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Congratulations to your newborn baby! It important to start early and choose an auspicious Chinese name for him/her. There’s a wise Chinese saying, “Instead of giving your child gold, teach him a skill.  Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name upon your child “赐子千金,不如教子一艺。教子一艺,不如赐子好名.

Feng Shui Master Auspicious Baby Name approach

  1. Manually analyse your Child’s birth profile (bazi) structure 四柱八字结构组合分析
  2. Calculate your Child’s Bazi lucky 八字喜忌用神 & unlucky elements
  3. 三才配合 Analyse and compare the best possible surname + middle name + last name stroke summation see illustation below. E.g. 10-stroke surname “马” should combine with 6-stroke middle name + 7-stroke last name OR 5+1 OR 5+6 etc in view of Child’s Bazi Lucky element
  4. “字音五行 (音调音韵) 5 element eunication”, provide a list of “Chinese characters” from Kang Xi dictionary (康熙字典 – legitimate dictionary) that matches your child’s lucky element 金木水火土 requirements and stroke calculation.
  5.  五格 吉凶数理 Ensure that 人格 ,  外格, 总格 and 地格 (天格 is not used see explanation below) summation all matches the auspicious calculation for the number of strokes
  6. Edit those chinese characters that contained unlucky elements 八字忌神 or clashes with the bazi structure. E.g. 子 rat month/day/year/time should not contain 午 Chinese combination such as 许 忤 杵 仵 迕
  7. Email to you a comrehensive pre-filtered list of chinese characters to choose that suits your child’s birth profile lucky elements. The number of chinese characters to provide depends on (a) surname (b) bazi lucky element (c) stroke computation and other criteria which are not within my control. For e.g. “one-stroke” Chinese character has less number of Chinese characters than a “7-stroke” Chinese character.


The Chinese surname also limit choices

Since baby naming formula is derived from the “Chinese surname”, the number of Chinese characters provided for middle or last name builds upon it. E.g. Chinese surname like 萧,谭, 罗 already started off with more than 19 stroke 画 so the middle name and last name choices are limited. On the other hand surname that are 8, 9, 10 stroke 八 九 十画 got more choices and flexibility.

Parents/Grandparents bazi/zodiac sign are irrelevant to Baby auspicious Chinese naming

  1. 50/50 chance of both parents lucky elements differ, so should your child match father or mother? In any case is the child’s life concern not parents.
  2. Even if you are lucky enough to have similar lucky element for both parents, by fixing the child’s name that is compatible but not suitable to your child’s bazi also make no sense? Since your child’s name is going to stay on with him or her for life shouldn’t your child be the NUMBER ONE  PRIORITY than parents’ compatibility? In any case parents/child compatibility does not depend on the “NAME” BUT personality. Giving your child an auspicious name is an act of love so it should be “unconditional”.
  3. It is suffice to say that my baby naming criteria is so stringent to fulfill 4 Critical aspects a. Child’s 八字用神 Bazi lucky elements most important b. enunciation of the chinese character lucky element字音五行 c. harmony of the 5 elements 三才配合 d. 五格吉凶数理 auspicious number of stroke calculation-combo. Putting parents bazi element in play will virtually make it impossible to have an auspicious chinese baby name.

Why is it important to start early with an auspicious Chinese name

In the study of birth (bazi) reading, a child may not have not enter into his or her 10-Year Luck Pillar 八字十年大运 during the infancy stage. Secondly when they are young, grandparents, relatives, parents and friends address them by their “Chinese name” so it carries the “invisible” help. That is the reason why adults to 改名 the efficiency for invisible help decline with age because it is unlikely your peers or friends will call you by the “edited chinese name”! Lastly the more important reason is to counter the imbalance of birth’s configuration five element disharmony.  During the early age your kid will need extra help in health and other aspects so as to lay a strong foundation for their future. A deep understanding of your child’s Bazi favourable or unfavourable elements 八字 喜忌用神 is important to counter OR offset or dilute the imbalance of the 5 elements harmony.

Name generalisation Yearly Zodiac Sign is TOTALLY Wrong

If you surf the net you will notice that some auspicious baby name sites provides you with a list chinese characters that are based on your Child’s year of birth (Zodiac sign). This is 100% wrong! Every year there are about 130 million born into this world and to presume that all these babies shared the same favourable element is a total disaster!

