8 Feng Shui Tips

8 tips to feng shui your home

Most of you have heard “clear your clutter” to good feng shui. But after clearing your house your luck has not improved. It is a cliche and nothing more than common sense to keep your home clean.

Tip 1 – Study the external physical environment first

Start with the external environment, pay special attention to roads, MRT, buildings, open space around your house. From experience a brand new house i.e. BTO, DBSS, TOP takes about 2 years for the energy to settle. Never buy a house that is undergoing construction in the neighbourhood, it is feng shui worst nightmare.

Tip 2 – Examine the internal structure of your house

First of all for practical reasons, a square shape house makes it easier to place your furniture. Secondly a house without missing sectors is considered auspicious because  each sector represents a person in the family, part of a body and one of the five elements. Take for instance if Southwest is missing, it affects the female head of household. It represents “Earth” element which affects our digestive system. If “Earth” element happen to be your Birth profile most lucky element then you put yourself in a disadvantage position.

Tip 3 –  Avoid West sun 

Having cross-ventilation windows that allows sunshine and free flow of qi is good feng shui. Do not choose a house that is too dark or bright.

Selecting an apartment with West sun windows, makes your home feel like a “baking oven” and West belongs to Period 7 (1984-2003) which is obsolete energy. We are currently living in Period 8 and energies of period 9 from 2024 to 2043 are starting to descend, making South windows better choice for “mountain” energy and North windows-water energies.

Tip 4 –  Gua sector energy is not absolute

Despite what you heard of bagua energy, North represents Career,  Southeast equates Wealth etc. These are sweeping statements! Bagua energy for a given sector is not fixed. One have to use xuan kong flying star destiny chart to determine energy for each sector. So don’t be tempted to choose a house having SE door assuming it is your wealth area.

Tip 5 – life gua lucky sectors not absolute

feng shui tip5 Life gua favourable sectors are not absolute. As an example, lucky sectors for Life Gua 6 乾命卦 are West and Northwest sectors. However the yin and yang are mismatched and these 2 metal-element sectors conflict with wood element.

One can get a fairly good guesstimate of your Birth Profile Lucky element using this link. It is not fool-proof but the probability is better.

Tip 6 – Understand your Home physical Five Elements 五行

East and Southeast represent wood, South is fire, North is water, Northwest and West are metal, Northeast, Center and Southwest are Earth. Once you understand this, you are able to align your Birth Lucky element to the right sector.

Just a word of caution you should only do this if you are living alone. The reason is that any increment on one of the element will caused imbalance to another e.g. increasing fire element in south sector will impaired the Metal element because 火剋金 Fire destroy Metal.

Tip 7 – 3 key evaluations of good home feng shui 阳宅三要

Please be mindful that the main door affects the whole family, the stove impact the female owner and bed position/direction affects whoever sleeping on it. The above are 3 critical evaluations of home feng shui 阳宅三要 which are keys to unlock health, wealth, harmony, career, relationships and many others.

Tip 8 Keep it Simple – Yin Yang Principle 阴阳平衡

A crowded house is never a good idea. A standard 3-room flat having 6 occupants is overwhelm with Yang energy. This will result in uncontrollable temper & occupants dislike staying in the house. On the contrary 2 occupants living in a good class bungalow is overpower by Yin energy which results in poor health.

this is by no means comprehensive, it is more like an introductory guide to feng shui 


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