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Singapore Feng Shui a different perspective

Feng Shui symbolsThe term “dragon” was overused in feng shui to add mystery and sophistication in presentations. Original feng shui classics, term “dragons” as mountains 风水论: 龙脉,即 山脉. 风水 借龙 的 名称来代表山脉的走向、起伏、转折、变化。因为龙善变化,能大能小,能屈 能伸,能隐能现,能飞 能潜 One of my clients told me that there are “5 Dragons” in Singapore, i was born in Singapore but i have not seen any mountains in Singapore. Mountains are defined as having minimum height of 300 m. Even if we use one of the feng shui discipline call “呼形喝象”, meaning associate a symbol to an object that we see For example we can imagine TV antenna as “centipede” in feng shui. No matter how imaginative i tried, i am unable to see 5 mountainous terrains  i.e. “Dragon” running through Singapore.

Feng Shui Singapore – Water Dragon?

geomancy singapore dragonJust my personal opinion i will regard Singapore as “Water Dragon” since the use of term “dragon” add sophistication to my web. Singapore is an island surrounded by waters, no mountains, the highest hill is in Bukit Timah. To quote one of the Chinese feng shui classic 疑龙经  Singapore come close as “平洋龙”. The english direct translation is “peaceful ocean dragon”. Extracts of this Chinese classical  wisdom, i quote goes like this, see whether you will agree with me.

1. 杨筠松(疑龙经):”行到平洋莫问踪,但看水绕是真龙。”平洋之地,其势为阳,其生气自下行上,但求其平坦开阔,虽然四面无遮,而不嫌八风相吹,不忧其生气散佚”

2. 缪希雍 (葬经翼): “平洋阔衍,去山岗甚远,穿田度水,断伏已多,众水交流,平夷如掌。”因此,平洋地最重要的是水龙交合”.

3. (入地眼): “平地龍從高頂發,高起星峰低落脈。高山既認好星峰,平地兩旁尋水勢。兩旁水界是真龍,水纏即是山纏理。霜降水涸龍不現。春夏水高龍背見。此是平洋看龍法,過處如絲或如線.”

Through Google satellite map one can see that tiny Singapore is located at the tip of Peninsula Malaysia. Malaysia act as a strong hinterland with “mountains” and terminates at Singapore. Your will notice that the direction is from Mt. Kinabalu mountain. The mountain runs in a North-West direction. North-West in Book of Changes is  乾 卦. Hence we can also interpret Singapore as  乾龙  Qian Dragon  入 首. Qian Gua represents Heaven and it’s element is Metal. The sector is North-West and symbolic to Fatherly figure, strong leadership, strongest Yang Element, Mentor, Decisive, Respectable, Enforcement and Management. Based on the feng shui principles of Xuan Kong Feng Shui Flying Star, Period Six between 1964 to 1983 正神方 is in the North-west. You may call it coincidence because Singapore gain it’s independence in August 1965 which falls within Period 6. Using feng shui five elements principles, the 2 elements that are favourable to Qian which is metal are “earth” & “metal” itself.   Singapore economy still performs well during the Period 7 兑卦 (metal) from 1984 to 2003 and current Period 8 from 2004 to 2023 艮卦 (earth).

Prosperous Major Cities and enclosed water energy

world major city feng shuiHow do you see Singapore Feng Shui today? Have you consider why Singapore being a tiny little island is so rich? Why Feng Shui Singapore economy is booming in Wealth but fare poorly in population growth? Why Singapore cannot keep local talents from migrating overseas? Again you may call this coincidence, it is due to our geographical endowment. In feng shui 山管人丁 水主财 “water” signifies wealth and “mountains” represents people or population. Give some thought to this, do you realise that  most Major Cities in the World are near to water? In comparison those cities that are not near to “enclosed water” are poorer in economic performance. It also have to do with the movement of Earth’s energies based on San Yuan 三元 九运 or 二元八运 in conjunction. Do some research yourself.

RICHEST FENG SHUI CITIESLet’s go through Singapore economy briefly based on San Yuan feng shui luck period 三元 九运 perspective.

Singapore feng shui in Period 7 兑卦 West 

In Singapore Jurong rapidly progress as an industrial area during the 7th period which is 1984-2003. After year 2004 not so popular?

Current Singapore feng shui in Period 8  艮卦 2004 – 2023 North-East 

Period 8 八白 左辅土星 NE direction should see mountains ( tall buildings ) 旺人丁 human energies populated with people (not reproduction) and SW direction 旺财 wealth energies when water or sea is entrapped by natural or artificial land. If your home feng shui is lucky enough to coincide with this direction during this period, your family should enjoy good health (NE) and good wealth (SW). On the contrary if you see the reverse where “water” is in your NE direction it means financial hardship and mountain in the SW direction it represents poor health! Hence young Singaporeans are flocking to Sengkang, Punggol area to buy BTOs. However the unit you select should not be overlooking the Punggol Waterway, Punggol Promenade or Punggol Beach which is bad for health and wealth during this period.

