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Birth Traits

Just like using the horoscope or zodiac signs to understand who we are. Ba zi reading uses a far more superior method to analyse our inborn traits. The wise Chinese Ba Zi algorithm is derive from the formula of   Year 1/60 X….


Feng shui health tips Better Health means better Wealth with Feng Shui! A lot of new feng shui clients of FSM when consult me always wanted to know where is the wealth sector, nothing wrong with that. However one did….

Water Feature

Feng shui water feature Water feature if place correctly is one of the fastest way to attract wealth but not the only method. Feng shui activation of wealth involves a complete “Home Destiny 宅命 assessment” and not just simply creating….

Wealth Sector

Feng Shui wealth sector To locate your house wealth sector is not difficult but to find one that is of maximum impact is the test of craftsmanship of the feng shui master. Feng Shui Wealth activation takes 2 simple steps,….

feng shui bad energy

the worst feng shui energy in Singapore – ongoing construction Over so many years, time and again i see construction going on almost every day. While most of us are familiar with feng shui gua numbers, flying star, qi men,san….

2014 feng shui

Singapore feng shui forecast 2014 Year 2014 is 甲午年 call the wood horse. 甲 Jia wood is yang wood 阳木 like the oak tree strong and steady;  午  as root is yang  在地支 为阳, hiding sub-root of  藏干 ding fire….

Living Hall

Living Hall feng shui Part of Feng shui principle is to balance the “yin and yang” energies of your house. Overly “yin” or feminine energies affects your health and invites unwanted guests. Yin energies are common in low floors, dark color scheme houses,….


All of us spend about one third of our life sleeping. Hence the placement of the bed must be in a position where it is compatible with your Birth Profile lucky elements, home destiny, gua ming, Xuan Kong Feng Shui flying….


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