Wealth 财位

6 feng shui wealth activations to improve your pocket There are many feng shui wealth formulas to locate your home or office prosperity sector. Here are the simple ones for your own identification. The effective ratings for each method is based….

what is Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui Feng shui originates from 五术 (wu shu) 山医命相卜 covering 5 aspects. Mountain, medicine, destiny, physiognomy and prediction. Feng shui is classify as physiognomy 相术. Physiognomy are observations, formulas and calculations. Guo Pu 郭璞 one of the….

Feng Shui flying stars

Feng Shui Flying stars Formula The key concept behind flying star feng shui is “timing”, thereby making it one of the most accurate formula do home or business feng shui. The formula is based on the rotation of 9 stars….


Feng Shui Numbers Numbers in different context mean different thing in feng shui. Definitely “4” doesn’t means death or 2, 5 represent sickness. Neither 3, 6 and 8 are absolute lucky numbers in feng shui context. If feng shui is….

Key collection

Key collection, initial door opening – NO feng shui basis Based on authentic feng shui principles there are “no formulas” to choose a date for “initial door-opening” or “key-collection ceremony” because first of all there is no such “event” mentioned….


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