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Baby auspicious chinese name

Auspicious Chinese name  An auspicious chinese name compensate inadequacies in a baby’s 5-Element Birth Chart  configuration 八字体用/格局 喜忌用神. Life is not perfect so are we. All our birth chart is imperfect.   These are the commonly found Bazi Chart weaknesses:….

ZiWei birth reading

Zi Wei 紫微斗数 chinese birth reading There are 2 popular formulas to calculate birth profile, one is Zi Wei Dou Shu (purple star) birth reading and the other Zi Ping bazi. Let’s explore Zi Wei birth reading methodology as Zi….

Bazi Luck

Chinese Bazi Luck Bazi luck is divided into 10-year per cycle and annual luck. Bazi luck begins by understanding our Day Master (the day we are born) and how it relate to year, month and time of birth. As the….

Why Chinese Birth Reading

Chinese birth reading 子平法 或 紫微斗数 Chinese birth reading is a data analysis tool to raise self-awareness, understand our value system, motivations and present a road map pointing us the right direction. 2 popular formulas to analyse our date of….


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