Feng Shui flying stars

Feng Shui flying star

i started using feng shui flying star formulas since the 90s, during that time it was not as popular as Gua Numbers or Gua House destiny.

Eight gua house八宅 theory is popular because it is simpler and easier. However this amazing 三元玄空飞星 feng shui flying star formula can be use as a tool to forecast world events and economic performance.

Currently there are 2 popular feng shui schools to calculate 地运 “earth luck or timing” if you are considering to invest in properties for potential Capital appreciation in the future.

A. 三元九运 天运 San Yuan 9 Luck Period  (active) and

B. 二元八运 地运 Er Yuan 8 Luck Period (passive).

Both method of calculations total up 180 years for one cycle. In order not to confuse you with feng shui technicalities one just have to understand this:

A. 后天元運 1st method Period 8 Year 2004 -2023 water direction should be in the South-West which is good for wealth. Period 9 2024 to 2043, water direction in the North.

B. 先天元運 2nd method 江东卦 Period 8 Year 1996 to 03 Feb 2016 water direction should be in the East which is also good for wealth. Ending soon! Period 9 Year 2017 to 2043 water direction in the North.

Majority of the people thought that if your house overlooks a beautiful sea or swimming pool it means great wealth. Wealth depends on the direction of your house to the water . The direction depends on feng shui luck period. In addition form factors like the depth of water, distant and barrier to contain the water matters.  Currently these are 2 auspicious directions to view “water” thereby to enjoy “wealth”.

Therefore it is not ideal to see a full stretch of beautiful sea (especially deep waters) without any mountain or terrain to block it. The seas or oceans without any natural or artificial  enclosed barricade is stormy and is bad feng shui. Probably is easier to understand if i  illustrate why certain economies are booming while others are not. Since i am a native Singaporean, i will be using Singapore and South-East Asia to illustrate. If you have the time you take a look at the World map and you will realised why certain countries are more booming than others..all due to the water being bounded by geographical terrain and the relevant cardinal direction mentioned earlier.

Singapore feng shui Marina

South east asia feng shui

I highlighted those countries that overlooks SW direction and see a hinterland to capture the “water”. Take Singapore as an example, the SW direction is nicely captured by Sumatra island. The blue hand drawn lines are the boundaries that i mentioned to hold the water. So in this case Singapore benefited from Sumatra island and Sumatra is looking at NE water bounded by Malaysia which is not beneficial. The base of the blue arrows are countries benefited from SW direction waters. Check out East side waters yourself. Hope you understand what i mean.

Currently we are in the period 8 of the cycle which starts from 2004 (commencement of Spring season) to 2024 (before commencement of Spring). This period based on 易经 Yi Jing is known as Gen Gua. The teachings of xuan kong flying star is time dynamic to reflect that the world is evolving and changing. If you have shifted into your new house after this period of year 2004 then your home or office fengshui destiny belongs to the period 8 luck cycle.

feng shui period 8 gen gua

What Period 8 Gen Gua represents in fengshui

Mountain, Youngest son between the age of 0- 20/22 this is base on modern day science of life expectancy 80-89 years. Gen gua is earth or flying star 八白左輔星 is also the wealth star for this period. This got nothing to do with the pronunciation of 8 sounded auspicious . Feng shui is based on calculations and not about “sounding” good.

Gen Gua in i Ching or “Yì Jīng”, also known as the Classic of Changes, Book of Changes or Zhouyi fengshui means pause, consolidation, conservation, restriction, quietness, result, proud, stubbornness, retreat, defense, North-East region, solidarity, simplicity, revolution or stop.

Gen Gua represents hands, touch, nose, arm, backbone, stomach, joints, toes ; you may consider this as coincidence that Apple iPhone started the touch screen in year 2007 instead of buttons. During this period 8 there will be an increase in awareness in mother nature’s environment because 3 n 8 combo in He Tu 河图 is symbolic to wood, forestry, agriculture, ozone, recycling.

