media. In 2011, his clients encouraged him to setup this website  to educate the true value of home and office feng shui without exaggeration. Like what he always said, “feng shui only provides supplementary support, the rest is your own effort.

Feng shui “grandmasters” the real deal  风水大师: 杨,曾,廖,赖  not self-proclaimed ones

Feng shui or Birth reading is not a “theory” subject that one can learn from books or online courses. This is due to countless feng shui schools with different & conflicting views. Knowledge passed down is donkey’s years ago. Just an example “Xuan Kong flying star formula” consist of different schools 无常, 中州, 沈氏, 孔氏. For those who wanted to learn, books written by these legitimate 风水大师 grandmasters of feng shui 杨筠松(救贫), 吴景鸾, 曾文辿, 廖金精, 赖布衣, 蒋大鸿, 章仲山, 華湛恩, 孔昭苏, 沈竹礽 not some self-proclaimed ones.  There are no boundaries to learning 学无止境 and no one can claim they are the best. Each school has it’s own merits and demerits. The best way is to read widely, digest, process, evaluate, assimilate, experiment and make it your own.

There are no short-cuts to learn feng shui. Those days he tried numerous cures for the same problem just to validate the most practical and effective solution. Some established theories that he tested with sufficient samples were questionable at best. It is disrespectful to reveal which schools of feng shui or Bazi teachings are irrelevant over here.

Misrepresented, incomplete feng shui teachings till today

Across so many years of history, who can guarantee teachings of feng shui were complete or purposely distorted. Those days there are 2 main type of feng shui masters. One group of scholars or theorist and the other practitioners on the street. Those who write don’t do or do not have the time to do. 

You will be surprised to know that during Qing dynasty, emperors purposely commissioned scholars to publish misleading information so that the Manchu race were unable to learn these wise teachings. Unfortunately, the ploy backfired and filtered back to China. It resurfaced today as authentic feng shui classics. And some Singapore Feng Shui masters adopted these misguided theories without researching dynasties in Chinese history, reflecting and processing it.

Ask for rationale behind the feng shui recommendations

In today’s rapidly-evolving environment feng shui principles need adaptations. Those days there were no 60 storey skyscrapers, rampant constructions, expressways, MRTs, escalators, elevators etc to speed up earth’s energy-cycle (地气 地运).

Kitchen and toilet were located outside the house. Today’s theories about kitchen & toilet are modern day versions so beware. Best solution is to ask the feng shui master why he think like that.

In the past there are no internet, smartphone, computers, bluetooth, wifi. Today we are exposed to so much negative EMF. Life style and habits have change with tech toys. People walk blinding staring at their handphone instead of looking out for traffic. Natural habitat and wildlife balance were challenged by urban development thereby messing the climate.

Who is the Best feng shui master in Singapore

No one actually. If one claim to be the best in the field than he or she is stagnant.

The sad thing about today’s feng shui masters are still living in Period 7 era (1984-2003). Period 7 effects are sugar-coating or misrepresenting benefits such as rolling of pineapples on key-collection day, bank in money on Spring, wear red on CNY, 44 is death… without respect for feng shui teachings! The sad thing is people believed.

The thing is we need to open our eyes and mind and not always thinking about feng shui first. Take for example, i have a young couple approach me on child-bearing, the first thing i asked “have you tried a full medical check-up?”. Another client that couldn’t sleep for more than 6 months. When i evaluated her birth profile, i revealed her stressor and provide some advice. In this case, no placement of items is necessary, it is solely psychological issues.

It is work in progress for me to solve today’s problems from multiple dimensional point of view instead of relying on feng shui methods alone. One should consider integration with science, social studies, or any other studies to provide fresh alternatives.

Feng shui and Bazi Mobile apps analysis can be inaccurate

With advancement of technology, some masters uses feng shui & birth reading (bazi) mobile apps to analyse. From clients feedback when questioned, they are unable to explain the intricacies & hidden meanings of the chart nor understand how it was derived. Please do not get me wrong i used mobile apps too, it is faster. But one must have the foundation knowledge to interpret, analyse and not rely on findings from software. You may call me old-school but it does reduces the chances of software error if you learn formulas by heart. Today people demand instant results and quick fix but this should not come at the expense of accuracy. It takes me more than 10 years of learning before even dare to do this professionally. It is a person’s life that we talk about and we can’t undo and turn back the clock.

Planet Earth is a square

In conclusion, if feng shui technique & solution remained unchanged since I started 20 years ago then it only means i am lazy, stagnant and non-progressive. Feng Shui like any other learning subject should be a life-long learning process. If we choose not to upgrade our skills, view through new optics, adapt to environment, then our intellect will lag behind, thinking that planet Earth is still a square!

Master Chan feng shui & bazi

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