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Birth Traits

Just like using zodiac signs to understand our character, Chinese bazi reading uses a far more superior method to analyse our Birth traits. The wise Chinese Ba Zi algorithm is derive from the formula of   Year 1/60 X  Month 1/12 X  Day….


Feng shui health tips Here are some critical home feng shui health tips to improve your family. One of my key objectives of home feng shui consultation is to do just that, better health means better wealth for you. A….

Water Feature

Feng shui water feature Water feature if place correctly is one of the fastest way to attract wealth but not the only method. Feng shui activation of wealth involves a complete “Home Destiny 宅命 assessment” and not just simply creating….

feng shui bad energy

Bad feng shui energy – ongoing construction Construction is very popular in Singapore. Everyday, literally every day i go out and bound to see some construction going on. Be it road works or construction sites. Facing a construction is the….

Living Hall

Living Hall feng shui Part of Feng shui principle is to balance the “yin and yang” energies of your house. Overly “yin” or feminine energies affects your health and invites unwanted guests. Yin energies are common in low floors, dark color scheme houses,….


One critical factor to place your bed is to place it in line with your birth profile lucky direction. And the location should not be in conflict with feng shui formulas such as flying star home destiny chart, gua ming….


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