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Home feng shui

Home Destiny Feng Shui Service 宅命 风水 佈局 Master Chan 曾 Home Destiny feng shui consultation is to provide you & your family a positive home environment for good health, prosperity, harmony & happiness. Our assets (birth chart) is fixed….

Business feng shui

Business Feng Shui service 商业风水佈局 东方科学与知慧 Master Chan 曾 business feng shui is to recreate a positive working environment, increase sales & profits by attracting vital life 三元纳气 and managing office Destiny’s Energy by identifying positive and negative individual sectors of….


Pre-purchase or pre-rental onsite or offsite feng shui evaluation  Pre-purchase or pre-rental feng shui helps you to choose an auspicious feng shui 吉 apartment, to supplement your family’s health, relationships, financial security and other key aspects of life.   东方科学 宅吉运凶….

auspicious chinese name

Baby Auspicious Chinese Name 宝宝取名 service  The objective for an auspicious Chinese name for baby is to correct your child’s birth profile (bazi) 5 element-imbalance 调理 八字五行不平衡 at an early stage. 子平八字 用神 – 调候, 格局, 扶抑, 通关, 病药 etc….

Chinese Birth Reading

Chinese Birth Reading 明得失,知进退 Chinese birth reading or Bazi reading reveals your Bazi structural Opportunities or Threats i.e. 八字格局用神. The system analyse your talents,  strengths, weaknesses, 10-years luck cycle,  life’s directions such as career, wealth, relationships and others. It informs….

Overseas feng shui

Overseas feng shui  For overseas clients, master chan can offer on-site or off-site feng shui consultations using various popular feng shui formulas namely xuan kong flying star, san he (trinity), qi men dun jia, eight mansions, bazi or any other….


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