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Home feng shui

Feng Shui Master home feng shui – an objective, updated approach 家宅风水佈局 Feng Shui  “相地术” is the optimisation of home energy’s (理气) interaction with it’s physical environment (峦头). It is a supplementary tool besides birth reading, to improve on family’s….

Business feng shui

Feng Shui Master Business Feng Shui – an Objective Updated approach 商业风水佈局 Business Feng Shui  “相地术 (天文地理学)”, the optimisation of office’s energy’s (理气) interaction with it’s physical environment (峦头) through feng shui applications. The objectives of business feng shui is….

Auspicious Chinese Name 姓名学

Feng Shui Master Auspicious Chinese Name Service – an Objective Updated Difference “Instead of giving your child gold, teach him a skill.  Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name upon your child “赐子千金,不如教子一艺。教子一艺,不如赐子好名. Feng Shui Master Auspicious….


Feng Shui Master Pre-Purchase(Rent) fengshui evaluation – an objective updated approach Pre-purchase or pre-renting fengshui evaluation for completed properties (resale) onsite OR Uncompleted projects (before TOP) based on siteplan. (1) Completed Projects – Resale Feng Shui Check – 4 Key….

Chinese Birth Reading

Feng Shui Master Birth Reading (Bazi 八字) – an Objective Updated difference A Chinese statistical tool that uses one’s birthdate & time to  interpret personality, character, potential, talents and life aspects such as health, relationship, marriage, career, wealth etc. No….

Caesarean Birth

Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd – Caesarean Birth When natural birth is not possible due to medical reasons we are given a choice to choose a birth date and time for c-section, or cesarean section. The schedule of c-section is forecasted….


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