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Singapore through Feng Shui optics

One of my clients told me that there are “5 Dragons” found in Singapore Feng Shui thus enjoying great prosperity and rapid economic growth. i find it unimaginable. Look at Singapore physical terrain the highest point is Bukit Timah Hill, with a humble height of 165 meter hardly justified as a mountain. Original feng shui classics, term “dragons” as mountains (not hill) 龙脉即山脉. 风水借龙的名称 来代表山脉的走向, 起伏, 转折, 变化.

Singapore Feng Shui a peaceful ocean dragon landform 平洋龙 

Just my own personal opinion i will regard Singapore as “Water Dragon平洋龙”. Literal english translation is “peaceful ocean dragon”. Singapore physical endownment matches these feng shui classic of 平洋龙 definitions:

1. 杨筠松(疑龙经):”行到平洋莫问踪,但看水绕是真龙。”平洋之地,其势为阳,其生气自下行上,但求其平坦开阔,虽然四面无遮,而不嫌八风相吹,不忧其生气散佚”

2. 缪希雍 (葬经翼): “平洋阔衍,去山岗甚远,穿田度水,断伏已多,众水交流,平夷如掌。”因此,平洋地最重要的是水龙交合”.

Singapore Independence Qian Gua Dragon

Singapore is at Southeastern tip of Peninsula Malaysia. Malaysia a strong hinterland with “mountains” (Mt. Kinabalu) coming from NorthWest direction乾龙 入首 and end 结穴 with Singapore. NW represents  Qian Gua 乾 卦- 武曲星. Long Mai Jie Xue 结穴 is like the tree bearing fruit in Singapore which is auspicious.

Based on Xuan Kong Feng Shui Flying Star, Qian Gua belongs to Period Six 1964 to 1983. One can regard as coincidence, Singapore gain independence on August 1965 within this era. Using five elements productive cycle, 2 elements are favourable to Qian – Metal they are “earth” & “metal”.  Singapore developement started in period 6, perform well in Period 7 兑卦 (metal) 1984 to 2004 and current period 8艮卦 (earth) 2004 to 2023.

Qian Gua represents Heaven天. The strongest Yang Metal energy. Symbolic to Fatherly figure, strong leadership, Mentor, Decisive, Discipline, Respectable, Enforcement and Management. cro Environment Feng Shui. Does this sound familiar during early and mid Singapore’s leadership?

Singapore Micro Feng Shui environment

The southern tip of Singapore – Sentosa, in feng shui term act as 案山 which locks in the water from South China Sea. Water in feng shui represents wealth. It goes by the saying:伸手摸手案,积钱千万贯.

Prosperous Major Cities in the world

world major city feng shui Why Singapore economy is booming with Wealth but fare poorly in population growth?

Why Singapore is unable to retain local talents from migrating overseas?

Your may call in coincidence again. In feng shui mountain signify people or population 山管人丁and water represents wealth  水主财. Don’t take my word for it, prosperous cities such as Shanghai, New York, HongKong, London have something in common – water. In comparison major capitals/cities that are not close proximity to “enclosed water” are pale in comparison. Thus countries or capital cities surrounded by high terrains like mountains are blessed with people…China, India, United States, Indonesia… It is also influence by San Yuan feng shui energy cycle to discuss in another post.

Singapore economic progression coincidence with feng shui

Let’s go through Singapore economic progress with the timings based on San Yuan 9 stages of luck period 三元 九运.

Singapore feng shui Period 7 兑卦 West 

In Singapore Jurong rapidly progress as an industrial and residential area during the 7th period 1984-2004. After year 2004 not so popular? coincident? 兑卦 represents the “mouth” so any professions related to the mouth is the in thing. Eg. karaoke, concerts, entertainment, pleasure (悦) , night clubs, gossip, superstitious (巫) etc.

Period 8  艮卦 静止不动 2004 – 2024 North-East  – PUNGGOL 21

In Period 8 八白 左辅土星 Northeast development attracts population growth 旺人丁 like the Punggol 21 development. 艮卦 “Earth” element symbolic to mountain – stable, halt and analyse. Other imageries 意象 such as youthful male energy, youngest son, fingers (mobile-touch screen), jade,  bones, nose, back etc.  You may notice that leaders are getting younger. Famous teenage  pop-stars as young as 14 years old. Billionaires below the age of 30 which is unheard of in the past. Earth is mother nature like the environment such as organic food, concern for the environment, earthquakes, real estate, building and constructions etc

Invest in Singapore feng shui Period 9 2024 to 2043

South mountain/tall buildings 正神 for health/benefactors
North Water 坎 零神 for wealth
Southeast water 催官for career prospects.

In period 9, you can consider investing into Southern areas of Singapore that oversee North or Southeast direction water or open areas for increase wealth opportunities. Hopefully prices are relatively cheap now because it takes 10 years before we reached Year 2024. Some examples of southern areas are Orchard, Sentosa, Marina bay, Redhill, Dawson, Tanglin, Alexandra, Tiong Bahru, Duxton, Queenstown are hot!


The information does not constitute any investment advice or an offer to invest. A prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of property investment. 


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