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Bazi Luck

Chinese Bazi Luck Bazi luck is divided into 10-year per cycle and annual luck. Bazi luck begins by understanding our Day Master (the day we are born) and how it relate to year, month and time of birth. As the….

Bazi 八字

Bazi 八字 Bazi also known as birth profiling or birth reading or 8 characters of fate. Chinese bazi formula is derived from date of birth including time. 命由天定,运由己造;预知运势,积极面对 改善自身,提升生活! Our birth chart contain clues to a person’s destiny, health, relationships,….

Birth Traits

Just like using zodiac signs to understand our character, Chinese bazi reading uses a far more superior method to analyse our Birth traits. The wise Chinese Ba Zi algorithm is derive from the formula of   Year 1/60 X  Month 1/12 X  Day….

Why Chinese Birth Reading

Chinese birth reading or bazi analysis Chinese birth reading or bazi analysis is to raise self awareness, understand our motivations and provide a road map to point us to the right direction. Not some over dramatisation of get rich quick….

Chinese Name

Why it is important to choose an auspicious Chinese name for your child? In order to compensate for  inadequacy in a child’s 5-Element configuration 八字喜忌用神. Life is not perfect so are we. One’s birth chart is never flawless. Over so….


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