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15 Feng Shui Myths debunk

feng shui myth mistressThese feng shui myths seem to stay on forever since i started doing feng shui for more than 20 years now. Most of us are well educated yet appalling feng shui theories sprung up like wild mushrooms.

Myth 1 – mistress 包二奶

Not sure which imperial feng shui book, this teachings came from. i was make aware from my client that there is this youtube video showing that having more than 1 kitchen-stove-burner  灶 or room-within-a-room  房中房 has the good fortune of attracting mistresses.

Wow never realised that the cost of having a mistress is so cheap only at $39.9. Guess most people can afford it. Perhaps the feng shui master did not do actual feng shui work because wet (heavy cooking) & dry kitchen (light cooking) concept have been around easily more than 10 years.

Feng shui principles are formulas and calculations not imaginations.

Myth 2 角煞 Perpendicular walls Sha Qi

If you look inside your house or look out from your windows you are bound to see objects that are upright at 90 degree. If these are poison arrows you probably have to live on top of mountains. 

Authentic teachings of feng shui focus on Yin Yang, Law of motion, 雌雄交媾, 阴阳相合, 动静, 山水零正原则, 天地人 日课 气质 and many others.

Feng shui Myth 3 – bed in the middle of  nowhere

All those who have engaged me sleeping with their bed in the middle of the room done by their previous master, complained about sleep disorder, insomnia, sickness, low energy etc.

Not sure which classical book of feng shui principle this teaching comes from. First for practical reasons, it is a waste of space. Second feng shui is about the environment, therefore early human life live in caves. Why? to fell secure & protected by walls at the back. There is no feeling of “security” floating in the middle with air/energy behind your headboard. More importantly there is no feng shui principle that supports this layout. 

Myth 4. Tilting of Main Door 斜门 

My client was told by his ex-feng shui master because of the main door faces a multi-storey carpark so it is necessary to tilt the door. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt that facing a carpark is bad environment attributes. By adjusting the door direction at a small degree, is it possible that the negativity will go away? What about the fumes and noise pollution? Main Door in feng shui is symbolic to the “mouth”. Having a crooked mouth is unattractive to start with and a sign of stroke. And to make things worse you are telling the whole world that your house is bad when you try to sell in future.

Feng shui misconception 5 – mirror double your abundance

One of my client was told that placing a mirror besides the dining table is symbolic to doubling of abundance. I told him it can also symbolises gluttony raising cholesterol levels. Because certain part of feng shui is 化无形 为有 transforming invisible energy into a “form”.  Why not place it beside your safe then double your $$$ instead LOL. 

6. Risks of self-help annual feng shui products 

feng shui mythPlacing self-help feng shui items from yearly almanac without checking home destiny is dangerous

Take this house destiny for example, sitting West facing East. In 2014 auspicious flying star 9 is at North sector. If you follow annual almanac to place plants to enhance fire star 9 then you are inviting trouble.

Inherent Home Destiny energy chart, North is 5 and 2 sickness combo.  Strong earth elements and represent misfortune or sickness. In feng shui 5-element theory, wood conquers earth, by challenging the earth element, you are activating the sickness energy.

7. Feng shui cleanising power

What sort of cleansing power you need? for “forms” or “qi”? or both? Most feng shui principles have built-in cures for bad energies. Take for an example 八宅法 8 mansions feng shui,  Tian Yi 天医 positive energy can counter Jue Ming 绝命 negative energy.

Legitimate feng shui remedies conform to 1 or more of the 5 methods i.e. 遮  hide、挡 block、化 dilute、斗 fight 、避 avoid. Any deviations is not authentic practice. 

8. Feng shui myth Gua symbolism – SE is wealth sector 

One misleading representation is to associate Gua and it’s symbolism. E.g. South-East zone is Wealth sector for every home in the world.  Wow so simple, in that case why do you need feng shui masters to activate your wealth. 

9. Diagonal to your door home Wealth sector 明财位

This is just one of the many formulas to find Home Wealth sector. Nothing to shout about. Again we don’t need to engage the service of a feng shui master to do the job if finding a “quality” wealth sector is so easy.

10. Feng shui numbers 8 is lucky, 4 means death

Feng shui is not a “sound” check tool. 4 is not associated with death and 8 does not mean prosperity. 13 is not unlucky because of the movie Friday the 13th. “Numbers” in feng shui is use to symbolise certain things e.g. 6 is metal element NOT what it “sound-like”.

11. Feng shui churn out 1st prize 4D numbers

Some masters in their blog or testimonials or yearly almanac provide lucky numbers or evidence of clients striking lottery. Not sure they are promoting feng shui or gambling. If the master is so good at 4D or toto, i don’t think he need to work. Perhaps he will give you the excuse he don’t have such “personal bazi luck” but is it possible that “all” his customers possess “bazi luck”? All his customers got gambling luck except him? 

12. Footboard of bed not to face door 

i was told by my client that he was advised that footboard of the bed should not face the door. Not sure why? Best way to place the bed is at the diagonal corner of the door. Feng shui call it the energy collection point 聚气位.

13. Feng shui myth – results guaranteed

Feng shui can guarantee improvements but not results. Professionals like doctors, lawyers…can’t guarantee saving life nor winning a case. Let alone feng shui is not an exact science. Feng shui masters are humans not God. Moreover there are so many factors that influence a person’s luck e.g. birth profile strengths & weaknesses, effort, luck pillars, personality, work experience, education, birth era and many others. Guess masters who promote that are “desperate” for business or get ahead of themselves.

14. Colour red 

i have consulted some feng shui done by other masters…not sure why their signature application is to put red door mat and hang red cloth at the main door that looks like “wedding” ceremony. Chinese culture associate “red” as the auspicious colour.

Red in feng shui represents “the most yang” 阳 energy and “black the most yin” 阴” energy. Red in the 5 element chain represent “fire”. Therefore please be mindful that your “red” item should not be at the sickness zones.

15. Kitchen feng Shui Water and Fire Confrontation

This is by far one of the most creative and exaggerate rule. i got a client that is so terrify that they do not dare to cook and order package dinners. Which is just as unhealthy violating why they see feng shui in the first place.  The misconceptions is stove (burner) against water sink or fridge or washing machine, see full details here kitchen feng shui.


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