bad feng shui

Bad feng shui energy

One of the worst form of bad feng shui energy is facing an on-going construction site. Facing an on-going constuction site is difficult to solve due to it’s magnitude and duration. The feng shui effects for businesses like offices, shops sales plummet.  For home family members fall sick. It is Singapore feng shui worst nightmare.

Physical environment is the hardware and Energy is the software

Feng Shui constitute 2 main aspects (a) physical environment 峦头 and (b) invisible energy 理气. Construction is one of the major player of negative energy which can’t be resolve immediately because development take years. As landform is where we harness our “vital energy 生气” into our house that makes choosing a good environment so important.  To quote 峦头为体, 理气为用 energy is useless without environment attributes. To use an analogy physical environment is the hardware and “qi” energy is the software. One cannot do without the other.

Health suffers when construction commences 

Based on I Ching formula, bagua (direction) affects one part of our body or element or family member. Take for example South direction/sector there is a on-going construction, our eyes/heart/blood is affected. It affects the 2nd daughter and it causes imbalance of the five-element cycle because South is fire. One can further refined it into a segment within a sector call the 24 mountains 二十四山. Using the same example South consist of 丙午丁 thus affecting those born in the year of the horse and birth year Bing 丙 or Ding 丁 Fire.

Sector/direction and Body parts

North – affects our kidney, bladder, ears, ovary and urinary system
South – affects our heart, eyes, blood and cardiovascular system
West – affects our breathing, lungs and respiratory system
East – affects our liver, lower limbs, muscle/joints, right shoulder
Northeast – nose, fingers, back, chest
Southwest – stomach, intestine, digestive system
Northwest – head, brain, big intestine
Southeast – gall, neuro, breathing, wind

If these afflicted areas coincide with the bad annual energy the effect is amplified. Examples of bad annual energy are tai sui 太岁, flying star misfortune  5, sickness 2 and 3 killings 三煞. Even if these sectors are positive,  they will still be bad.

Office renovations around you

Besides construction, on-going renovation work is just as bad. If you are the early bird to shift into your new office chances are your staff will the scapegoat for bad energies. In terms of intensity of impact, the worst is same unit, one floor above you, follow by the office opposite to your office. The least effect is the unit one floor below but it is still bad business.

“construction negative energies” can be transported

A real-life case of a female owner that needed help on home feng shui because she went through 2 ovary-related operations. From feng shui perspective key areas to look out for such problem are:

Form school “water” element – positioning of toilet, basin, bath tub, water feature.
Home destiny flying star chart “1” (一白胎神) position
Eight mansions 六煞 and 廉贞 positions
North – reproductive system & Southwest sector – female owner
Kitchen – female owner
Annual and Home destiny flying star 2 and 5 locations

feng shui bad energiesi check and double checked, find nothing wrong with her home feng shui nor luck pillars. Being curious i asked about her workplace. She told me there are construction going on surrounding her office. Every day she will passed by the construction site before reaching home. After making a trip down to her office and doing some cures the problem was finally resolved after 1 month. Her last medical checkup was fine and you may call it a coincidence.

In my opinion, bad energies are transported from her office construction site somehow, but don’t ask me why because i can’t find any scientific evidence to prove it. Feng shui masters are humans too, there are things we don’t know. The moral of this incident is to look into all aspects of home & office feng shui besides birth profile.


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