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In business feng shui, the brand, logo and colour scheme do have an impact on the success of a business other than the birth profile of the owner and the destiny of the office. The colours and shapes are expressions of the feng shui five elements which are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

The chinese classical art and science of feng shui has numerous applications in business – all focused on creating a better quality energy to order to improve revenue and profitability of a Company.

Besides matching the type of business that a Company is in, the Corporate Identity communication package must be compatible with the bazi favourable elements of the business owners running the show. The “elements” created in the brand name should be in favour with the bazi of the CEO.

In business, feng shui is apply to create a positive flow of “qi” (energies) to induce harmony and health of of the employees, as well as to improve the topline and bottomline. Besides the Logo, business feng shui also look into aspects of marketing and promotion materials such as business cards, billboards, signages, press releases, flyers and other business marketing materials.

Feng shui can even be applied to the design of a web portal, as it is all about the expression of the energy of a business, its corporate image, positioning, identity and goals.

Before we look into the business logo guidelines, be sure to find out the main feng shui element of your business, as this is a helpful starting point in the design of your business logo. You can look at this link about feng shui five elements and business industry type as a start.

Business fengshui 5 elements by industry, businesses or professions

In chinese astrology, a “weak” wood person will be suitable to be in the water business because water generate wood. On the other hand a “strong wood” profile will need “earth” because this is his wealth.

feng shui fire industry

Art and craft related, psychologist, artist, graphic designer, computer and computer related industries, electronics, mobile phones, beautician, cosmetics, fuel, singer, dancer, movie celebrities, aromatherapy, plastic, hot beverages cafe, cooking, electric engineering, energy, firework, food processing, gas or oil company, petroleum, chemistry, therma, multimedia, printing, liquor, laser, lighting, movie production, photography, semi-conductor and anything that utilises light or heat, or uses objects to create light or heat.

feng shui metal industry

Financial, banks, insurance, gold, machining, mining, car maker, key, hardware, glass, accountancy, auditor, military, police, security, debt collector, pawn shop, engineering, moulding, hardware shops, mechanical engineering, hardware stalls, metal, military, army personnel, work that depends on metal or related to financial accounting.

feng shui wood industry

Cultural profession, novelist, writer ( but not blog cos blog is more to fire related via internet ), teacher, professor, relating to the educational business, publisher, carpentry, botanist, florist, plantation, greeneries, paper, doctor, timber, wood furniture, textile, stationery, cultural publications, writer, civil servant, health care products, nurse, doctor, library, fabric, curtains, cloth, bookshop, gardening, office supplies.

feng shui water industry

Business that is highly mobile, involving changes, overseas travelling, Marine, Naval seal, spa, fire fighting, aquarium, cold beverages, soya sauce, sportsman, magician, illusionist, outdoor journalist, outdoor newscaster, swimming coach, cleaning companies, casino, sailing, yacht, retailing, stocks and shares, cold and refrigerated products like ice cream, fish, meat, fruits, aircondition, travelling, tourist industry, coach buses, transportation, trains, railway, anything business relating to water/sea/lakes or need water to produce, sales personnel, entertainment industry.

feng shui earth industry – period 8 most trending industry 

Real estate and property related, architecture, building, construction, pet shop, storage & warehousing, pawn shop, antiques, building materials, renovator, ceramics, demolition, marble, pottery, real estate agent, landfill, recycle, sculpture, stone masonry, and any job that involves earth, soil, land, or rock e.g. carpark, mining.

There are 5 main categories to classify a business industry, however some industries do overlap and stretch across 2 different elements. Take for example a real estate company belongs to the “earth” industry but the “property agents” are consider as “water” element because they travelled around to look for new businesses. These guidelines are based on essential feng shui principles such as the five element theory, the yin-yang theory and the harmonious combination of various elements in order to best express specific energies.

The first one is the choice of color, as human’s reaction to color is stronger than the reaction to shapes and words. Feng shui-wise, each color represents a specific feng shui element and it is chosen with care.

Feng Shui Colours:

Fire: Red, orange, purple, pink

Earth: Khaki brown, yellow, brown

Wood: Green

Water: Blue, black, grey.

Metal: White

Color is followed by the choice of specific shapes, as shapes are also expressions of the five feng shui elements.

Fire: Triangle, sharp edges and fonts

Wood: Long and slender text, rectangle in shape

Water: Wavy, cursive fonts

Metal: Round, rounded fonts

Earth: Square, squarish fonts.

Images and symbols, even though a combination of colors and shapes, are the next category, followed by the category of signage directions and auspicious measurements.

Let’s examine these four main categories in more detail to see how feng shui can help you create the most auspicious design of your business logo and other marketing materials.


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