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This post was written because my clients told me an appalling truth that Singapore feng shui enjoy great prosperity due to having “5 dragons”. Let’s go through the facts together. Take a look at Singapore physical terrain the highest point is Bukit Timah Hill. A height of 165 meter hardly justified as mountain. Original feng shui classics, term “dragons” as mountains (not hill)

龙脉即山脉. 风水借龙的名称 来代表山脉的走向, 起伏, 转折, 变化.

singapore feng shui

Singapore Feng Shui – peaceful ocean dragon 平洋龙 

In my opinion i regard Singapore as “平洋龙”. Translate it literally is “calm or peaceful ocean dragon”. Let’s see descriptions of “平洋龙 ping yang long” from the real deal. These great grand masters of feng shui 风水大师 who wrote “dragon classics” donkey years ago that today’s practitioners are still learning & applying them around the world.

杨筠松 (疑龙经) :”行到平洋莫问踪,但看水绕是真龙。”平洋之地,其势为阳,其生气自下行上,但求其平坦开阔,虽然四面无遮,而不嫌八风相吹,不忧其生气散佚”

缪希雍 (葬经翼) : “平洋阔衍,去山岗甚远,穿田度水,断伏已多,众水交流,平夷如掌。因此,平洋地最重要的是水龙交合”.

For those who understand Chinese do you think Singapore landscape fits the above descriptions?

Why Singapore is prosperous

Singapore is at the south eastern tip of Malaysia. Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia travel from NorthWest direction 乾龙入首 and terminate 龙脉结穴 at Singapore. Northwest in I Ching is Qian Gua 乾 卦 metal element. Qian represents Heaven 天. The strongest Yang Metal energy. Symbolic to fatherly figure, strong leadership, mentor, decisive, discipline, respect and enforcement. Is this early Singapore’s leadership style?

Using five elements productive cycle, 2 elements that are favourable to Qian Metal Dragon – Singapore. They are Earth and Metal. Based on Xuan Kong flying star formula Qian gua represents Period 6, 1964 to 1983. You can call it “coincident” that Singapore gain it’s independence on August 1965. After independence Singapore grows rapidly passing another metal run 兑卦 period 7, 1984-2003. Today we are in Period 8 (2004-2023) – Earth element 艮卦 which produces Qian metal so economy is still looking good.

From 2024 to 2043 known as period 9 is the fire element 离卦 destructive cycle for Qian dragon. How do you think Singapore economy will perform in anticipation and will Singapore rise to the occasion?



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