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This page is dedicated to Singapore singles who wishes to meet their potential spouse Ms. Left and Mr. Right. Tao Hua 桃花 the direct translation for this flower in English is call “Peach Blossom”. Tao Hua star can be found in a person’s bazi (birth profile) configuration, 10 years luck pillar, annual luck pillar and from San Yuan Xuan Kong flying star Home Destiny combo and Annual flying star. Some may misunderstood this as “fatal attraction” of the opposite sex but from feng shui perspective it also means 人缘 or one’s popularity/crowd-puller/likeable personality.

feng shui love peach blossom

Feng shui “peach blossom star” how to be a Singapore killer human-magnet

An individual with strong peach blossom star in their bazi configuration generally act like a magnet where people are drawn to you, enjoy your company, or find you pleasant, nice and personable. This i would find it fairly important for celebrities where they need millions of fans to support. On the other hand for ordinary people like you and me we will still need 桃花 to improve business networking and people-skills. Some like to call it EQ. Tell me is there any business trade or professions that does not require people to work with you unless one that lives in the shadow and just doing some back-end work that does not requires any interaction, or “nerd”. If one would to study human needs, there is still this emotional urge for “sense of belonging”, love or recognition.

How to improve your bazi love / romantic 桃花星 relationships through feng shui enhancements?

In bazi reading we basically classify love relationships into three main categories:

1. Courting relationships that end up in marriage 红鸞星

2. Dating stage, where an individual keep his/her options open to various dates and is still choosing the right candidate 红艳星

3. Sex without love or “one-night-stand” 咸池星

We shall limit our discussion only to (1) 红鸞星 love relationships that will blossom into marrage over here. Chinese feng shui astrology uses the Day Master or the Year of birth to induce romance, courtship and marriage luck. These are the Chinese Zodiac signs and their “romantic” sector.

Rat – east “卯”
Ox – north-East a specific sector “寅”
Tiger – north-east a specific sector “丑”
Rabbit – north “子”
Dragon – north-west “亥”
Snake – north-west “戌”
Horse – west “酉”
Goat – south-west “申”
Monkey – south-west “未”
Rooster – south “午”
Dog – south-east “巳”
Pig – south-east “辰”

The degrees of the various 24 mountains can be identified using the feng shui luopan or compass, make sure that you use the accurate centre of your house or bedroom before finding the peach blossom 15 degree segment. Once you have identified the sector, you can place some vibrant fresh flowers to attract suitors. It will be ideal if you can change it every days. Keep this sector clean. In advanced feng shui application you can even place the person you love, his or her photograph on this segment to improve relationship so that “he shoulda put a ring on it”. Keep this sector clean. The accuracy of locating the sector is important because it affects only the person involved.

Another common method commonly found on website to locate “peach blossom / tao hua xing ” as below but it is not efficient…

Year or Day stem Tiger, Horse and Dog or day stem – East sector 卯 segment

Year or Day stem Monkey, Rat or Dragon – West sector 酉 segment

Year or Day stem Pig, Rabbit and Goat – North sector 子 segment

Year or Day stem Snake, Rooster and Ox – South sector 午 segment

Peach blossom the feng shui way

Beside using your birthdate there are other methods to enhance your suitors luck. The most rapid one to see results will be using the 玄空 Annual xuan kong feng shui flying star forecast but it will expire in one year. Check out 2015 feng shui forecast. You can use the year fengshui forecast to help you or our monthly forecast. Every year the sector where the flying star “1” 一白貪狼星 lands is where it encourages suitors into your door.

Feng shui Bed placement 

One can also use the bed placement to induce the peach blossom star.


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