Gen Gua also represents people belief in “karma” and doing good.
Healthwise it represent joint problem, nervous system, mental disorders like schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder, depression, paranoia, dementia, stones in stomach, constipation, sprained muscles, rhinitis, overweight, rheumatism, gastric, loss of appetite, digestive system, spinal disc problems, brain, intestines etc

Gen Gua in fengshui represents North-East sector, so this sector is the most auspicious; thus if your main door lands in the North-East sector congratulations to you provided you fulfilled the auspicious orientations (degrees). On the other hand South-West which is the exact opposite, is best to see water.
Professions and businesses that are associated with Gen Gua are mining, motel, hotel, warehouse, departmental store, gigantic supermarket, real estate, leather, bones and joints medical specialists, paediatricians, fruits merchants, pet dog related, brain doctors like neurologist, massage, physiotherapist, CAD, interior designers/decorators, museum, ear nose throat specialist etc

Understanding Your Home Feng Shui Luck Shift

If you have not shifted for more than 9 years, chances are your house still belongs to the Period 7 feng shui home which is before 4th Feb 2004. Don’t get alarmed. The transition into period 8 may not necessary means better, it depends on the destiny of your home.

If the house that you are staying is currently enjoying good luck and health; your sitting and orientation degree is probably good. However if you have shifted into your new house before 2004 and seem that life have been miserable, you may consider changing your home or office destiny from Period 7 to a Period 8.

If changing the period is unnecessary for your home or office feng shui then you have to look out for the water flying star “8” instead of “7” or other means to adapt to the changeover in “luck”. You can consider using 城门 “gate” besides your main door which is either left or right; to find a matching star combo 1,6 or 2,7 or 3,8 or 4,9 to the orientation of the flying star. 城门一诀最为良 立宅安坟定吉昌

In this period 8, flying star 8 is the most auspicious follow by 9 and 1.
3 and 4 are bad because they are wood star and it conquers “earth” – 8
2 and 5 are bad because they represents sickness and disaster; However if you can link through professional feng shui advice the 2 stars with 8 to form the trinity of combo 2, 5 and 8 the energies are improved known as the “parents trinity gua” 父母三般卦(天玉经)

Feng Shui World

Since feng shui theories origins came from China, to use the yearly flying star to forecast world events you have to use China as the central point. So Singapore is the South-East orientation of China. This year Singapore is having the 7 & 3 combo see 2014 feng shui forecast, where you can expect accidents and poor economy.

Both the flying stars are obsolete and unlucky. 3 嗤尤 represents wood, literary, compassion, burglary, robbery, kidnap, gossips; 7 破军 represent metal, military, brotherhood, killings, prostitution;  the combo is 穿心煞,刑曜,clashes, conflict, fights, 有肃杀剑锋之象,必主出人刚毅生灾,门争不和 family disharmony,出盗贼劫掠,不仁不义,unrighteous, unethical behaviour 男盗女娼.

Basic understanding of the various time frame

(玄空飞星 xuan kong fei xing) flying star theory
There are basically 9 flying stars controlling 180 years of feng shui luck cycle. Each star dominates 20 years.
一白 (1) feng shui flying star, period 1864-1883
element: water
sector: north
Lucky star regardless of period, 2nd son, literary arts, scholarly development,
Body parts: kidney, urinary system, ear, sperm
二黑 (2) flying star, period 1884-1903
element: earth
sector: south-west
Lucky star in the 2nd period, mother, illness star, depression, lawsuit especially woman, in today’s environment
body parts: skin disease, abdomen, gastritis
三碧(3) feng shui flying star, period 1904 – 1923
element: wood
sector: east
lucky star during the ruling period, conflict, quarrel, lawsuit
四绿 (4) flying star, period 1924 – 1943
element: wood
sector: south east
literature, academic pursues, studies, creativity and brain storming ideas
五黄 (5) feng shui flying star, period 1944 – 1963
element: earth
sector: centre
as the centre is always the control sector, during the 5th period it represent the royal family i.e. kings, lordship, emperor
in today’s 8th cycle it represents major catastrophe and when challenged by wood e.g. flying star (3) it results in massive earthquakes, (9) volcano eruptions because the main component of flying star 5 is earth. Most of the major nature disasters today is usually the result of flying star number (5) e.g. tsunami
六白 (6) feng shui flying star, period 1964 – 1983
element: metal
sector: north-west
still consider a fairly lucky star even though we are in the 8th cycle, it represents military advancement, power, fatherly, CEO, authority figure.
七赤 (7) fengshui flying star, period 1984 – 2003
element: metal period
sector: the west e.g. United States, European countries see map
as the 7th period was over, the bad effects are two-faced “backstabbing” friends, pornograph, litigation, gossip, sex scandal, mouth-related, lawsuits, adultery, prostitution

八白 Gen Gua trigram

艮 Gen Trigram is symbolic to the “Earth” (mountain symbol), youthful energy (youngest son symbol) and the sector of Northeast. Hence in this period towards the North East Sector you should see mountains i.e. tall buildings and water position in the East or South West.

