About Master Chan

Feng Shui Singapore Master Chan  “positively the only feng shui master in Singapore who adopt an objective and scientific approach in feng shui applications” “What is Feng Shui?” obviously not placing feng shui items all over the house. It is….

Key collection

Key collection, initial door opening for New house – NO feng shui basis Based on authentic feng shui there is “no such *formula” to derive an auspicious date for an event call “initial door-opening” or “key-collection ceremony”. Legit feng shui….

Singapore Feng Shui

Singapore Feng Shui perspective One of my clients told me that there are “5 Dragons” in Singapore thus enjoying great prosperity and rapid economic growth. i find it unimaginable. Looking at Singapore physical terrain the highest point is Bukit Timah….

Destiny 宅命 vs Annual 流年

Destiny vs Annual feng shui where problem begins Many of my clients are confused with the difference between “destiny 宅命” flying star chart of a house and “annual 流年” rotation of the flying star. The objective of this article is….

bazi nobleman 贵人

In Chinese bazi reading there is one school uses  神煞 (shen sha) to analyse Birth chart.  For the benefit of English reader i will translate “神煞” as “deities”. This teaching was commonly applied because of it’s simplicity as it does….


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