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Main Door plays a pivotal role in affecting good or bad house feng shui. Before buying your new home, ensure that your main door is at the right location and right direction.


Main Door faces kitchen opening

Lately some new DBSS , BTO flats that i audited, main door faces kitchen door. This is bad feng shui layout (风水大忌). Likely effects are sickness, bad relationship, quarrelsome, financial losses or freak accidents 血光之灾. It gets worse if main door feng shui destiny chart consist of 2 5 energy combo (二黑病符 五黄廉贞星) or Gua number 五鬼 or QiMen Dunjia 死门.

Main door faces open window 穿堂风 resulting in wealth loss is over dramatise

The house that i audited, distance between Main Door and kitchen entrance is so close that you could hardly place a partition to neutralise the bad effects.

feng shui home newKitchen in feng shui is “fire element”. Besides the main door, kitchen door  or opening should not face any bedroom doors or toilet door. 

The audited unit also come with another feng shui flaw. The main door, kitchen door and yard in one straight line i.e. 3 openings. Feng shui call this as energy being rip off (扯水). Therefore this house is unable to retain 生气 life force vital energy.

In a different scenario if the main door faces the window and behind the window there is another taller building then it is not known as 穿堂风. 穿堂风 is not as bad as how some youtube present it. The bad effect is inability to keep money or wealth loss. But money today is to re-invest, money makes money not man make money. Moreover keeping money and attracting more money is 2 different thing. The later is proactive and former passive form of money management. In any case wealth loss is not necessary bad, spending $70k for a well deserved luxurious holiday sounds good to me.

main door feng shui classic quotes

The Eight Mansion quotes “阳宅首重大门,以大门为气口,纳气旺则吉,衰气则凶”, “宅以门为吉凶,路为助,门向辨” Main door is important because it is the main source of energy. Whether it attracts positive or negative energy depend on it’s direction. Besides, the “road” i.e. corridor, lift leading to the main door is an important consideration.

Interestingly some masters still uses the window as the house destiny 宅命 orientation. One thing for sure we don’t climb through our windows to enter our home. In the absence of “human” factor there is no good or bad feng shui.

易经系辞传:天 timing / god’s blessing 地 environment/fengshui 人 human 三才

The great grand Master of Feng Shui 蔣大鴻, written in the Heavenly song 天元五歌 quotes “门为宅骨路为筋, 筋骨交连血脉均”. The main door is the backbone for the entire home feng shui.

入屋看门口,祸福知八九 it means by evaluating the door location & direction, one can tell with how good or bad is the house.

It is a must condition to locate your main door in an auspicious sector even if your Home Destiny chart 宅命 is good.

feng shui main door LiftMain Door clashes with Lift not necessary bad

One common misrepresentation is main door faces lift entrance is bad. If that is the case most premium condos with private lifts must be going in and out of hospital 3 times a year or went bankrupt. In order to judge whether is this bad energy we first have to determine which direction. Main door clashes with lift door in the right direction is priceless, see feng shui quote below:


Since the lift is working 24/7 it accelerates energy, it can be positive or negative depending on your door’s direction. Main door faces the lift by itself does not constitute good or bad feng shui.

Main Door faces your neighbour door 门 对 门 taboo

鲁班经 二家不可面相对,必主一家退 Effect: luck going downhill, quarrel? It is one of the taboo of feng shui to associate main door faces another door is bad. Look around Singapore apartment or HDB isn’t this common? Are we in trouble. The answer is “no”.

It will only create problem if you have a bad neighbour. When your neighbour hangs bagua mirror, use reflective metal gate or place ferocious items such as lion or 貔貅.

Main Door faces staircase leading downwards

This is bad. It means financial loss. Some of these are emergency fire exits. The concept applies to escalators or slopes that is leading downwards drawing the “气 qi” away from your home.

main door feng shui Do Not install a mirror on the right side of your main door

Right or left direction is taken when you stand inside the house facing outwards. The left side of the door is green dragon 左青龙 position and right white tiger 右白虎.

Therefore we should not place a mirror on the right side of your main door. This will invite sicknesses, disharmony, gossip or even lawsuit. It gets worse if your right side happen to be West.

feng shui door






Main Door faces an Angular wall 

See picture, main door faces an angular wall formed 45 degree on each side looks like a “knife” cutting the house into half. This is bad main door feng shui but luckily not common in Singapore. More common are houses that face a 90 degree perpendicular wall. There is no “sha qi” from a perpendicular wall. If you look around within your house most furniture are perpendicular to you.

Youtube drama call it 壁刀煞 in my opinion so untrue. There are quite a number of HDB that i audited over the last 20 years and no negative feedback. However a handful of my clients still feel psychologically uncomfortable. The simple solution is to place a tall bushy plant to cover the view. This is psychological than feng shui.

Main Door faces a passageway / corridor

Another common sight are HDB corner units, main door facing common corridor. If the corridor is “open” leading to the door, meaning energy are unobstructed & dispersed it poses no problem. However if the corridor is enclosed by 2 walls where energy is constricted then it is bad energy or 杀气 sha qi.

Main door and Shoe Cabinet

There is nothing wrong having a shoe cupboard near to the doorway so long as it does not obstruct you from entering or leaving your house. The only concern is hygiene. It should be well-ventilated if not you may become the proud owner of fungus or mushroom farm at home.

Main Door should be bright

If your door is the end of corridor or unusually dark then having lights inside the main door will solve the problem. It is also practical when you come back late at night.

Lastly i can’t say enough about the importance of main door influence in home feng shui.


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