Feng Shui flying stars

Feng Shui Flying stars – where Timing is the Key

feng shui flying starThe key concept behind flying star feng shui also known as Xuan Kong 玄空 is “timing”. Doing the right thing at the right time to attract the most “current 旺气” energy and use it. According to my hands-on experience, this formula yield the fastest results, when Destiny Feng shui is integrated with Annual flying star. Therefore making it the most accurate method to use for Home or Business feng shui. 

According to classics 史记-天官书 the formula was derived from the movement of the big dipper 北斗七星 and another propose it was from the 9 planetary movement of the solar system, see below 章仲山 Chinese fengshui classic.

fengshui flying star origin

Luck Cycle 2 Models

There are 2 mainstream models to calculate the duration of luck period which tends to confuse some readers. One is using 二元八运 (玄空大卦) 先天八卦 and 三元九运 后天八卦.

Since both theories supports the principle of “timing” technically there are no permanent good or bad flying star numbers, it all depends on the luck era in question.

For instance based on 三元九运, today we are into Luck Period 8 from 2004 to 2023 (1 luck cycle is 20 years), thus “8” is the ruling star which is the most current and vital energy. One have to take note that although we put it as Year 2023 technically it ends on 04 Feb 2024 16:28 hr before Spring commencement.

However if we based on 先天元运 二元八运 period 8 (震八) already ended in 2016. From 2017 we are into period 9 (乾九) till 2043. Personally my tendency is to go 三元九运 because 先天为体 后天为用. Having say that both are related when comes down to using it. 

Capitalising on the “current ruling energy star” at the right luck cycle improves our health, career, study, harmony and wealth energies of the house.

Adjustment before the new period’s energy arrives

The remaining individual stars whether positive or negative is dependent on the governing flying star. Besides the ruling star the forthcoming ones are considered auspicious too i.e. 9 & 1. Read more about trends of Period 9 

Depending on which model, it usually takes 2-4 years before the new period’s energy takeover, particularly the last year.  Things could get worse, unsettled or even chaotic. So is the global place more messy from 2013-2017 or 2019-2023 to you? 

How flying star works

When these stars collide with each other it produces either positive or negative energy. A Home Destiny chart is determine based on the orientation of the house whereas Annual flying star chart rotates every year. Superimposed these 2 charts together brings positive or negative effects for that particular year.

One should not analyse annual flying star as a single, independent number without considering the Home Destiny Combo Chart. Home destiny feng shui audit has to be done first so as to know your home health, wealth, career, intellect, harmony and sickness zone.

Home destiny audit is like a full body check

A proper Home destiny audit is like a “full body” check to ensure the house is free from any latent negative energies. In simple terms the “DNA” of the house. How the house affects us becomes prominent when the “annual” or “month” flying star meets the Destiny chart. One can even predict events if we overlap the destiny, year, month, day and time flying star chart together.

Using the example above, center zone is sickness combo of 2 & 5. Bad things will happen when the yearly star is 4, 2, 3, 5, 8 or 9. Please note that even lucky star 8 or 9 is bad for this configuration. Thus it is good housekeeping to analyse Home Destiny before Annual feng shui audit.



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