Destiny 宅命 vs Annual 流年

Destiny vs Annual feng shui difference

Many readers are confused with “destiny宅命” vs “annual流年” feng shui. There are numerous feng shui formulas to calculate Home Feng Shui Destiny Chart. One accurate model is San Yuan school of feng shui 三元风. It is about “timing  & dimension时间  空间”. San Yuan divides each period into 20 years per cycle, currently we lived in Period 8 (Year 2004 to 2023) so if you shift in within this period then your Home Destiny belongs to Period 8 chart. San Yuan Destiny feng shui energy chart is derived from it’s orientation and external landforms. Another formula school Ba Zhai 八宅(8 mansions) calculate house destiny 宅命 based on orientation of the main door. Whether which formula we adopt, each house will have it’s own unique, destiny energy chart that is innate and permanent.

Feng Shui energy influence only when you have shifted in

On the other hand Annual feng shui only last for 1 year. Some commonly used formulas to calculate Annual feng shui are 紫白飞星 Zi Bai flying star, 十二神煞, 三合 and others. Using an analogy of a human body, Destiny is DNA and Annual are Yearly checkup. In business terms, you can regard destiny feng shui as macro & strategic, whereas annual feng shui are tactics. Both must work hand in hand to optimise home feng shui results.

What concerns you is how the house feng shui will influence you when you move in. Thus the formula to determine feng shui destiny is based on the year you shift in, which forms “feng shui taiji locus point” 太极点. It is not based on the year when the building is completed because without “us” human, it is just an empty building i.e. no taiji source. 

Why Destiny Feng Shui audit is necessary

You may wonder why there is a need for destiny feng shui audit where one can seek help every year. The difference is destiny feng shui audit works like a pre-employment medical check up to ensure that you are fit for work and for your house fit for living. If your house is unfit then doing annual feng shui will lose it’s efficiency or make it worse.

Using a business model as an analogy, before launching a new product, one need to ensure that the Company have sufficient internal resources i.e. people, money, time. If not the product will fail even before it get started. 

Destiny feng shui – a full body checkup of your home fitness

Through destiny feng shui consultation one will know exactly where are the positive, negative and neutral energy sectors. By rectifying the negative sectors, we eliminate your home embedded sicknesses qualifying your home feng shui is fit to combat against any external threats. If one were to do only annual health screening, without a full body check, certain innate issues may surface over the years resulting in critical illness that are too late to be resolved. 

Beware of masters who does annual feng shui and charging you the full price

Due to our fast pace society where impatience and instant gratification are by-products, there are some feng shui masters taking advantage of the trend to conduct annual feng shui for the same fee as destiny feng shui. As mentioned doing Annual feng shui without a thorough audit of the house physical environment, structure and destiny can be harmful. 

It is without doubt that one should be aware of yearly feng shui risks such as the damaging effects of annual flying star 5, 2, 3,  and 三煞, 太岁, 岁破 particularly if it lands at your main doors or any opening that allows “energy” to come in. However home destiny feng shui check should precede the annual for a more holistic approach.





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