Earth element is the most auspicious feng shui colors and materials for the feng shui of period 8. Khaki, earth-tones, cream, ivory, yellow, brown color is considered to be very lucky in period 8. However this is a general guideline, if your birth profile unfavourable element is “earth” please avoid following the trend blindly. The auspicious feng shui energy for the period 8 can also be drawn with the feng shui earth element materials, such as home decor items made from marble, natural crystals, clay, ceramics, stones, granite, etc.
On a macro view, the earth feng shui element of the period 8 is considered to determine the good luck of any industry connected to land/earth resources; such as real estate, property, building and constructions.
Youthful energy (young man symbol) below the age of 20 in the period 8 feng shui is commonly interpreted as success for companies focused on teenagers and young adults, teenage celebrities pop-idols like justin bieber, entrepreneurship. A stronger focus on health and happy relationships is considered another impact of the feng shui period 8, as youthful energy is maintained in your life when you have good health and are enjoying healthy, happy relationships.
No.8 feng shui flying star is the current ruler till 2023, hence it is the luckiest star right now! it symbolise property development, wealth accumulation, loyalty, filial piety, male age group below 20 will be the superstars during this era. People with boyish looks an added asset. As reported by Forbes, billionaires are getting younger now.

Singapore feng shui in period 8

Take a look at Singapore Feng Shui Master plan for the 21st century, what do you observe about Singapore feng shui? Make a guess why are government is promoting Ponggol and Sengkang? Which sector is Ponggol 21? Where in the geography map of Singapore is Sengkang located? Why do we a  have down town line in the South to connect the dots? I believe you are wise enough to answer these questions if you went through my website.

Feng shui 九紫 flying star, period 9 between 2024 – 2043 ( Our Future & Our Love for our Children )
Element: fire, the era of “fire” element shaping our future. Have you seen signs of it today?
The strongest Yang digit. Since 9 Li Gua represents fire, it means violent, uncontrollable, not advisable to see water in the wrong sector.
Sector: south, where in the google map did you see? the 9 lucky star, hence for this period it supplement the luck of (8). It represents bio-technology breakthrough, cloning, computer electronics, abstract/artistic achievement. It characterise rapid growth of scholarly achievement, reputation, professor, highly intelligent people or genius, linguist, brightness, progressive, Do you realise that you are seeing some of the tell-tale signs now with the advancement in bio-science, mobile phones, robotics, life-sciences…
Human body parts are heart, eyes, small intestines, shoulder and nails.
Sicknesses relating to this era are eye sicknesses, heart problems, miscarriage, hyper tension, skin disease,rashes, dehydration, constipation, blood etc
Profession related in this fengshui period are teachers, scholars, professors, lawyers, magistrate, attorney, judge, detectives, astrologists, psychologist, spiritual leaders, pilot, military leaders, fire arms, art galleries, writers, beauticians, photographers, graphic arts, antiques, laser equipments, opticians etc

Summary of the characteristics of xuan kong fei xing flying stars:

Please allow me to tell you a well kept secret, there is no good or bad “flying stars” the essence behind this fengshui theory is that “ruling star” is the most auspicious follow by the forthcoming star. That is why xuan kong fengshui flying star is popular because of time/space continuum.

We are in the 8th period hence the most auspicious water flying star “8” follow by the forthcoming star “9”. Next is “1” and so forth. However the exceptions are 1, 6 and 8 are generally accepted as good whichever the period is.

“1” flying star scholarly status, corporate promotions, can be use appropriate for studies too
“2” flying star indicates widow, sickness, miscarriage, bed-ridden illness
“3” flying star represents quarrel, conflicts, lawsuit, burglary, disability of the limbs,
“4” flying star is for scholarly pursuits must use with advice
“5” flying star is the worst, more so if interact with 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9
“7” indicates lustful intimacy, car accidents, surgery, e.g. prostitution, confrontational tendencies, lawsuits, STD sexual transmitted disease, AIDS etc, since we are in the 7th period, 7 is bad.
“8” being the best star and is the wealth star.
“9” indicates jubilant, brightness, happiness, auspicious celebrations, robots, human clones, medical breakthrough, fringe science, rapid advancement, romance



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