2022 feng shui forecast Singapore

2022 feng shui forecast Singapore

Last year 2021 forecast Singapore events using qi men dun jia came true and well received. Thank you. It is heart warming to know you guys “like” & appreciate my effort when gratitude 感恩 is such a rare virtue today.

This year attempt to let in a little more. As mentioned in 2021 forecast using China 中原 (Zhengzhou, Henan) as the macro tai ji locus point 大太极, Singapore is in South sector.

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South sector – Singapore feng shui forecast using Qi Men Dun Jia 

2022 singapore feng shui cyber crime

2022 Singapore Cybercrime Ramps Up

丁癸-朱雀投江  九星:天任星  八门:开门  八神:白虎  紫白九

In qi men literal translation 朱雀 refers to information or data transmission and 投江 commit suicide in the river. First impression it means information is lost or stolen.

In today’s context you can assume it is related to computer virus, worm, cyber crime such as e-commerce scam, identity theft, phishing, phone scam, data breach where personal info, money is stolen. Related to this can be online shopping scam, credit cart theft, do be mindful. If one recall is like the Mydoom virus outbreak in 2004 causing $38 billion in damages in our internet-connected world! So stay vigilant.

开门 – open door usually refers to general public, exposed, innovation, economy so one can deduce high probability of business crimes like fraud, cyber crime on the rise in 2022 Singapore. Be careful of fraud and scam. Increase your home/office/mobile phone internet-related security. 

天任星 represents honest, hardworking elderly folks.

白虎 white tiger represents ferocious, combat, power-struggle within businesses.

九紫 fire element, technology, computer, internet, TV, electronics, middle age women, peach blossom 桃花, celebrations, brightness.

Why Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 formula is use for 2022 feng shui

There are lots of feng shui & bazi formulas such as 三元 flying star, 太岁 三煞 三合 子平八子 紫微斗数 to do yearly forecast, Qi Men is just one of the many.

According to Chinese history more than 3000 years ago, Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲三式之首 is the leading technique among 2 others call Da Liu Ren 大六壬 and Tai Yi Shen Shu 太乙神数 together known as the 三大秘宝 帝王之学. There is this famous expression “学会奇门遁,来人不用问”.

Qi Men is one of the lesser disclosed technique thereby my reason to do so. 

2022 water tiger feng shui

2022 World feng shui forecast using Bazi formula

从杀格 Strong-arm Rules Regulations Aggression 

2022 Spring Commencement

As usual using the spring commencement date and time to forecast world events. 2022 year chart happen to be a “Special Bazi classification”.

The reason is because Day stem Wu Earth has no “fire” (fire produces earth) or earth support in the structure. Chinese bazi call it 从杀格. It refers to high authoritative presence (even military action like war) where rules, negotiations, regulations and discipline are strong-arm by use of aggression, punishment or laws.

Just a small tip if you are an investor. Since wood 甲木七杀 is the strongest element in the structure, one can anticipate companies that are in the wood industry or wood-related businesses will do well this year.

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