Destiny 宅命 vs Annual 流年

Destiny vs Annual feng shui where problem begins

Many of my clients are confused between “destiny 宅命” flying star chart of a house and “annual 流年” influence by the rotation of flying star. 

Destiny chart is inborn with the house based on it’s orientation e.g. facing North 5 degree.  It is permanent. There are many formulas to calculate the feng shui destiny chart. One of the popular and accurate method is San Yuan Xuan Kong feng shui school 三元玄空飞星. The formula is fluid and time dynamic. It works on the principle of “timing for a given space 时间-空间”.

Life is about timing and timing is everything

How often do we hear that being in the right place at the right time. Xuan Kong believed that you make hay while the sun shines. You capitalise on what is “current”. In feng shui we call it as attracting & containing the “生气 life vital force” or most media mispronounce it as “chi” instead of mandarin translation “qi” hanyu pinyin.

The importance of timing can be explained with practical examples. You should buy a stock when the price is low and sell it when the price is high. You don’t ask for a raise when your boss just quarrelled with his wife. This is similar to bazi reading you do your own business when you are having a “bull run” for 10 years. When forecasted luck is bad you do nothing, that is your move. To understand timing, you have to understand your bazi, your home feng shui and the connection between your goals and your environment.

Destiny is passive and Yearly flying star is active

For easy understanding let’s presume that “house destiny” feng shui energy is latent & static. The energy which is either positive or negative will have no effect on us when it is “inactive” e.g. home shelter because we don’t use it often. On the other hand, we use the main door every day and if main door energy is positive, then you are ushering positive vibes into your home every day. On the other hand if your main door home destiny already possess combo of any of these negative energies of 2, 5, 3 & 7 then it is a matter of “time” the negative effect will happen.

When misfortune happen in a “sudden” manner it is usually the interference of bad “annual” flying star

destiny vs annual feng shui

Please allow me to share this feng shui audit done on 17 March 2010. After calculating the house destiny energy chart, i told my client that her main door – South sector is embedded with a harmful energy combo of “5 3 3”. As usual i recommended the necessary cures. Later she told me her daughter is hospitalised with colon cancer and that is the reason she seek feng shui help.

Main door is an important function in feng shui because it affects all occupants in the house. South sector in IChing is symbolic to the 2nd daughter or middle age female. 

Misfortune happens when Annual flying star overlap with Destiny Energy chart

Flying star 5 represents disaster or misfortune and 3 disharmony. 5 is earth element and 3 is wood element. Wood conquers earth and earth represent intestines, thus this combination is harmful to our digestive system. The bad energy is latent because it is impossible that the family have daily intestine issues. 

Year 2010 annual flying star 3 and March flying star 5 both coincidentally at South sector. The collision expose the negative destiny energy. Please note that 53 overlapped and doubled! 

The incident demonstrate the importance to do Destiny feng shui audit on afflicted areas in the house to reduce lurking illnesses.  To use an analogy destiny feng shui is like a full body checkup and annual feng shui is health screening.



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