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Some Companies failed to realised the value of business feng shui. I have clients who invested on a 5 year lease, spent hundreds of thousands on renovation only to discover that their business went down hill because of bad business feng shui.

Location, location, location

The property jargon, location, location and location applies to feng shui as well. To quote 山管人丁, 水管財,  高一寸為山,低一寸為水 so roads in feng shui is regarded as “artificial water” controls “wealth”. As for any business enterprise to survive, making profits is a must! Thus the choice of address must be convenient with supporting infrastructure e.g. nearness to MRT, LRT, bus stops, lift lobbies leading to your office/shop is important. External feng shui “Forms” such as surround building shapes, colour, brightness should be considered. Here are some general tips to find a lucky feng shui office.

Physical structure of your office

It may seem insignificant but shape of the office does affect business feng shui, What shape is your office? rectangle, square or round or semi circle? If you choose a rectangular shape avoid a ratio of more than 3. In other words the length should not exceed 3 time the breadth. In fact 3 time the size of breadth is already stretching it. The ratio from this picture is 1:2 and you already noticed that sectors B are much bigger than sector A. So if B are wealth sectors, well and good BUT if B are sick zones then we are in trouble. The reverse is true for sectors A.

Principle of Yin and Yang Energy

The type of product or service that you offer also matter in business fengshui. If you business is “niche service-oriented” e.g. a psychologist office, where people need to seek for your help than you are better off getting an office that is convenient yet quiet away from shopping malls or industrial areas. Using the same example places like fringe of orchard road like cuscaden road will be great because this is classify as “yin 阴” location. You need not spend thousands to get into “ion orchard” which is “yang” 阳 energies. Yang businesses are those mass consumer products or services like Banks, GP polyclinics, Conveyancing Lawyers, insurance companies  etc.

Check out movement from lift lobbies leading to your office 

Where are the lift locations? Are they the wealth sectors or image boosters or intellect sectors? or sick zones or worse still financial loss areas? One of the important aspect of business feng shui is the “road” in this case the lift lobbies and passageway leading to your office. To quote chinese fengshui classics: “不知来路, 焉知入路, 盘中八卦皆空, 未识内堂,焉识外堂, 局里五行尽错” in short what it means is we need to know the “road (movement) entering into our office, whether is it bring in positive or negative energy? Sometimes due to physical constraints there are limitations to what we can do to improve the positive energy.

Office Feng Shui Destiny 宅命宅运 – TIMING 
Check out the Destiny of your office based on the period you started business or the year you bought the office. If your office is tenanted, check with your landlord the year that he bought over the office or renovated his office. This is because different period the destiny chart of the office differs. In period 8 (2004-2023) some of the strong wealth orientations are 子山午向、卯山酉向、庚山甲向、壬山丙向、乙山辛向、癸山丁向. These “office feng shui destiny” is where double 8 lands in front and hopefully the main door is right in front at the center and not at the side.

Building Destiny.

The greater number units within the building the least effected are you, the lesser the number of owners the greater the impact of building feng shui to your Company.

No missing corners/sectors

Ensure that there are no missing sectors in the office layout. Obviously if the missing sector happened to be the wealth sector then you are in for some challenges but if the missing ones are negative sectors then the reverse is true. Best to have a square layout.

External environment

Look out from your office windows and Main Door to see if there any bad forms energies that are threatening to your premise e.g. construction sites, glaring mirrors, smelly drains, flyover, road leading downwards, convex road etc

Main Door 

Identify the location of your office within the building site plan see if your neighbours are affecting your business. Take a look at the illustration below, Company A and Company B the doors are facing directly opposite each other. If they are equal in size there will be no issues. However if one of them is bigger, the odds are the smaller Company will be fighting a losing battle in business.

Building feng shui

Check out the Destiny wealth, networking, authority sectors to ensure that they are not missing or in bad functional areas. Positive sectors are best at doors (any doors or openings), air-condition, windows to enhance positive energies. If happened that the Office feng shui Destiny wealth sector is within the toilet or pantry area then driving sales or making money will prove to be very challenging for the Company. One have to be aware that there are constraints in feng shui remedies. A toilet is still a toilet no matter what countermeasures you intend to put in there.


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