Feng Shui tips

Here are some handy feng shui tips for you to unlock positive energy into your home without engaging a feng shui master.

1.Keep your house clean and tidy. Start small and form a daily habit. (a) Categorise things or belongings that are essential,  currently using and never used before (b) Take action to discard or donate to charity things that you don’t need e.g. toys that your kids have outgrown (c) Get rid of things that you are obsessed and sentimental with. This concept  断 舍 离 is from a Japanese author name 山下英子. According to this author whenever you buy a new item to replace the old one, do dispose the old thing.

古人曰: 久入兰室不闻其香,久住脏屋不觉其乱, “财,不入污门”
古人云: 高堂素壁, 无舒卷之劳; 明窗净几, 有坐卧之安”

in short a dirty living space, dulls your mind, weaken your health…

2. Singapore is a metropolitan city without natural landforms like mountains, rivers etc which makes windows and doors (including bed room doors) playing a vital role in attracting positive “qi air or energy”. If your home physical structure allows, do open windows or doors that are South, NorthEast, West and Northwest directions. Avoid North, East, SouthEast and Southwest. This is based on San Yuan 三元纳气法 which is simple and effective.

3. Do Not indulge in buying Yearly feng shui items without understanding your Home feng shui destiny. And do not accumulate yearly feng shui items without removing it.

4. In today’s context is not about insufficient info but to many contradicting views. These are signs of Period 9 (2024 to 2044). When in doubt about different feng shui principles best not to try on your own without consulting your regular feng shui master.

5. Whenever you are persuade into buying expensive feng shui items always ask yourself does it make “sense” to you? For instance a client of mine was misled into buying tens of  thousand dollars amulet to cure her mum’s cancer.  Another was persuaded to buy expensive wealth-generating talisman believing to make him rich? Learn to accept feng shui is not a miracle performance but enhancement.

6. Thanks to the exaggerated feng shui and bazi propaganda, some new clients i met assumed we can “transform” their life from bad luck to good? How is this possible without hard work, education, change of habits, mental atttude and many others.

7. Try mediation, positive affirmations, read books that induce positive mindset but not wishful thinking without plans and actions.

黄帝宅经: “人因宅而立, 宅因人得存. 人宅相扶, 感通天地”

Lastly have a gracious and thankful attitude to who you are, what you do and those around you. The fact that you are reading this blog has proven you are more blessed than than 700 million people living in poverty.

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