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Most Companies failed to realised the importance of business feng shui. Some of my clients invested on a 5 year lease, spent a few hundred thousand on renovation only to discover that their business went down hill because of bad business feng shui. Location, location and location applies to feng shui as well. The infrastructure of roads including MRT leading to your office is important. External feng shui “Forms” i.e. buildings surrounding your premise should be considered. The address that you seek should be compatible with the products or services that you are offering. Here are some general tips to find a lucky feng shui shop or office.

Principle of Yin and Yang Energy

1. First you have to determine the type of product or service that you are offering. This is based on feng shui principle of the “yin” 阴 and “yang” 阳 energies.

Yang businesses are those mass consumer products or impulse buying goods/services like hand phone shops, home electronics, finance institutions, banks, insurance, GP polyclinics etc. A good example will be shopping malls and shops at Orchard Road or any shopping belt of Singapore.

Yin businesses are related to unique, specialised products or services that customers have to purposely visit your shop e.g funeral parlour, manicure, beauty salon, pet shops, brothel, motel, pub etc. These shops or offices are usually located out of the core central region of Singapore or at the dead end of a road where it is quiet and fewer foot traffic. Imagine an “evening rendezvous” one will not go to a prime “yang” shopping area.

One classic example is Sim Lim Square, if you wanted to look for computers or home electronics you would patronise the place. A lot of people think there is too much competition if you open another electronic shop over there but the truth is if you intend open a shop to sell laptops or iPad in a “yin” location, i don’t see the chances of survival unless you only specialise on selling “designers laptop” say Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. If your product positioning is to sell in the luxury market then you also have to be concern with the “Destiny” of the shop feng shui to see whether it fits the bill.

roads in business feng shui

Singapore feng shui infrastructure

2. Observe the roads that are leading & exiting from your office or shop. It is a serious problem in Singapore feng shui  because everyday there are restructuring & construction going on. We have the NSEW lines then the Circle Line …Down town. Our government mentioned that 80% of household is within 10-minute walk of a rail station by Year 2030! All these LTA. URA stuff “speeds” up the “Earth” luck energies. A quiet retail shop in the non-core central region in Singapore may suddenly turn out to be a crowd-puller when the MRT is at it’s door step. On the other hand a high human traffic retail shop maybe hatching cob webs when suddenly there is a viaduct that supersede the road. Roads in feng shui is consider as “water” or “artificial water”. Incoming roads should be long, wide, hopefully meandering and exiting road suppose to be short. This is good for wealth of your office. See picture above assume the yellow circle is your shop, than the incoming traffic/road should be longer than the exit road. However traffic directions is not one that determines the incoming or outgoing but the level of the road.

Office Feng Shui Destiny

3. Check out the Destiny of your office or shop based on the period you started business. In period 8 some of the strong wealth orientations are sitting East facing West, sitting South facing North etc where the double 8 whammy is right in front of your shop. However your door must locate in the specific sector and it must be supported by the internal layout and external environment attributes like roads, MRTs and others.

4. Examine the Internal layout of your office.

bad office feng shui layout

The above office is very long and narrow. The main entrance is situated at the breadth instead of the length. This layout is very bad to drive in wealth for the company to succeed. It takes a long time or lack of “qi 气” entering into the back of the office. Another bad consequence is concerning health of your employees.  The layout have health issues related to breathing, lung, throat & respiratory system like coughing, breathless, sensitive air allergies. These layouts commonly found in Prewar shophouses like Chinatown, Neil road, Joo Chiat. It is not suitable for office or home feng shui because of the elongated ends.

5. Find out the Building Destiny. The greater number of  in the building the least effect on you, the lesser the number of owners the greater the impact of building feng shui to your Company.

6. Ensure that there are no missing sectors in the office layout. Obviously if the missing sector happened to be the wealth sector then you are in for some challenges but if the missing ones are negative sectors then the reverse is true. Best to have a square layout.

7. Look out of your office windows and Main Door to see if there any bad forms energies that are threatening to your premise e.g. construction sites, glaring mirrors, smelly drains, flyover, road leading downwards, convex road etc

8. Identify the location of your office within the building site plan see if your neighbours are affecting your business. Take a look at the illustration below, Company A and Company B the doors are facing directly opposite each other. If they are equal in size there will be no issues. However if one of them is bigger, the odds are the smaller Company will be fighting a losing battle in business.

Building feng shui

9. Check out the Destiny wealth, networking, authority sectors to ensure that they are not missing or in bad functional areas. Positive sectors are best at doors (any doors or openings), air-condition, windows to enhance positive energies. If happened that the Office feng shui Destiny wealth sector is within the toilet or pantry area then driving sales or making money will prove to be very challenging for the Company. One have to be aware that there are constraints in feng shui remedies. A toilet is still a toilet no matter what countermeasures you intend to put in there.

It is interesting to note that business feng shui is very different from home feng shui. In home feng shui we try to avoid the bad energies or “sha qi” whereas in business feng shui we embrace the bad energies to transform it into positive “wealth activation” energies! surprise!The catch is you must apply the feng shui principles correctly & cleverly to convert the negative energies into positive energies.

Feng Shui Master Singapore believe that the success or failure of a commercial business is closely related to people, the leader and his staff. The correct positioning of staff and their roles to fit the sectors “forms” and “energies” determines the success of a Company. The location of the main door, individual compartmentalise doors and the passageways determine the positive flow of 气 (qi) or negative flow of energies in an office. The Chief Exective officer or Chairman or the Managing Director should be sitting in a power sector that controls and lead the management staff. And one misnomer about feng shui is to use North-West sector as the sweeping statment to house the CEO of the Company. It is true that based on Yi Ching studies the North-West 乾卦 sector represents leadership & authority but this is a generalisation rather than the gospel truth to conform.

The department that has a direct impact on topline and bottomline of the business e.g. sales staff should be located in the wealth sector of the entire office. Marketing and Corporate affairs should be house in the creative zone of the office. Accounts and Finance should be located when mental clarity and focus is important.


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