Perhaps it is easier to explain by an example, Mr Tan stays in Marine Parade and if his house window faces SE direction “enclosed water” he will enjoy good wealth during the period of 1964 to 1983; comes Period 7 assume his house have adjacent windows and if the windows faces East direction his wealth is prolonged by the shift in “Feng Shui Luck Period”. If we use another feng shui school to calculate shift in Earth energies i.e. 先天二元八运 江東卦 1996 – 2016; “East water” lasts till year 2016. (i will not go into this Feng Shui school of calculation before you get very confused). Look at our Changi airport isn’t the water contained like the letter “U”. Thanks to Singapore natural endowment the waters surrounding us are “kind of enclosed” by surrounding countries like Malaysia, Batam and Indonesia which is good! Countries that faces the seismic sea wave without land enclosure are bad feng shui which means financially poor.

Water feng shui Singapore

Most of us are more concern with money…so let’s expand this “wealth trend” further. See picture below, the foot of the red arrows indicates the good locations to see water in the SW direction based on  current period. i reiterate water must be enclosed to consider as Good Feng Shui Wealth. These locations can be consider to buy for investments if you have the extra budget. The black arrow indicates overlooking NE water which is bad. The 2nd picture shows Singapore water trend and the dotted lines are movements of Earth energies. In other words during the period of 1964 to 1983 locations like East Coast area, Marine Parade that overlooks South-East water prosper and move in stages.

Singapore fengshuiSingapore feng shui Wealth water

A good understanding of the earth luck energies trend are more relevant to investment properties than own stay. As for home stay the Destiny of your Home Feng Shui is far more important than keep following the “earth energies” which changes every 20 years. Of course one that is avaricious will want to buy a property that is “current” to re-sell at a handsome profits and stay inside for good wealth feng shui.  However to balance the best of both worlds is not always easy. As for overseas property investments you can consider reading this about the world trend – World of feng shui.

Singapore 平洋龙  surrounded by enclosed water equates a wealthy nation

Chinese feng shui principle state that “山管人丁水管财”. It means countries with mountain clusters are usually heavily populated whereas countries or capital cities that are surrounded by water enjoys prosperity. Good mountains should not be spiky, bare, filled with broken stones or cracked. Water should be gentle, calm, collected, meanders, clear and not strong like tidal waves. It should be deep like the Singapore harbour.  The entry point of the water should be large and exit point small. Check out google  and see where are all the mountains in the World cluster at…India, Africa, Nepal-China, Pakistan-China…populated ? Which are top capital cities or economies in the World that are build near to “enclosed” sea, ocean or rivers? Find out for yourself.

Period 8 what is trending now

In feng shui terms it is the “Earth” element (mountain symbol), youthful energy (youngest son symbol) and the sector of North East. Hence during this period the North East Sector is consider lucky to have tall buildings and water should be present in the East (until 2015) or South West (until 2023). You will notice that leaders are getting younger, teenage celebrities,  pop-idols, younger billionaires. A stronger focus on health and happy relationships is considered another impact of the feng shui period 8.

Trending auspicious feng shui colors and materials are yellow, khaki, earth-tones, cream, ivory, brown in period 8. However this is a general guideline, if your birth profile unfavourable element is “earth” please avoid following the trend blindly. Care for the environment, mother earth, earth quakes, natural crystals, clay, ceramics, stones, granite are all influences of the “earth” element in period 8. It is also a lucky period for any industry connected to land/earth resources; such as real estate, property, building and constructions.

Invest in the future Period 9 2024 to 2043 Earth’s timing 地运

Period 9: South direction mountain 离九为正神,North direction Water 坎一为零神 for wealth gains.

In period 9, Singapore feng shui in period 9you can consider looking into areas in Singapore that overlooks “water” in the North direction. Click on the picture to see areas with the blue arrow, there are more try studying the locations. This is based on San Yuan Flying star that  is  earth energies are dynamic and shift every 20 years. Prices are relatively cheap now because “earth’s timing” have not reached there yet. In Period 9 Year 2024 to 2043, 10 years from now these are the regions with the highest possible capital appreciation.  Earth energies will shift segment by segment not all at once, so pick your property carefully monitor how the trend moves.  However in the event of certain development like MRT linkage / expressways to Malaysia and so forth earth energies will speed up for potential investment development!

Bazi Singapore

Just like a person having his own birth configuration, countries also have their own unique signature birthday. Singapore’s independence day is 9th August 1965. Not having the time that the documents were signed i will have to presume that Singapore’s hypothetical bazi is a “weak wood 乙木” element wood born in the autumn season where “metal” is the strongest influence.

Singapore Birth ProfileBase on this configuration, the most favourable element is “water” follow by “wood”. Metal is the most unfavourable element. Earth is the wealth of Singapore, hence property prices has always been strong. The “fire” element is Singapore’s talent so we are moving towards a very “high-tech” society. “Metal” element is the controller of Singapore’s bazi. Looking at Singapore 6 Cs bazi configuration, our country is more suited to be run by Ministers’ bazi with strong water and wood. “Water” element are those born in the year of  rat, pig and wood are tiger and rabbit, during the months of Feb, Mar, Nov and Dec. So based on bazi theories, rules that possess strong “water” element are easier to get elected to be Ministers of Singapore. Singapore is also known as the garden city with lots of trees everywhere which is good for the profile as well. The element that controls “wood” is “metal”. Luckily for Singapore is an island, surrounded by “water” which is good for the economy.


The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. A prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. 


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