Chinese auspicious name sampleLet’s use this illustration of my client’s baby boy born in 2013 Year of the Snake. He is born in June. According to some misguided traditional generalisation that “snake babies” are carnivores, make their homes in holes, grass, therefore their auspicious Chinese name should contain characters related to “heart”, “forests” “grass” like 木, 草, 森, 笔, 栋 , 集,  杰  茹  恧 雅 雁 农 茵 etc omg!

Don’t risk your Child’s fate for 80 years!

chinese auspicious name and luck

The illustration above child’s Day Master is 丙 火(Bing Fire)profile born in hot summer with strong “fire roots” shown in red. His bazi sickness is excessive fire element causing health issues like short-sightedness, heart, blood problems, skin rashes and personality problems like impatient, bad temper etc. His lucky elements are “metal & water” element. Now look at the first 40 years of his life, the period is filled with fire, earth and wood. His lucky break after Year 2054 i.e. water (highlighted in blue) and metal So if we follow the above generalisation 木, 草, 森 etc. most of the Chinese characters listed belong to “wood” element thereby cause harm to for the child.

Some uses the Zodiac trilogy combo 三合/ 三会/ 六合 to calculate Chinese Name in hope for 贵人 benefactor luck  without interpreting the child’s bazi lucky elements is also wrong. In the above illustration if the name contain goat 未 or horse 午 which are supposedly “benefactors” with snake because it forms  巳午未三会火 huge “fire element” BUT the child’s bazi most unlucky element is fire.

天格 the addition of one stroke is incorrect

baby-auspicious-name-2-characterNotice that conventional Name Reading principle followed 日本熊崎氏姓名學 Japan. Japanese names are 4 characters so in order to work around the problem with 3-character chinese name, some traditionalists add 1 extra stroke to surname forming 天格.  Now if we used the same principle on a 2-character name e.g. Zhang Jie a Chinese pop singer; adding 1 more stroke to fill in the blank we created a problem with 外格数 “2” which means:

“两仪之数,混沌未开,进退保守,志望难达 (凶数)inauspicious”

In other words all 2-character Chinese name 外格 is definitely bad. There are so many celebrities, rich man like 成龙,马云, 鲁迅, 赵薇, 伍百, 岳飞 with 2 character name. Based on 姓名学八十一灵动数之吉凶 Chinese Name study “外格” mainly represent 人际关系 relationships/networking help from parents, benefactors so does this “added one” work? Thus Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd does not adopt this “added one stroke” to the surname.

Auspicious Naming making the best possible under constraints 

Over the years sometime we have to work within constraints to get the best possible out of a given situation

(a) Surname Restrictions.  E.g. Surname “王 4 stroke” and if the bazi requires “water element” the best possible auspicious number to form water is “29” thus the middle name have to be 25-stroke Chinese character which means the list of characters are limited
(b) The chinese character list is bound by child’s Birth profile 1 0r 2 of his lucky element from the 5-element chain 金 metal 水 water 木 wood 火 fire 土 earth
(c) Hinges on 81-stroke 八十一画 数灵动 formula only “SPECIFIED” numbers are auspicious e.g. from 20 to 30 only 21 wood, 23 fire , 24 fire , 25 earth, 29 water are auspicious. Not only the “number”, the “element” also must be favourable for the child.
(d) The element chosen must flow in harmony 三才 (5 element conformity)
(e) The Chinese character 字音五行 itself must suit child’s bazi lucky element
(f) Sometime Middle Name is already fixed by our ancestors 族谱 clan history OR 家谱

Conditions & Information Required for submission

a. Surname base on chinese pinyin.
b. Solar (English) calendar of your child’s birthdate including time
c. Gender
d. Please inform if there is any fixed middle name 家谱 to conform (Chances are “jia pu” is not suitable for every child within the family) Please let me know if you want to go ahead with this service even if “jia pu” is not suitable
e. Your preference for a 2 Character OR 3 Character Chinese Name
f. it is not necessary to meet up because I normally need about 3 working days to do the report and email to you
h. No checking of characters given by you, chances are characters given are not the “right” element nor fit into the 三才 computation structure

Fee: $198 Please do not make payment if your request is immediate. Quality work takes time. The report will be email to you within 2-3 business days upon money received

*The list of Chinese characters provided are pre-filtered and customise to your child’s birth profile 八字喜用神 requirements, it will not take into account of “personal” emotional preferences. The report is written in English.


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