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Feng shui 5 element enhancement

feng shui 5 elementsFeng shui 5 element is derived from a Chinese classic call 五行大义 written by隋萧吉. The Five element theory is more extensive because it is not limited to feng shui or bazi applications. But used for medical cure医 e.g. TCM and forecasting , fortune-telling tool卜e.g. QiMen, dream interpretation etc. Understanding how five element works will help us in many ways. 

Five element constructive and destructive cycle

Application of feng shui five elements theory works both ways “constructive” and “destructive”. Constructive is represented by blue arrow and destructive red arrow. Take wood as an example, wood grows fire blue arrow, metal conquers wood red arrow.

In a figurative sense, forest ( wood ) needs water to grow, produces fire, fire fertilised the soil-earth and gold-metal is mined from earth. Destructive cycle, fire melts metal, metal like axe can take down trees ( wood ), roots of trees can cause soil erosion. Earth like dam controls water.

How 5 elements affect home or office feng shui

Feng shui is balance and harmony. Therefore all 5 elements should ideally be present and not loopsided. For e.g. too much electronic gadgets at home due to excessive fire element causes agitation, tempers etc. It affects our heart, blood and cardiovascular system.  

Five Element applied in feng shui 

The five elements can be expounded to represent body parts, characteristics, colors, smell, shapes and tastes. Assume an office is elongated where the larger area is North sector which represents water.  Water element is interpreted as intelligence & mobility. The excess of North area will result in over-analysing, over-thinking leading to indecisions and  inertia. On health it affects our kidney, ears, urinary system and reproductive organs.

Five elements in Bazi (Chinese birth reading) 

In bazi reading earth represent trust, fire – politeness, water – intelligence, metal – righteousness and wood – compassion. An element can be represented as “healthy” or “unhealthy” level. Too little or too much is at an unhealthy level. Applied it to chinese birth reading, fire at an unhealthy level means the person has a bad temper, rash, respiratory issues etc

Feng shui 5 elements at Unhealthy level

Excess of fire is explained. Having too much metal one became Marvel heroes, saving the world and finding trouble. A gullible person due to excess wood could be doing the wrong things out of sympathy. Too much the person over promise and under-delivered. Thinking too much and too little action is water at unhealthy level.

Earth element

Dry earth: 1 – 3 pm and 7 – 9pm (fire element embedded)
Wet earth 1 – 3 am and 7- 9am (embedded water element)
Sickness related to earth element are intestinal issues, bowels, ulcer,
Symbolic items: soil, rocks, granite, pebbles, natural crystals.
Centre, North-East, South-West
Strengths: Honest, Integrity, Trustworthy, reliable, benevolent, quiet
Weaknesses: slow to respond, overly relax

Fire element
9am to 11am
Sector: South
sickness tendency: heart, blood, circulatory problems
color : shades of red, pink, purple, orange
Symbolism: mobile phones, personal computers, electronic gadgets, smoking, hard liquor
Strengths: Polite, Positive, open-minded, passionate
Weaknesses: Impulsive, impatient

Wood element

3 am to 7 am…get up early at this hour and walk or run towards the East before going to work
East, South-East
an individual who is short of wood tends to have illnesses relating to bones e.g. arthritis
Colour: various shades of green
Symbolism: plants, trees
Strengths: Cherish friendship/relationship, compassionate, honest, rational
Weaknesses: Stubborn, sometimes bias

Feng Shui element Water

9pm to 1 am
Illnesses related to water are kidney, nose and ear
Color : shades of black, blue and grey
Representations: fish tank, wavy structures, fountain, bathtub.
Strengths: Intelligent, hyper-active, multi-talented, agile
Weaknesses: opportunistic, sometimes unable to withdraw when something goes bad

Feng Shui element Metal

3 – 7 pm
Illnesses related to metal are lungs and respiratory organs
Color : white, silver and metallic shades
Symbolism: gold, silver, steel, bronze
Strengths: Sharp, energetic, brave, decisive
Weaknesses: Overly strict, overly aggressive



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