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Business feng shui

Business Feng Shui service 商业风水佈局 What do Mcdonalds, Coca-Cola, FWD, Nike, Citibank, Disney, FedEx, Intel have in common? They invest in business feng shui to further complement their success. Why successful corporations uses business feng shui? Find solutions to an….

Home feng shui

Feng Shui Master Home Destiny Feng Shui Service 宅命风水佈局 Home feng shui destiny 宅命风水 service is to provide a positive environment to promote health, harmony, wealth and increase opportunities to achieve individual goals. Not some get-rich-quick-4D or toto punting. Why….

Overseas feng shui

Overseas feng shui online For overseas clients, feng shui master chan can offer on-site or off-site (online) overseas feng shui consultations using various popular feng shui formulas namely xuan kong flying star, san he (trinity), qi men dun jia, eight….


Pre-purchase or pre-rental fengshui evaluation  Pre-purchase or pre-rental feng shui evaluation helps you to choose the right feng shui house or office by saving you time and money. A common fallacy is to choose a house based on Bazi profiles….

auspicious chinese name

Feng Shui Master Auspicious Chinese Name 姓名学 – an updated difference The objective for an auspicious chinese name is to supplement your child’s birth profile (bazi) 5 element-imbalance at an early stage. To quote a chinese wise saying “instead of….

Birth Reading

Chinese Birth Reading (Bazi 子平法) Chinese Birth reading, commonly call Bazi 子平法 is a chinese metaphysics system to study our birth profile to help us to achieve our goals and actualise our full potential. It is not wearing some lucky….


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