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how to feng shui your child’s study area 文昌

A good feng shui study area help your child to focus. Listed are 4 simple methods and tips to help your child’s learning abilities.

study area feng shui

Seriously clearing clutter again

The usual feng shui cliché for study area is have lights, unclutter and tidy up. When comes to feng shui tips is always “clearing clutter” omg. If that is the case then you don’t need to engage a feng shui master, employing a helper make more sense.

Then there are those who try to sell you feng shui stuff such as pagoda, brushes or chinese calligraphy.

The chinese term for feng shui study location is call wen chang position 文昌位. Wen Chang is the academic star to accentuate literature dominance, scholarly pursue or intellect or mental agility. It helps concentration and clears the mind.

Below are 4 simple methods to locate wen chang position in your house. If the space is available you only need to place the study desk and automatically your child’s concentration will improve, no items are necessary. If unfortunately the wen chang sector is missing or in the toilet then one have to improvise using other formulas such as qi men dun jia or flying star home destiny feng shui.

1. Using 八宅-九宫飞泊 Eight House and Nine palace   

feng shui study formulaEvery home there is a predestined position for the education star-wen chang 文昌. Sitting position is 180 degree opposite direction to the main door. Take for example if you main door faces North 10 degree, then South 190 degree is the sitting position.

  • Sitting Position North 坎宅 is at Northeast sector 艮卦
  • Sitting position Northeast 艮宅 is at North sector 坎卦
  • East sitting position 震宅 is at Northwest sector 乾卦
  • Southeast sitting position  巽宅  is in the centre zone 中宮
  • South 离宅  is at Southeast sector
  • Southwest 坤宅 is at West sector 兑卦
  • West 兑宅  is at Southwest sector 坤卦
  • Northwest house 乾宅  at East sector 震卦

See illustration, Northwest house 乾宅  and the study sector in the East 震卦

2. Annual Xuan Kong flying star “1” or “4” positions

Using Annual flying star principle is one of the easiest and most effective method to activate study. Take this year 2014, annual flying star 4 is in the centre sector and 1 in South-West sector.

If one can place the study table at the sector that will be good if not for annual flying star “4”, we can use 1 stalk of life water-growing bamboo shoot to enhance it. South-west sector annual flying star “1” use “4” life water-growing bamboo shoots to encourage it.

The impact of annual flying star is fast and yield positive results for quick fix like critical years PSLE, GCE O Level, GCE A Level. The impact is for one year therefore the influence is rapid. Just a word of caution, it is best for your interest to check your Home destiny feng shui before activating this. 

3. Child day of birth 日主天干

This method uses bazi profiling to locate study area. It is permanent and last forever. You don’t have to place any additional enhancement if you are able to place the study table. However if you wanted to enhance further you can match the 5 element of the sector. Below is the Chinese script to identify the location of feng shui study segment. Feng shui master (FSM) clients should not have problem using this chart because our audit includes bazi bonus.


It means Day master Jia wood 甲日 person his/her study segment is at 巳 in the south-east sector.


4. Home destiny flying star method

This method you have to know your Home Destiny Energy Map. Among the 4 methods this is one of the most effective. The following flying star combos that meet this criteria are:

一四 同宫,此宫为发科之地,文昌旺,所谓四一同宫科发之名, sorry to use this word sounded rude but easy to understand, this is more beneficial for white collar


6 & 1 combo 虛聯奎壁,啟八代之文章, 文武雙全 this is more suited to blue collar like military and engineers

9 & 4 combo 木见火而生聪明之士 suitable for anybody but more for the arts inclined

On the other hand these are the sectors that you should avoid using as study because it dulls the mind and make us more retarded.

9 & 2 combo or 9 & 5 combo 生愚钝顽夫 meets getting stupid ,无家室之相依


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