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Better Health means better Wealth with Feng Shui! A lot of new feng shui clients of FSM when consult me always wanted to know where is the wealth sector, nothing wrong with that. However one did not realised that without health to earn the wealth is a fruitless effort. Or to put it another way, you may be a multi-billionaire but lying in a hospital doesn’t make any sense at all.

Feng Shui has numerous tips to help improve your health. To stress upon the importance of having a vibrant health is not overrated. In fengshui, the relationship between your health and the environment where you live or work is obvious. How positive is your environment, determines how healthy is the person staying or working there? Is your bedroom fengshui conducive to sleep thereby promoting health? Did you feng shui your home kitchen and install the stove position at the right place or misplaced on one of your occupants zodiac sign?

Majority of the Singapore home and businesses suffer from low effective use of feng shui audit to maintain good health for its occupants. Through the years of consultation most of the homes i have seen have not entirely cure or dilute bad energies such as bad structural forms, correct positioning of active “motion” household items like air-condition, clock, doors, water feature, stove and “inactive” items such as bed position, sofa area, cupboards, and so forth. A good feng shui home needs to enjoy high oxygen levels, the right amount of sunlight, avoiding areas with high EMF radiation and geopathic stress.

Feng shui analysis includes the calculation of the Destiny of your home, balance of five elements, the unseen qi 气 / vibes of the house, incorporating birth profiles reading of occupants, strengthening the yin-yang balance, the lucky energy path, checking out the “forms” physical terrain of the house to ensure bad energies are cured, dissolve or diluted.

“not only feng shui affect us but our loved ones too!” so do take care of yourself and your family members.

A sad feng shui case study

I was invited to consult a house feng shui many months ago. As usual before the appointment, i did a calculation on the family members birth profile (bazi reading) and study the layout of the floorplan before the on-site visit.

bedroom feng shui health

During the inspection of the house, i was shocked to see one of the bed position (see picture not to scale for illustration purposes) were so wrong in many ways even without even started calculating the invisible energies (qi) based on feng shui principles:

1) the bed was placed beside the bedroom door.

2) the headboard of the bed was under a very low concrete beam shaded in yellow.

3) the wall sharing with the headboard of the bed happened to be where the kitchen stove is placed. In other words, his head is oriented towards the stove for 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night.

4) the head was in direct conflict with the toilet door.

Realising the urgency of the matter, i checked with my client the family member that is sleeps on this bed and asked him to relocate the bed immediately not necessary even to choose an auspicious dates for bed placement.

He told me that his brother had been sleeping over there for the last 3 years and recently passed away because of brain tumour. He add on to say that his family health have been deteriorating ever since they shifted into this house. Later i did some checks on the whole house especially the main door, bed position and the stove position because these are the key sectors affecting the health of household members besides bazi (birth profile) generic sicknesses.  I felt very sorry for him and i did the usual fengshui cures for his home. After about one month my client called me and mentioned that all their family members health have improved.

General health tips based on feng shui principles

Here are some general tips to ensure good health based on fengshui principles for the interior of your home adding to the 3 pointers written:

1) Ensure that your home is clean and green. If your home is full of clutter it is bad for hygiene.

2) Ensure that the walkway flows freely and unobstructed.

3) Do not place mirrors in front of your bed, you will have nightmare and interrupted sleep.

4) Do not place your stove opposite the toilet door.

5) Do not buy a home that the toilet is right smack in the centre of your floor plan.

6) Do not have a fish tank size that is not in proportion of your home, better still do not place a water position without first consulting with your fengshui master.

7) Much to the common myth that wind chimes ward off evil spirits or cure the diaster 5 flying star; please avoid using it.

8) Do not have your headboard towards the stove or toilet.

9) Do not place your multimedia like television or computers or mobile phone charger beside your head in your sleeping room.

10) Do not have the kitchen entrance in opposite direction with your main door or bedroom doors or toilet doors.

11) Do not place sharp objects likes axe and sword at the main entrance. This will result in accidents and surgery.

12) Avoid kitchen in the sectors with combo like 2,5, 5,2, 5,9 9,5 and 5 Devil even worse if the stove is there.

13) Generally avoid putting items that are incompatible with the element of the sector. For e.g. do not place metal in the East or south-east “wood” sector.

14) Do not carry out renovation without the calculation of auspicious dates.

15) Do not place family photos in the 5 devil sector.

16) Do not have mirrors or clocks facing any doors or windows.

17) Avoid homes that have very severe missing sectors or the layout is very long and narrow i.e. the ratio of breadth is less than 1/4 of the length. Try to get a house that is as squarish as possible.



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