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Business Office Feng shui 

Some Companies failed to realised the value of office feng shui. I have clients who invested on a 5 year lease, spent hundreds of thousands on renovation only to discover that their business went down hill because of bad business feng shui.

external environment amenities

The property jargon, location, location and location applies to feng shui office as well. To quote 山管人丁, 水管財,  高一寸為山,低一寸為水 so roads in feng shui is regarded as “artificial water” controls the movement of “wealth”. For any business enterprise to survive, making profits is a must. Thus choice of locations must be convenient together with supporting infrastructure e.g. nearness to MRT, LRT, bus stops, lift lobbies leading to your office/shop is important. External feng shui “Forms” such as surrounding building shapes, colour, brightness are important considerations. 

movement leading to your office 

Where are the lift locations? Are they positive like wealth sectors or brand boosters? or negative such as sick zones or financial loss areas?

One important aspect of business feng shui is which “path” your staff uses to enter the office. To quote chinese fengshui classics: “不知来路, 焉知入路, 盘中八卦皆空, 未识内堂,焉识外堂, 局里五行尽错”. it means is we need to know the path that brings vital energy into our office, to identify whether it is positive or negative? Sometimes due to physical constraints there are limitations to what feng shui office can do.

sitting arrangement

office feng shui Ensure that the desks are arrange in such a way that it faces the door. In other words when seated whether the main door or room door should be within eyes’ view but not directly.

Principle of Yin 阴 and Yang 阳 Energy

The type of product or service that you offer matter in business fengshui. If your business is “yin” product/service, such as psychotherapy, designer collection, customer tailor, feng shui then it should be convenient yet away from the crowd. E.g. fringe of Orchard road or outside Suntec City. This not only save costs but suit the energy of service or product that you are offering. Yin product or service is define as customers looking for you instead of you looking for them.

Yang products or service are mass consumer or impulse buying goods like supermarket. Using the same example these businesses need to be inside suntec city mall and along orchard road. 

Office Feng Shui Destiny 宅命宅运 – TIMING 

Check out the age of building. The year of building completion determines the “destiny” of your office should you be a tenant or owner. If the office building is old before 2004 then the energy is out dated belonging to Period 7 (1984-2003). 

No missing of wealth sector

Ensure that there are no missing sectors in the office layout. Obviously if the missing sector is “wealth” even doing office feng shui service will not improve much. Get an office that is squarish with no missing areas is ideal.

External environment

Look out from your office windows and Main Door to see if there are any bad forms that are threatening e.g. construction sites, glaring mirrors, smelly drains, flyover, expressways, sloping roads, convex road etc

Main Door 

Identify the location of your office within the building site plan see if your neighbours are affecting your business. Take a look at the illustration below, Company A and Company B the doors are facing directly opposite each other. If they are equal in size there will be no issues. However if one of them is bigger, the odds are the smaller Company will be fighting a losing battle in business.

Check out if the Main Door faces a lift. If directly facing the life check whether the energy is positive or negative because the lift runs for 24 hours a day. 


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