feng shui trinity

Feng Shui trinity

if someone were to ask me what is feng shui, i would replied the bare-bones version of feng shui is the trinity of heaven, earth and human interraction.

Lao Zi, a philosopher of ancient China quoted this “人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然”,天地人三者道以贯之. Although we cannot compartmentalise these 3 aspects heaven, human and earth into 33.33% each; but to use it in a  figurative manner help us to understand how these 3 forces interact & intervene our life much better.

feng shui master heaven and earth

Heaven’s Timing

The first force of nature is 天 (tian) Heaven or God (those with religion). Here refers to things we are unable to change e.g. our birth date or some call it fate or destiny. The day we are born into this world we carry certain genes, DNA, blood group, health, abilities and talents. Chinese call it “ba zi” or birth date or the 8 characters of fate. Our first breath of “Life” or 命 into this world and our journey in life call 运 or some may call it luck or to be more scientific i call it timing.

Although we cannot choose our birth date (now with caesarean delivery we can choose the day & time) but we can find ways through bazi reading to bend it and make our life’s journey easier.

I have consulted with countless clients and chances are after knowing their birth configuration or luck isn’t that great, the first question is “how to improve it”. The first step is to “acknowledge” it. It is not easy i know, but only through accepting our limitations and adjusting our expectations then we can make the best out of a poor situation.  There are remedies in feng shui and bazi to improve your life but it requires you to put in effort and discipline to make a difference! This is not about buying feng shui products.

You can interpret destiny in this manner, it is like “weather forecast”. You cannot change tomorrow’s stormy weather but you can be vigilant and prepare for the worst scenarios. Drawing the same analogy, you can bring a top notch umbrella to reach your destination or you can choose to postpone your appointment when you are more ready or you can take a train to re-route your destiny in life. See you have options and enhancements to improve your life.

The wise chinese saying goes like this  一命 first destiny or fate 二运 2nd luck 三风水 3rd feng shui, where birth destiny and luck precede feng shui.

Heaven’s timing 天时 can also mean choosing the right day and time to do certain things that are important to us for instance wedding date, renovation dates, shift in dates etc.

Earth nature forces

2nd force of nature is 地 (di)  the management and understanding of “earth” energies surrounding our environment. How do we interact and connect with our environment through feng shui.  Through feng shui we strive for a better living environment so as to help us achieve our aspirations, passion, effort. The least you can expect feng shui is to do is to make us healthy enough to work hard towards our goals. Feng Shui our home or office generates positive energies 生气, to restore balance & harmony in our lives.

However we still have to accept the undeniable existence of earth’s natural disaster that take away our loved ones like the Oklahoma tornado, floods in Dresden Germany , Lushan earthquake in China etc.

Human Effort

The last force of nature is ourselves 人 (ren). Human. We have to maintain a positive attitude in life to face life’s curve balls. We have to put in the best effort we can through education, discipline, networking, feng shui or whatever it takes to make our life better.

惟天下至诚,为能尽其性。能尽其性,则能尽人之性;能尽人之性,则能尽物之性;能尽物之性,则可以赞天地之化育;可以赞天地之化育,则可以与天地参矣。Although this quotation may sound a little overwhelming but i like the inspirations of it. We do our utmost best in whatever the circumstances, heaven and earth will fall in place!

制天命而用之, 人与天地的合一 being in sync with heaven and earth.

天时地利人和 tian shi di li ren he was quoted in the The Art of War 孙子兵法 quoted in many business books

We can only alter our “destiny” only by changing from within ourselves. Nobody can change you except yourself. You are the captain of your life. Our attitude to life, our personal effort, our goals, our education, our people skills and other aspects that we can improve. There are some clients that after giving them numerous tips to improve their life..they will still ask me “how to improve?” perhaps they wanted something easier like a personal talisman or some supernatural stuff. Like i mentioned earlier change is never easy it requires perspiration, hard effort, discipline and persistence. Just to give you an example, i may recommend you to jog in the park from 5am onwards every day to improve your luck…guess what is the answer “i can’t wake up that early”.

Personal Trilogy of Luck

Your effort + 10 Years luck pillar + Annual luck

The trilogy of luck that affect us are not in the manner of absolute values or percentages. The reason that i divided into 3 components is to make it easier for us to understand ourselves better. These 3 components are interrelated, fluid, dynamic and affects each other.  Let’s take an example if you go for the extra mile in your work, it will improve your luck to gain promotion and that happen because you are going through a good 10 year luck pillar. Hence you see the trilogy of luck is the interdependent with each other.

Bazi configuration tells you what assets and liabilities your have

Luck pillar for 10 years / annual tells you when will this happen

Understand your future helps you to stay vigilant and prepare for life’s twists and bends. It is about preparation! Feng shui tips or bazi tips give you the best weaponry to combat against the most adverse weather conditions. We are humans not God, we cannot change the weather. But we can be more prepared!

Only You can change Your own Destiny

It is never easy if your future looks bad. Interestingly most of my clients who are successful now, are appreciative to understand their future so that they can take corrective actions. They are willing to break out old mental and emotional “boxes”. Change the way they interact with others. How to build functional relationships with people whom are formerly aliens or competitors. Attitude and personality change everything change!

Once they understand their strengths and weaknesses through bazi reading, they work towards effective personal and team decision-making. Their moral compass, honesty, responsibility, humility and love tweaked. They accept what they can do or what cannot do. They strive to empower their own competence through lifelong learning in knowledge, hone their craft. skills, abilities and wisdom to get their mojo back (borrow this word from my foreign client). They alter their perspective in life. They learn the power to let go when swimming against the current and sail through when the lucky period arrives.

Let me reiterate the Chinese wise saying

a. 一命 (destiny)
b. 二运 (Luck)
c. 三风水 (fengshui)
d. 四積德 (doing good)
e. 五读书 (education)
f. 六名 (name)
g.七相 (facial reading)
h. 敬神 (respect God)
i. 九交貴人(network with benefactors)
j. 十养生 (self-preservation)

Bazi helps you to understand (a) and (b)  Feng shui does the (c) share responsibilities on (e), (i) and (j). (f) if you use our name service  The rest you need to help yourself with (d), (e), (h) and (j). FSM does not do (g). You see this is a team-effort.

Life is multi-dimensional. There are many uncertain future variables and i am trying to make it more foreseeable so that you can sidestep the mine fields. A radical transformation of luck have to change from within you, although feng shui and bazi reading helps you to anticipate and be prepared. What is the point of knowing about yourself and you are not prepare to change. Only You and You alone can change your own destiny. i am just a catalyst to evoke the change and tell you the pitfalls.



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