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“positively the only feng shui master in Singapore that improvise scientific methods to update authentic feng shui principles”

feng shui master singapore chanMaster Chan learned about feng shui in 1994 out of interest and soon developed into a professional career. Unlike the normal lineage of learning from the grand masters of feng shui, he started off as a staunch non-believer of feng shui because of the dramatisation,misrepresentations and strong religious overtones about feng shui during the 90s Singapore. Determine to understand the true essence of feng shui he study the original Chinese classics of feng shui wisdom over and over again. He experimented his new house based on classical feng shui principles. His concept is simple, to test every principle to see whether it works or does not work in “real life”. Unlike others he does not embrace classical feng shui principles as the only “truth”.  Being a rational & stubborn person he challenges every single principle, experiment and verify it until it is proven correct. It was a time consuming and tedious process because even the most obvious and basic principle of feng shui was challenged. His attitude to learn leave no stone unturned. He told me that even today he is still learning because the physical landscape evolve rapidly and there are “new forms” to study. Those days he was not taught by any masters, it was all his passion and interest to know about feng shui through self-study and experiment. Slowly, as he understood more and more, he started to give feng shui advice to friends, relatives and the people around him during the late 90s. He realised that the right application of feng shui principles could help to resolve many problems they encountered. He started seeing feng shui for friends and relatives over a period of 3 years without collecting a fee and review with them to ensure that the applications work or does not work. He recalled one of the early cases that he did for his relative in Indonesia. Business was very bad then, he advised him to change the door location and remove the signboard that is facing the retail shop and few other things. After less than a week he received a call from his Indonesia relative that the business was thriving well. Another case was one of his friend is having trouble to tie the wedding knot. It also did not take long that his friend found a soul mate and got married. Yet another case was his friend’s family members seem to fall sick very easily and it seems to recur like a pattern. He suggested re-positioning of the bed, swapping of bedrooms and orientation of the head… Soon the family members are not so prone to illnesses.

Proven that Feng Shui does help

Through these consultations he realised that feng shui does alleviate the misfortunes of people.  Feeling very passionate about how feng shui can help people, he refined his craft and learned from various grand masters of feng shui from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China in the next few years. Till today he continues to upgrade his skills through self-study and hands-on experiences.

His candid, innovative, scientific, efficient, result-driven, non-religious and practical approach to feng shui applications without having to use feng shui products have make him very popular among his clients in Singapore and overseas.

His intuitive ability, objective approach in his consultation works and broad integration of various classical feng shui theories and bazi has earned him respect from local and foreign media interviews. Encouraged by his clients, he started this website in year 2011, to encourage a common, true understanding of the benefits feng shui home and feng shui office through bazi integration.

Feng shui teachings needs updating

Feng shui is not a subject that you can master through books, attend a class or learn from some high power grand masters. The main reasons are there are so many diverse branches from the principles of Xuan Kong flying star 玄空; some of the popular ones are 无常, 中州, 沈氏, 孔氏 and there so many varied great grand masters of feng shui like 蒋大鸿、章仲山、華湛恩, 孔昭苏, 沈竹礽 and many others. Each sect has it’s own merits. Best is the integration of what works and what doesn’t through years of experimentation.

Some feng shui principles are misrepresented

Who can guarantee that teachings of feng shui thousands of years ago are complete and does not lose fragments of information or purposely misinterpreted. You will be surprised that in 1644 to 1912 during the reign of Qing dynasty 清 朝 the emperors purposely commissioned feng shui masters to publish misrepresented information on Feng Shui theories so that the  Manchu 滿洲 are unable to learn the true wise teachings of feng shui. Unfortunately these teachings backfired and happened to filtered down back to China. It resurface in today’s context as authentic feng shui classics and some of today’s Singapore Feng Shui masters still uses the wrong theories.

In any case some of the even true traditional methods need adaptations in today’s 21st Century? Those days they do not have 60 storeys skyscrapers, hence 地气 is less important than 天运 luck timing. The stove were located outside the house & used charcoal to start a fire unlike today? They do not have infrastructures like the MRTs to speed up 地运 timing of luck? or smart phones? or computers? or satellite GPS? or drones? where we are exposed to electromagnetic fields everyday.

Today’s Feng Shui need scientific solutions Not feng shui products

Today’s Feng shui masters need to explore and verify feng shui problems and cures. We need mental acuity for updated solutions to feng shui negative energies. To me i am more of a “science” person, i prefer to “explore”, “dissect”, “verify” “look at it from multiple perspective” re-verified, re-checked then i will say that the teachings are conclusive based on statistics. i maybe overly cautious but safe. Practical hands-on experiences counts! More so since feng shui it is not an exact science. Gone are the days of rolling pineapples and durians.

Obviously we have to learn from the classical wisdom of the past but stay open and broad minded. Personally i believe all schools have their own merits and demerits and one should keep an “open-mind” to test it with modern science, technologies, psychology in this rapidly evolving environment. With no disrespect, i don’t think the great grand masters centuries ago can interpret energies from MRTs, nuclear weapons or radioactive decay.

Modern feng shui master must get creative to “invent” something to counter the bad energies. But creativity must be supported by proof and evidence if not it is day-dreaming. i have one very kind master from HK during the early days of my feng shui career that taught me this 门派不争,去伪求真. In other words forget about which sect you are, learn the experiences from others and verify it yourself to test which works and which don’t. Seriously feng shui applications are hands-on, keep doing it everyday “use-it-or-lose-it”.

Classical feng shui wisdom, Modern Inspired interpretations

Hence after more than a decade i am still learning and it may sound rude but some of the older theories i tested with sufficient samples were questionable to say the least. It is disrespectful to reveal which schools of feng shui or bazi teachings does not work any more. To those who do not know me well, may feel that to challenge Classical Feng Shui wisdom and Bazi principles is arrogant and disrespectful. However i view it as a quest to the greater good of life-long learning, apply and verify to perfect my craft. There are no short-cuts in feng shui applications, over the years i have tried hundreds of cures over the same variable to see which is the most effective! Some competitors call me the “New age feng shui master in Singapore”; new age or not i don’t know what they mean but my feng shui cures are simple and modern household items and has nothing to do with religious talisman or feng shui products. What i did was to use classical feng shui principles 3,000 years ago and applied it in today’s modern environment. Look at it in this perspective olden days do not have smart phones, multi-storey carpark, underground tunnels, holes in buildings, internet, high rise buildings, expressways, MRTs…The principles i used are still guided by the authentic Feng Shui Classics but with Modern Inspirations!

If our intellect stayed at 20 years ago without challenging it, i don’t think our world is where it is today!

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