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Importance of Main Door in feng shui

Lately some of the new DBSS , BTO flats that i have audited, the main door faces Kitchen Door 门冲煞 see illustration circle in red. This is bad feng shui layout (风水大忌). From past experiences bad effects are increase chances of falling sick, bad relationship, quarrelsome, financial losses or sometime accidents needing surgeries 血光之灾. It gets worse if the energy chart at the Main Door is 2 5 collision (二黑病符 五黄廉贞星) or 五鬼 or 死门 depending on the school of feng shui applied.


The house that i audited, distance between Main Door and the kitchen door is so close, you could hardly place a partition to block. In any case blocking the main door “气qi” with a partition is not a good idea. In 50% of the cases that i have seen having a partition to create 玄关 at the main door area is bad even if sometime the reason is to rectify 穿堂风.

feng shui home newKitchen in feng shui is “fire element”. Besides the main door, kitchen door  or opening should not face any bedroom doors or toilet door. Hopefully architects and house planners do not design this kind of layout for new homes anymore.

The audited unit also come with another bad feng shui flawed layout. The main door faces kitchen door and faces the yard. This in feng shui is known as “扯水”. It means “energy” is not trapped in the house but rapidly disappear from the yard. One of the key concept of feng shui is  to trap the positive energy – 藏风 聚气. The intensity of bad feng shui depends on the distance between the Main Door – Kitchen Door and the yard. It is even worse if the yard overlooks an open space.

Classical Feng shui principles emphasize the importance of Main Door in feng shui.

The Eight Mansion theory quotes 八宅明镜, “阳宅首重大门,以大门为气口,纳气旺则吉,衰气则凶”, “宅以门为吉凶,路为助,门向辨” a good or bad feng shui is determine by it’s Door and and the road leading towards the door.

The great grand Master of Feng Shui 蔣大鴻, written in 天元五歌 The Heavenly song classic quotes   “门为宅骨路为筋,筋骨交连血脉均” The main door is the backbone of the entire house feng shui.

入屋看门口,祸福知八九 it means by evaluating the door location & direction, one can tell with 80 to 90 percent confidence whether the house is good or bad.

Even if you are lucky enough to land yourself with a Good Destiny 宅命 house, the Main Door must still be located within an auspicious sector.

feng shui main door LiftMain Door clashes with Lift not necessary bad

One common misrepresentation is to associate Main Door that faces the Lift entrance is 100% bad. If that is true those condos with private lifts (usually the premium ones) must have shifted out within 1 year due to bad consequences like sickness, heavy financial loss. In order to judge good or bad, one must determine the energy coming from the main door direction and second the occupation of the owners. In feng shui there are times that “clashes 冲” can be seen as positives. The key is in the “timing” and whether it clashes good or bad! See feng shui quote below:


Facing the Lift entrance merely means “speeding up” the energy so it can be positive or negative! Just that you know in business feng shui we “love” 杀气 bad energies, because bad energies means business opportunities once you can manage it.

Main Door faces your neighbour door 门 对 门 taboo

鲁班经 二家不可面相对,必主一家退 Effect: luck going downhill, quarrel? It is one of the taboo of feng shui to associate main door faces another main door is bad. i am sure you are aware that most hdbs or apartment or landed either faces your neighbour’s door or corridor or wall. Door faces door will only caused problem if your neighbour hang a bagua, mirror, reflective mirror-like metal gate OR items such as lion etc. Therefore it is definitely a bad idea for you to install these items at your main door which may backfired.

Main Door faces a flight of staircase leading downwards

This is bad. It means financial loss. Some of these are emergency fire exits. The concept applies to escalators or slopes that is leading downwards drawing the “气 qi” away from your home.

Do Not install a mirror on the right hand side of your main door

In feng shui when you stand inside the house facing towards the main door, your left hand side is the green dragon 左青龙 position and right hand side is white tiger 右白虎. Having a mirror on your right hand side create unwanted troubles, sickness, disharmony, gossip, lawsuit etc it gets worse if happen that your right hand side is West direction.

feng shui door

Main Door faces an Angular wall 

See picture. Main door faces less than 90 degree wall something like 40-60 degree unlike common perception of facing a 90 degree wall. Sometimes it is not a wall but a pillar . There is no “sha qi” from a perpendicular wall, seen some Taiwan feng shui video call it 壁刀煞 which is untrue. There are quite a number of HDB units facing an adjacent pillar and no such bad happenings. However from survey only a handful of clients psychologically feels uncomfortable about it when i asked them. I told them just place a tall bushy plant on the edge of pillar to cover the so call “unsightly view”. You don’t have to buy pei xiu or qi lin or elephant or tortise or dragon to solve it. It is psychological than feng shui. It is very similar to units that are facing primary schools, some clients complained about the morning “bells” that irritates them but this is purely individual lifestyle. From feng shui perspective facing a school is good and it helps in scholarly pursues.

Main Door faces a passageway / corridor

This is quite common in HDB houses where the 2 corner units are facing a corridor. If the corridor is open meaning energy are dispersed it poses no problem but if it is a constricted passage enclosed by 2 walls then it is “杀气 sha qi”

Main door and Shoe Cabinet

There is nothing wrong having a shoe cupboard near to the doorway so long as it does not obstruct you from entering and leaving your house. The only concern about shoe cupboards is hygiene. It should be ventilated. Some old shoes if you do not wear it often enough tends to grow fungus and mushrooms.

Main Door should be bright

If your door is the end of corridor or unusually dark then it is advisable to have lights inside. More often than not it is useful to have light at the doorway it makes it convenient for you at night.


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