Destiny 宅命 vs Annual 流年

Destiny vs Annual feng shui where problem begins

Many of my clients are confused with the difference between “destiny 宅命” flying star chart of a house and “annual 流年” rotation of the flying star. 

Destiny chart is inborn with the house based on the measurement of it’s orientation e.g. sitting South 185 degree facing North 5 degree. The formula to calculate the feng shui destiny chart is based on San Yuan feng shui school 三元玄空飞星. The principle build upon “timing  & dimension”. Timing refers to shift in date and dimension refers to a given space in this case – the house which is use to plot the destiny energy chart of the house.

The formula to calculate timing is based on the rotation of planets in the solar system which divides each period into 20 years. Currently we are in Period 8 from Year 2004 to 2023, so if you shift in within this period then your Home Destiny Chart belongs to Period 8. We need to understand the interaction between destiny vis-a-vis annual because that is where all the problem start when something happened to us.

Destiny is passive and Yearly flying star is active

We can use the analogy of the Destiny chart as if time is static, which all of us know that it is not. It is latent, passive and nothing will happen when motion is not created. On the other hand, yearly flying stars are active and rotates every year. There are 9 flying stars and it will land at the same sector every 9 years. In order not to confuse you just bear in mind that 3 out of the 9 flying stars are very bad “5”, “2” and “3”.

Please allow me to share this feng shui audit done on 17 March 2010 which makes it easier for you to understand. After calculating the destiny energy chart of the entire house, i told my client that her main door – South sector is embedded with a harmful energy combo of “5 3 3”. Main door is an important function in feng shui because it affects all occupants in the house. South sector in IChing is symbolic to the 2nd daughter or middle age female. 

Flying star 5 represents disaster or misfortune and 3 disharmony. 5 is earth element and 3 is wood element. Wood conquers earth and earth represent intestines, thus this combination is harmful to our digestive system. The bad energy is latent because it is impossible that the family have daily intestine issues. 

Year 2010 annual flying star 3 and March flying star 5 both coincidentally at South sector. The collision expose the negative destiny energy. Please note that 53 overlapped and doubled! When my client consulted me her daughter is having a colon surgery.

The incident demonstrate the importance to do Destiny feng shui audit on afflicted areas in the house to reduce lurking illnesses.  To use an analogy destiny feng shui is like a full body checkup and annual feng shui is health screening.



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