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“positively the only feng shui master in Singapore who adopt an objective and scientific approach in feng shui applications”

feng shui master singapore chanWhat is Feng Shui?” obviously not placing feng shui items all over the house. It is how we harness earth’s energy from the environment to our advantage.

Master Chan 曾师傅 learned Feng Shui in 1994 because of his newly bought home, out of interest and soon developed into a professional career. Unlike conventional means to learn feng shui from the grapevine, he start off as a staunch non-believer of Feng Shui. This is because during 90’s Singapore, the promoted feng shui were scare tactics, dramatic and filled with strong religious overtones.

what works, what doesn’t over 20 years of  feng shui practice

The number of schools in feng shui is limitless. San He, San Yuan, Xuan Kong, ba zhai, wu xing, da gua and many others.  Disbelieved that feng shui is ambiguous & questionable, he remain undeterred, curious and started learning on the subject. The learning process is challenging because different schools hold conflicting views. The only way to find out the truth is trial and error. He experimented and applied various schools of feng shui on his new home and realized that it works! Motivated by positive results, he wanted to know more by studying the original Chinese classics. He expanded his new found learning by using his friends as test subjects. It took him almost 2 decades to distill what works and what doesn’t in feng shui.

In order to confirm that Feng Shui do exist, he tested every principle, from the most basic to the most profund. Unlike others who embraced feng shui teachings as the truth from their masters due to lineage, he challenged, experiment, verify and validate every principle.  It was time consuming. His attitude to learn is to leave no stone unturned. He told me that those days the feng shui advice for his friends, relatives and people around him were free. The condition is to give him feedback 1 month after the onsite visit.

Feng Shui proven to help 

Over the years, he realised that feng shui does help people in need. He recalled one of the early cases he did for his relative in Indonesia. Business was bad in 1997, he advised him to relocate the entrance and remove the signboard that faces the retail shop among other things. Within a week his relative called to thank him that business was doing well again. Till today his relative did not dare to move a thing. Another case was his friend is having trouble to tie the wedding knot. After changing the bed position, he was happily married after 1 year. Yet another case was his colleague sick home. He placed some feng shui remedies at the main door, re-position the stove and swap the bedrooms. Within a month the family’s health is back to normal.

Feng shui is no magic 

His innovative, result-driven and unbias approach in feng shui make him popular in Singapore and overseas. His style of feng shui were widely published in local and foreign media. In 2011, his clients encouraged him to setup this website  to educate the true value of home and office feng shui without exaggeration. Like what he always said, “feng shui only provides supplementary support, the rest is up to your own effort.

Authentic feng shui is a matter of practice

Feng shui is not a subject that one can learn through books, attend courses or learn from lineage-claim masters. The problem is there are so many diverse feng shui schools holding different or even conflicting views. Just to pick one “Xuan Kong flying star” formula already consist of 6 different schools无常, 中州, 沈氏, 孔氏 taught by diverse grand masters 蒋大鸿、章仲山、華湛恩, 孔昭苏, 沈竹礽. If you study hard enough, you will realised that each school has it’s own merits and limitations. The best way to evaluate, distill and integrate into your own style.

There are no short-cuts, those days i tried numerous cures for the same problem just to validate which is the most practical and effective solution! Some of the older theories tested with sufficient samples were questionable. It is disrespectful to reveal which schools of feng shui or bazi teachings are irrelevant today.

Misrepresented, incomplete feng shui teachings

Across so many years of history, who can guarantee the teachings of feng shui passed down were complete and did not lose fragments of information or purposely distorted. You will be surprised to know that during the reign of Qing dynasty, the emperors purposely commissioned feng shui masters to publish misleading information so that the Manchu people were unable to learn these wise teachings. Unfortunately, the concept backfired and filtered back to China. It resurfaced today as authentic feng shui classics and some Singapore Feng Shui masters adopted these misguided theories without cross-referencing or testing it.

open door ceremony, bank money on Spring – no place in today’s Feng Shui

no more key collection ceremonyIn today’s ever-changing environment certain feng shui principles need adaptations. Those days there were no 60 storey skyscrapers, rampant constructions, expressways, MRTs, escalators, elevators etc to speed up earth’s energy-cycle (地气 地运).

Household stuff like the stove was located outside the house & charcoal was used. There were no induction cooker, no smart phones, computers, bluetooth, GPS. Today we are exposed to so much negative electromagnetic radiation. Nature environment and wildlife balance have been toppled over by roads, buildings etc thereby messing up with the climate.

The sad thing about today’s feng shui trend is many are still living in Period 7 era (1984-2003) of “sugar coating” feng shui benefits such as key-collection ceremony, rolling of pineapples, bank in money on Spring commencement, wear red on CNY, 44 is death… without respecting feng shui teachings!

The thing is we need to keep our eyes peeled, open our mind to solve problems not limited to feng shui remedies. Take for example, i have a young couple approach me on child-bearing, the first thing i asked them is “have you tried a full medical check-up?” before seeking feng shui help. I have a client that couldn’t sleep for more than 6 months. When i evaluated her birth profile, i revealed her stressor and provide some advice. In this case, some psychological tips were used by understanding her bazi profile.

It is work in progress for me to solve today’s problems from multiple dimensional point of view instead of relying on feng shui methods alone. One should consider integration with science, social studies, or any other studies to provide fresh alternatives.

Planet Earth is still a square

In conclusion, if feng shui technique & solution remained unchanged since I started 20 years ago then it only means i am lazy, stagnant and non-progressive. Feng Shui like any other learning subject should be a life-long learning process. If we choose not to upgrade our skills, try fresh angles, adapt to new environment, then our intellect will lag behind, thinking that planet Earth is still a square!

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